Bird…Bird…Bird. Bird Is The Word……..In A Manner Of “Speaker” or “ing” Of Course.

John Boehner in a daze. Remember this photo. It will make sense later on in this blog.

John Boehner in a daze. Remember this photo. It will make sense later on in this blog.

Ya gotta love it when you watch a movie on TV or a program on Comedy central and they censor the “F” word. Then say to yourself, “Geez….I wonder what they said?” Or when the residents of hard hit New York and New Jersey, still suffering from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy said “WTF” when Speaker John Boehner refused to let the vote on aid go to a vote. I don’t think CNN or any other network showed any of those residents as they most likely yelled out…WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, there was no censoring of the dreaded “F” word the other day when Harry met Sally….um….sorry, that’s when Harry met Johnny. As in Senator Harry Reid running into Speaker of the House John Boehner near the Oval Office at which point Boehner pointed his finger at Reid and said, “Go F**K yourself.

"Hey Harry.....takea dis...da double boid...heh heh."

“Hey Harry…..takea dis…da double boid…heh heh.”


Here’s an excerpt from the “Atlantic Wire” by Dashiell Bennett: (no relation to Tony)

“Politico has a rather lengthy breakdown of the last week or so of negotiations that led to last night’s budget bill and it leads off with an anecdote illustrating the current state of American politics. As they arrived for a much-hyped meeting with the President last Friday afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner spotted House Majority Leader Harry Reid approaching just steps from the Oval Office. According to “multiple sources,” Boehner pointed his finger at Reid and without any other fanfare said, “Go f*** yourself.” When Reid asked him what he was talking about, Boehner simply repeated his curse and moved on.”

Now this may have been prompted by Reid calling Boehner a pantywaist on the floor of the Senate hours earlier. Um….wait….(checking story)

Oh, I’m sorry, heh, heh, Reid didn’t call Bohener a pantywaist but called him a “dictator” because in a widely televised speech he accused Bohener of caring more about protecting his job than doing what was right for the American people.

Which, as we all know, is to tell EVERYONE in Congress to go “F**K themselves rather than just Senator Harry Reid. Which is what most Americans want to tell both Reid and Boehner to do as well. Which is what ALL Americans should do in letters to their Congressmen who obviously have no clue as to what the f**k they’re doing and, preside over what is now known as “Congress” but should be known as a giant, “clusterf**k.”

Hence, and forsooth, where the, “go f**k yourself” comment would have made much more sense had Bohener said it on the Senate floor whilst at the podium whilst addressing all members of Congress.

“Member of Congress, as Speaker of the House it is my great pleasure to tell all of you to go f**k yourselves. Oh yeah…..remember to use a condom.”

Now ya see, if C-SPAN were to not censor that stuff, THAT’s a damn good reality show I’d be interested in. Take that “Honey freakin’ Boo Boo.”

Always handy to keep a hidden supply of tissue when you're an emotional type of guy.

Always handy to keep a hidden supply of tissue when you’re an emotional type of guy.

I personally think John Boehner may have had sex on the brain just prior to making that remark. You know how emotional he gets. And anybody that emotional has to be a very sensitive person with deep emotional loving and sexual desires. Kinda like me.

I use the “F”word daily cause I’m a very emotional guy.

So, that said, I said to myself, “Mousefeet…..sorry, that’s Misfit, what would have made Boehner have the “F” word on his mind after arriving for a meeting with the President at the Oval office, spotting Harry Reid, and then telling Reid to “go f**k himself?

Unless……Unless……Bohener had sex on the brain.  So I searched my vast information archives for that day for photos of Bohener just to see if he was upset about anything. But, there were no photos of him looking upset or flipping the bird to anyone.

BUT!  There it was. A photo of Boehner leaving a meeting with his buddies and not paying any attention to the hot babe who was just off to his left sitting on a wall type niche. (photo below)

Boehner completely oblivious to the hot babe sitting on the wall.

Boehner completely oblivious to the hot babe sitting on the wall.

And when the rest of the guys tipped him off to what he had just missed….boy was he pissed off. Again, hence and forsooth, why he was so upset when he ran into Reid. Makes sense to me. Damn, I’d be pissed off too.

“Hey John, did ya happen to see that hot babe with the great legs when you were leaving…boyyyyyy was she hot!”

“WHAT!  I missed that! And you saw her Harry!”

“Yeah….man and cripes am I all horned up now….too bad….you missed it.”

“Harry…..go f**k yourself.”

Geez…..too bad Boehner missed that opportunity. Then perhaps the headline in “The Atlantic Wire” story might have been different.

Instead of, “John Boehner Told Harry Reid “Go F— Yourself”  Outside The Oval Office,” it might have read, “John Boehner Gets Huge Boner Outside Oval Office.”

Just sayin’

So ya see folks. That’s what all this go “f**k yourself stuff was all about. Nothing to get all upset over. Just guys being guys.

"Hey Misfit! We're with you. Here's our message to Congress."

“Hey Misfit! We’re with you. Here’s our message to Congress.”

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