The Wonderful Flying Bird: MisfitWisdom Is Free At Last.

Alas, now that someone has finally donated to the MisfitWisdom blog after four full days of captivity at the hands of my evil split personality, I am FREE!   YES FREE!  Free to write my usual inane nonsense.

Um....not quite....BUT....enough to free me from captivity.

Um….not quite….BUT….enough to free me from captivity.

One kind-hearted soul from Quebec, Canada, (name withheld upon request) made an actual donation via my PayPal donate link.  One person cared enough to make the ultimate sacrifice. Which is donating to the MisfitWisdom blog. One person out of 114,000 readers per year. Say what ya want about Canadians, but they’re number one in my book.canadian-flag-clip-art-i4

One single person cared.

But….I’m not complaining mind you. I know that there is one person that really has compassion and appreciates what I do here each and every day.

NOW……as far as my evil split personality goes, I have a few visual messages for him which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate. The “flying finger” as demonstrated by a number of notable people. Take THIS you evil SOB!

First.....the subtle as not to offend little children.

First…..the subtle approach… as not to offend little children.

Recordificate THIS you evil split personality person:finger g bush

Um that’s “record” George, not “recordificate. But….ahm backin’ ya up…..

The Presidential Bird

The Presidential Bird

HEY!  Evil isn’t THAT bad…but…..considering you’re a short person too Misfit, here’s my contribution:finger mini me

Way to go Misfit. As a member of the greatest rock and roll group on the face of the Earth, I give my arthritic finger salute to that evil person:finger keith

On behalf of all fowls, considering you were “fowled” by that evil split personality, I hereby, speaking for all birds,  give him the  big bird:finger big bird

On behalf of all cats and the ASPCA, here’s our greeting:



“HEY! Tell that mother******g evil split personality jerk he’d better not mess around with you anymore or I’ll sit on his damn face.”finger kirstie

“Yeah, you tell em Kirstie. In fact, while you sit on his face I’ll knock him silly with my boobs.”finger kim k

Mr. Misfit. On behalf of the New York Bronx Zoo, we have dispatched a representative to show our support:



We here at “Rock The Slut Vote” and our fearless leader, Kimberley A Johnson hereby contribute a “double bird” to your evil split personality for his unreasonable demands and for holding you captive:

A twofer

A twofer

“Misfit mah boy….you shake my nerves and ya rattle mah brain. That much captivity drives a man insane. He didn’t break your will. And it wasn’t a thrill……Goodness gracious Misfit….Great Balls Of Fire.”

The "Killer" with a twofer

The “Killer” with a twofer

(sob) The support even came from the mouse world:



And two seniors exiting a bingo:old-people-bird

Larry King’s grandmother….or wife…can’t be sure……old lady giving finger

Even Pat Robertson…..bless his little religious heart:pat-robertson-1

And from the entertainment world, Lady Ga Ga:lady ga ga giving finger

Even my other half’s manicurist sent a bird to my evil split personality:

Hmmmm.....nice nail job

Hmmmm…..nice nail job

And finally, as a welcome home gift from being incarcerated for over four days, not to be outdone by all the fingers from various people, my landscaper crafted this very special one of a kind bird which I not only like, but so do the birds in my yard. Very touching.

Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Getting a woody."

Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Getting a woody.”

So, in conclusion, (as I flip my evil split personality the evil bird) thank you Canada for that donation. Perhaps others will find inspiration in your kindness.

Um……any big lottery winners out there?

Final note: Just a one dollar donation actually helps. There is no set donation amount.

(DONATE) Yes, once again I am free to post my ever-present and missing for a few days MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link. MY link and not the one by my evil split personality. If it is not highlighted, (blue) the bulb may have blown out. In that case, simply copy and paste the link into your browser to get to the PayPal site. As that evil person now has his supply of Oreos, milk and was able to renew his subscription to Playboy Magazine, I’m somewhat safe for a while. But why take chances. Continue to donate and I’ll never be taken hostage again.

Donations to this blog since January 2009  AD……………( 2 )

(donate link)

Copyright 2013 MisfitWisdom RLV


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