2012. A Lot Of People Got 15 Minutes Of Fame. I Wasn’t One Of Them. RATS!


Of the two magazines I subscribe to, “Playboy,” simply for the articles, of course, and “Time” just to look at the pictures, or, is it the other way around, I’m not sure, but anyhow, It’s my personal opinion that all one needs to know when it comes to knowing what the hell is going on in the world are those two magazines.

Well, my other half buys the “Time” reasoning, but I’m not quite sure about “Playboy.”

This weeks issue of “Time” contains a look back at some people who managed to get their 15 minutes of fame by either saying something stupid, doing something stupid, or just being stupid. Which surprises me because, as you all know, I’m basically in that category and so far haven’t made it on Time Magazine’s list. Go figure.

But some people on their yearly list actually did deserve to be on that list. Not for being stupid, (those I’ll point out to you) but for other things. So, in case you do not subscribe to Time and spend your money on other magazines such as “Cat Fancy,” (my other half) or scientific stuff like, “Ear Wax Monthly,” or get a free subscription to “AARG,” (American Association of Retired Geezers) here’s Time’s list of those people who got their 15 minutes of fame.

Then faded back into oblivion never to be heard from again. One can only hope.

1. Those replacement refs who replaced honest to goodness refs in the NFL. You may recall that the subs gave the “Seahawks” an undeserved victory over the “Packers” in a Monday Night Football game which angered fans and forced the NFL to end the lockout after just three weeks of regular season games.1786284

Then again, if you’re not a football fan, such as I, you didn’t give a rats ass. Which ultimately means that those replacement refs only received maybe 2 or 3 minutes of fame from those fans that did care. Which means that possibly they could try baseball umpiring just to achieve the remaining 12 or 13 minutes of fame. Worth a shot.

2. Joseph Kony the Ugandan warlord responsible for atrocities in that country appeared on a 30 minute video viewed by 100 million people. The site was taken down, but he got his 15 minutes of fame. Most likely he now can only spend 15 minutes or less in one place trying to elude those people who want to get their own 15 minutes of fame by knocking off this idiot.thCAOPHGLH

3. Fox News data cruncher on election night Arnon Mishkin, after Karl Rove going into a tirade on election night during Fox News’ polling that showed Obama was winning the election, proved to ol Karl that the numbers were correct. Seems logical Mishkin would get the 15 minutes of fame. I think a distant relative of his also achieved that status. Mr. Mushnick of “Mushnick’s Flower Shop” in “Little Shop of Horrors.” He achieved it by being the very first person eaten by “Audrey” the venus fly trap blood sucking man-eating plant. Perhaps Fox News could send Karl Rove one of those plants….just out of sympathy mind you……and to give him his LAST 15 minutes of fame.simpsons_karlrove

4. Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith for quitting the firm because he couldn’t go along with the policies through which his company screwed over customers. HEY Greg! I think Bank of America is hiring. OH WAIT!  Geez….forgot….you don’t wanna work for any company that screws people. Damn!BOA

5. Lydia Callis, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sign language interpreter. Very well deserved out of this whole bunch. Got the Mayor’s message across for those who are hearing impaired. Perhaps she might consider going to the floor of Congress seeing that most of those jerks have a hearing impaired problem. it’s called, “WFUS.” (We’re For Us Syndrome) Same as “WTFS,” (What The F**K Syndrome,” except they don’t…….Give A F**K.Gorilla%20Sign%20Language

For the sake of not making this blog a novel, some honorable mentions briefly.

The NASA Mohawk guy, Bobak Ferdowski, (huh) wore a red-tinged mohawk, (not the actual Indian) with yellow dyed stars shaved into the side of his head. Doesn’t everybody?

Aly RaisMan’s mother for screaming, barking, (arf) and doing various contortions in her seat while watching her daughter in the gymnastics competition at the Olympics. Damn, I do that watching a Victoria’s Secret commercial.zzzzzvictoria_secrets

The shirtless FBI guy during the General David Petraeus investigation. WHAT! He got 15 minutes of fame for THAT? Cripes, if anybody cared enough to see an old geezer like me shirtless on the Internet I’d strip to my Fruit of the Looms just to get a damn 15 minutes of fame. I’d even settle for 5 minutes.

Rafalca, Ann Romney’s horsie. WTF does a horse need with 15 minutes of fame anyhow? It’s not like he can appear on “Dancing With The Stars” or even sign autographs ya know.

Angelina Jolie’s right leg. Yep…when she whipped that leg out for everyone to see at the Oscars. Who’d a known that she had an actual right leg? Except Brad Pitt….who I assume has seen both…and more.jolie leg

Clint Eastwood’s chair at the republican National Dumbvention. Now residing in a rest home for chairs in Santa Monica California. Considering that Clint may have made an ass out of himself with that chair episode, it’s only fitting that the chair itself may have a bunch of old asses sitting on it.

The song, “Zou Bisou Bisou” as performed by Mad Men star Jessica Rabbit…um…no….sorry, I meant Jessica Pare in a kind of sultry fashion, which sent the song soaring to number 100 on “Billboard Magazines” Canadian top 100 chart.  And my blood boiling as I attacked my other half in a moment of sexual insanity. Damn you Jessica! Or….um…..heh heh, thanks. (video below…..MisfitWisdom not responsible for any type of perverted thoughts you may experience from viewing this video)


The mom from Colorado who taped her 4-year-old daughter sobbing, “I’m tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney,” and posted it on YouTube. My question? Who’s lamer, her or the people who watched it on YouTube or “Time” for even mentioning this. Duh.

Jack Taylor got his 15 minutes for his ability to score a lot of points in a basketball game. (yawn)

Finally….(thank Gawd) Patricia Krentcil, the mom, (what’s with wacko moms here) who was charged with child endangerment for being a wacko mom. Why? Because she took her 5 year-old daughter to a tanning salon. I guess the kid will be mentally scarred forever for seeing her mother’s dark leathery tanned skin and grow up to be addicted to collecting purses made out of crocodile skin.

Hmmmm....does this pic of Patricia turn me on or.......

Hmmmm….do these pics of Patricia turn me on or…….

Or this one......

Or does this one……tough to call.

Hmmm……reminds me of the time my mother took me to a nudist colony and now I’m addicted to renewing my subscription to Playboy Magazine every year. Damn you mom!

So, as ol Porky Pig would say, “T-t-t-t-hat’s all folks.”

Um…..NOW do I get my stinkin’ fifteen minutes of fame for writing this stuff every day?

OK….OK….I’ll settle for 5 minutes.


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