OK…I Get It…It’s freakin’ C-c-c-old. So, Lets Get Naked.

HEY! Hurry up and read this blog....I'm freezing my nuts off here!

HEY! Hurry up and read this blog….I’m freezing my nuts off here!

Yep, I just said to myself this morning when I looked at my outdoor thermometer and saw that it was 10 degrees outside, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to just strip off all of my clothes and go running naked through the snow!”

?Doesn’t everybody think of doing that this time of the year?

Well, actually some do. I for one, do not. Only because  I do not want to be responsible for people driving by my house, observing me naked and causing a massive pileup of vehicles, after one single driver becomes nauseated and loses control of their vehicle. Thereby, causing that massive pileup. Not to mention various stray animals barfing all over my snow-covered lawn.

But, once again those verrrry strange people in England don’t quite see my logic when it comes to running around naked in the freezing cold. Is it me or are people in England just plain nucking futs? Or is it just boredom? Or both?

It's the naked photo of the snowman that realllly turned ME on...(pant)

It’s the naked photo of the snowman that realllly turned ME on…(pant)

So over in Wilshire, England this woman, Leanne Myers, (40) came up with this great idea which has since taken off on her Facebook page. Which was, to get people to pose naked in the snow. Why? Because apparently she’s nucking futs or bored!

Actually she’s doing that because she wanted to cheer up her workmates, who are also most likely bored and nucking futs, or just do not have any brains to realize that if you go out naked in Arctic type weather you’re gonna have body parts that are gonna get very hard from the sheer frigid temperatures. Then again, for guys that can’t afford Viagra or Cialis, it might actually work out for them.

As far as women’s body parts go, I really can’t see any advantage from body parts getting hard. Turn on for the guys observing those hard frozen body parts maybe, but not so much for the women. Unless they like seeing frozen men’s body parts with 24 hour erections coated with icicles.

Might call them, “Good Humor Men.”snowman baby 1

Now I know a lot of you reading this story are gonna think that this woman is, again, nucking futs, and that no one is going to take her up on her offer. Guess what! Not only have over 8,000 people liked her Facebook page but are asking her where they can send her pictures of themselves naked posing in the snow! WTF!

On top of that, Ms. Meyers is now hoping to use all this as a fund-raiser for local charities.

Now let me tell ya folks. If she, along with all kinds of other people, want to run around in the freakin’ cold naked…. fine. If she manages to raise money for local charities….fine. But ya know what drives me absolutely insane.  I’ll tell ya. To beat a dead horse so to speak.

That I can’t raise a stinkin’ dime writing this stupid daily blog! That’s what!

Yet a bunch of people can run around naked in the freezing cold and the bucks come rolling in. I don’t get it!

8,000 people have “liked” her Facebook page and are donating to the cause. Which I guess is seeing a bunch of people running around naked while covering their frozen naked body parts. Geeeeeez!

OK…OK…..do ya have to be nuts or stupid to get someone to donate a few bucks?

I’m a certifiable nut and for the most part really stupid. Ya have to be to write this stuff on a daily basis. Cut me some slack here! Whaddya want me to do to entice you to donate to the MisfitWisdom blog? WHAT!cold teeth

Short of running naked in the damn cold. Ain’t no way I’m doing that! Um…..unless somebody who hit the Powerball jackpot said they’d donate a gazillion bucks. Verrrry tempting.

Hmmmm. I might, at my age, (70) consider running naked through my local senior center on bingo night just to give the old ladies a quick thrill. Providing they all signed a form stating that if any of them had a heart attack I would not be held responsible. But the donations would have to be really huge. Like the bingo jackpot or something.

Um….WAIT! Those senior bingo jackpots aren’t really big…..$300 or less. Forget it!

Now you would think that out of 110,000 people who read this daily blog, (stats for 2012) that someone would cough up a few bucks. I said, you would “think.” Nope….did not happen.

What’s wrong with you people?  Can’t ya see I’m on my knees here. (actually I’m not because ya can’t type a blog when you’re on your knees, but I thought it was a good line)

So, I’m offering you all. And when I say “all,” I mean as Gary Oldman said in the movie, “The Professional,” “E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!” Give me some sort of clue as to what it would take for any of you to consider donating to the MW blog. Short of running around naked in the cold. I value my ancient body parts. Mostly because they still work perfectly, (the Italian blood in me) and I do not want to jeopardize any body part by having them freeze up.

So, in conclusion, short of holding this blog hostage and not posting till donations come in, which IS an option, I will await your response. Please comment in the “comment” section of this blog and tell me your fantastic suggestions for enticing people to donate. Like yourself for instance.

In the meantime, just in case you’d rather run around naked in the snow and then post your naked photo on Facebook for Ms. Myers, her site on FB is, “Wilshire, let’s get naked in the snow.”

Suggestion. DO NOT pose naked in the snow if it’s yellow.

Just sayin.’

(DONATE) Ok….here it is. The daily MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link that E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E ignores. DO NOT IGNORE IT!!!  Or I will personally come to your house and pee on your front lawn in the snow so that you can’t take any naked photos of yourself and post them on Facebook. Should the PayPal link not be highlighted, (blue) simply copy and paste it, (naked or dressed) into your browser to get to the PayPal site. PLEASE! (Now I am actually on my knees pleading)


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