Ah So, Ah Jun, South Korean Artist Is Ah Scary

Did ya ever go on one of those sightseeing tours, say like on top of a building that’s verrrry high, and as you peer over the side you begin to get either a severe case of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” (minus Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak) or begin to feel a bit queasy?

"F**K! This isn't the elevator entrance."

“F**K! This isn’t the elevator entrance.”

I’ve been there many times, with regard to the “vertigo” effect, having watched the movie several times. Um, no, actually I don’t get vertigo watching the movie, but at other times, like on top of very tall buildings or standing on a step stool attempting to fetch something from my kitchen cupboard or changing a light bulb.

Hey….it doesn’t take more than 2 feet off of the ground to give ME freakin’ vertigo. I have “heightaphobianititus.” The fear of being any higher off of the ground more than two feet. Thank gawd I’m only 5′ 4″ tall. Otherwise I’d need to be on some really good medication to control my phobia.

But, there’s an artist in South Korea, Ahn Jun, who has absolutely no fear of heights whatsoever. In fact, she thrives on hanging off of buildings and photographing herself doing so. While people below are yelling “Jump! Jump!” (they don’t have much entertainment stuff over there in South Korea)

Now take a look at some of Jun’s self portraits. Which also raises the burning question, “Hey, if Jun’s hangin’ off the side of those buildings, what the hell is the photographer taking these photos hangin’ off of?”

"Xeing Woo.....quick, toss me the camera!"

“WARNING: Objects appear closer than they are.”

Unless she only hires photographic assistants who have suicidal tendencies, offers them a one time deal, and as they snap her picture,  throw her the camera on the way down.

Obviously she's taking this photo while lookdng down at her feet because she just lost that other camearman. (the tiny splattered speck visible on the ground)

Obviously she’s taking this photo while looking down at her feet because she just lost that other cameraman. (the tiny splattered speck visible on the ground)

Actually Jun says she has a timer set on the camera that automatically snaps her photo as she’s hanging off of buildings. But, that still doesn’t answer the question of how and where the camera exactly is at the time the photos are taken and how it can be a few feet away from her seemingly hanging in space. Then again, there’s the carrier pigeon possibility.

"Um.....sorry, I never got that pony I wanted for Christmas."

“Um…..sorry, I never got that pony I wanted for Christmas.”

I’m even getting queasy myself just looking at these photos. I mean, if she’s so into taking pictures on top of high places, where in the hell would she want to have sex? And, would you be alive after having sex with her? Or, resemble a windshield wiper bug having fallen off of a high-rise in the throes of passion?

"Ok....Ok....but I thought you said we were going to make out on an elevator?"

“Ok….Ok….but I thought you said we were going to make out on an elevator?”

Personally, if I were Ahn’s boyfriend I’d sure as hell make sure that whenever I went out on a date with her I be wearing a damn parachute. Jussssst in case. Be prepared…..my motto.

"Ahn.....Ahn!!!  You forgot your parachute for cripes sake!"

“Ahn…..Ahn!!! You forgot your parachute for cripes sake!”

As you can tell by these photographs Ahn is quite talented when it comes to her project of taking self portraits of herself on high-rise buildings. And she does this all around the world. I guess she can legitimately call them “self portraits” considering the cameramen she hired to help her take these photos are no longer with us.

Photo of one of Ahn's cameraman shortly before tossing her the camera.

Photo of one of Ahn’s cameraman shortly before tossing her the camera. “Myung-suk….quick….toss me the camera!”

I would think that with the eventual opening of New York City’s new World Trade Center buildings that Ahn would be interested in taking her photo on the very top of them once they’re completed. At least if she, or the cameraman fell, they could always aim for the reflecting pool waaaaay below.

“It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Superman…..um…no….it’s Ahn Jun and her cameraman.”

:Hmmmm. Is that the reflecting pool down there or some guys from the DPW flushing out a fire hydrant?"

Hmmmm. Is that the reflecting pool down there or some guys from the DPW flushing out a fire hydrant?”

But, all in all ya gotta give her credit for having a great set of balls for doing what she’s doing. If, of course, she were a guy, and actually had a set. As balls go. Cripes, I can’t even get into one of those outdoor elevators surrounded by glass without getting off at the second level. So much for me ever taking a photo of myself a gazillion stories up in the air.

Photo Instructions of how to hang yourself out of a very tall building.

Photo instructions of how to hang yourself out of a very tall building.

Maybe, just maybe, a photo of myself climbing that step stool in my kitchen, but THAT’S IT! And ya better take that photo damn quick before I fall off from a severe case of vertigo and kill myself.

(note: Never go out on a date with a South Korean woman who says she wants to take you on a real high)

Hope you enjoyed getting queasy with me by observing all of Ahn’s self portraits.

Tune in tomorrow when we’ll attempt to find another self-portrait artist that specializes in photos taken on top of or beneath the ground. Which, considering is a lot safer than hanging off of a high-rise, also might be more in abundance taking into consideration that most of THOSE cameramen are still alive.

Just sayin.’

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