FINALLY! A Way To Really Sell Something On eBay. Nudity.

ebay logo

Yes….two blogs in one day. Such a deal. But I just had to sneak this one in because it excited me so much.

Ya know, I’ve tried over and over again to get people to donate to this blog. But, as usual, everyone ignores me. But, that said, I stumbled upon a sure-fire way to perhaps get some of you to make a donation. Nudity.

HEY!…..It works on eBay.

Yep, a woman from Oxfordshire, England is racking in the bucks after accidentally exposing herself on eBay, and then, becoming an overnight celebrity. Go figure!

The woman, who’s eBay username is, (get this) “sugartit_2”, which I’m not gonna touch with a ten foot pole, although I might consider a toothpick, is behind the partially naked eBay seller photo.

It happened like this. She uploaded a photo of a dress that she wanted to sell and listed the item at $25.44. No problem. But…..she failed to see that when she took the photo of the dress that she was also in the photo standing there in her sexy black bra. Obviously a very clever ploy to get everyone on eBay to notice the dress she was selling.

(Notice the strategically placed “eBay” logo covering up what obviously is some other item she may be selling. Perhaps mufflers or something) much for the bra baybeeeee?

Um… much for the bra baybeeeee?

“Dress…..what dress? She was selling a dress?…..(pant.”)

Of course she discovered this foo-par AFTER posting the photo. I, for the life of me can’t figure that one out. What part of, “I just posted a photo of my dress on eBay and I’m now reviewing my post before I post it but I can’t see anything wrong with the photo” did she not get?

Like the fact that she’s standing there in her black bra and no panties. DUH!

She commented. “It’s so embarrassing. It is such a dizzy, stupid thing to do and now the whole world’s seen me nude. I put it on eBay last Saturday morning and realized straight away so ended the sale. But what I didn’t realize was that people could still see it on the site. I reported it to eBay and they took it down, but by then it had gone viral. My boyfriend Andy thinks the whole thing is hilarious.”

Yeah, I bet he does. How about taking a pic of your boyfriend with his doo dad hangin’ out and posting it on eBay while you’re selling a garden hose and see if HE thinks it’s hilarious.

Then again, ya might sell a lot of garden hoses.

Now what do ya think she would have gotten for this dress? If you said probably the $25 bucks she listed it for, guess what. She got $245,334!!!!!!!!!!  YES!  We’re talkin’ thousands of freakin’ dollars here folks. WTF!

Does it take nudity to sell something you can buy at “J. C. Penny” for $25 bucks and resell it for a few thousand dollars on eBay? Apparently YES! As long as you’re pitching your item while naked.

Maybe that’s what I need to do when asking for donations on my blog site. Post a damn naked picture of myself. HEY! If it works on eBay, why not on my blog site.

The only problem here is that I don’t really have any sexy lingerie that I could wear while asking for a donation. Damn Anthony Wiener already used up the “big bulge” ploy when he posted his ding-dong in a neat set of “Fruit of the Looms”. Too bad he didn’t tweet that on eBay rather than Twitter. He could have made a few thousand bucks.

You may recall that a few months ago I attempted to sell a potato chip that was shaped like the “Apple” computer logo. I thought for sure I’d make millions on that one. Needless to say, I didn’t. Um, I still have it stored in an old Tupperware container if anyone’s interested. Or, I may just repost it on eBay with a photo of me holding it just above my naval. ya never know.

Ok…so here’s the deal. Ya don’t wanna donate to this blog. FINE!  But, what item would it take for me to make a few thousand dollars on eBay selling something if I took a photo of the item while mooning you or photographed it while splayed across my he man chest.

I’m open to any suggestions here. I’m desperate folks. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And in light of this girl making over two thousand dollars selling a dress because she accidentally included her half-naked picture in the listing, I’m ready for the challenge.

Whaddya want me to sell on eBay? A pair of my jeans as I’m getting out of them? A MisfitWisdom T-shirt while I’m taking it off? One of my other half’s bras while I’m kidding around with it using it as a pair of ear muffs? My authentic “Hanes” jockey shorts, (worn several hundred times) in Anthony Wiener fashion? My “NIKE” socks with just a glimpse of cute little toes? Or my official “Boston Red Sox” MisfitWisdom baseball cap as depicted in my “DILLIGARA” header? WHAT!  What will it take?

eBay item 1. T-Shirt

eBay item: . T-Shirt

MW Photo shirt

MW Photo shirt



Classic MW Hanes jockeys.

Classic MW Hanes jockeys.

The ever popular Boston Red Sox MisfitWisdom daily attire baseball cap.

The ever popular Boston Red Sox MisfitWisdom daily attire baseball cap.

Keep in mind that most likely I would never receive any bids from men if I so much as post any suggestive MisfitWisdom photos while selling any of those items on eBay. So ladies, this is your moment.

Um….ya also might wanna keep in mind that I’m 70. BUT….a verrrrry sexy in good shape 70. Just sayin.’

So eBay bidders. What’s it gonna be? I’m up for the challenge. Ya gonna let some woman from England top ol Misfit?  Are ya punks?

(Disclaimer) Should I actually take up this challenge, pose naked, semi naked, half-naked or somewhat disguised as naked, I cannot be held responsible for anyone becoming nauseous. Should I actually receive thousands of dollars from someone bidding on whatever it is I list on eBay, I will deep six my donate link forever as I will no longer need it because I’ll be residing on a remote island somewhere writing blogs about the ocean and scenery.

Soooo…….let’s see where this goes. Comments and suggestions, (dares to post on eBay) can be made in the comments section of today’s blog)

(DONATE) The MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link, which will be obsolete if I make a few thousand dollars on eBay, is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) copy and paste the link into your browser to get to the PayPal site. OK eBay bidders….the ball is in your court.

Donations to this stupid blog since January 2009 AD…….( 1 )

Copyright 2013 MisfitWisdom RLV


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