MisfitWisdom Held Hostage!!!! Day 1


I don’t know how to break this to you folks, but…(sniff)….I’m being held hostage. Yes, unable to write a decent blog because my….my…..my…Oh gawd, this is so hard to admit…..but….my…(gasp) my evil split personality is holding me and this blog hostage. (sob)

The last image I remember before being knocked out and becomming a hostage...(sob)

The last image I remember before being knocked out and becoming a hostage…(sob)

I know I should have confided in all of you before about the split personality thing, but…..I was embarrassed to admit it. I’m sorry. Now it’s too late.

I’m being held hostage until his demands are met. I’m only allowed a few words per blog, closely monitored by him, and one stinkin’ cartoon. OMG!

Puleeeeeeeeee help! Puleeeeeeeeese!! Conditions here are awful. I’ve already had one terrible nightmare which I sketched out on a piece of scrap paper (below)



Hellllp! Hellllp!!!

These are his demands in a note left in my cell:

“In so forth and forsooth as MisfitWisdom’s evil split personality and, the smarter of the two, I hereby demand a substantial ransom for the release of Misfit and this blog. I do this out of sheer desperation, and because I’m evil, heh, heh, and need funds to support my evil habits. Eating Oreos, drinking milk, and renewing my subscription to Playboy Magazine. Until such time as donations to this site are received, which I personally will confiscate, Misfit will be unable to post his usual inane diatribes, except for a few words, just to prove he’s still alive, as well as his donate link. Cough it up or the kid and his stinkin’ blog gets it! Do ya hear me punks?”

See what I’m up against folks. Please help out. It’s very dark and scary in here.

(DONATE) This here PayPal donation link is posted by me, Misfit Wisdom’s split evil personality. Don’t make me have to hold the little twerp for a long period of time. No Oreos, milk and naked women in Playboy and I can get very ugly. So, if da link is not highlighted, (blue) copy and paste it into your browser to get to the PayPal donate site. You’ve been warned.


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