Freedom Of Speech. Um….But If We Don’t Like What You Say, We’ll Deport Your Butt.

freedom of sp

Ya gotta love being an American. You know, all the gun rights we have guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, freedom of speech,  and……WAIT!

OMG!  Someone actually attempted to try that freedom of speech thing. WTF!  And the guy isn’t even an American. What the hell is with that!

Doesn’t this guy have a clue as to how this freedom of speech thing works? You can ONLY have freedom of speech here in America if you are an actual American. Otherwise shut the hell up. Yep….if you were born in America or perhaps became a citizen later on, THEN and only THEN can you be guaranteed the right to freedom of speech.

Of course I’m talking about British CNN host Piers Morgan who voiced his displeasure after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings by calling a gun advocate that appeared on his show, “Piers Morgan Tonight,” an “unbelievably stupid man.”

Only the cartoon version of Piers Morgan, (above) has freedom of speech rights.

Only the cartoon version of Piers Morgan, (above) has freedom of speech rights.

I missed that show so I have no idea as to if the man was unbelievably stupid or actually smart. Piers may have required the person to take a test prior to the show, which would have determined if he were stupid or smart, and if the person failed the test, it would thereby allow Piers to label him as unbelievably stupid. My guess anyhow.

Or, his guest simply went head to head with Piers about the rights of gun owners in America and Piers got all upset over the hiss views and THEN called him unbelievably stupid.

Either way, that comment, I think, falls into the Rush Limbaugh “freedom of speech” category, which when Rush used the word “slut” in reference to Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown Law school when she was to speak on contraception at a Congressional hearing.

Or, South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, (R) who yelled out to President Obama during the President’s health care speech,”You lie.”guns cnn

So let me see if I understand this correctly. Piers Morgan calls a guy he disagrees with about gun control, “unbelievably stupid” and there’s now a petition going around to have him deported. But a Congressman can scream out at the President. And Rush Limbaugh can call Sandra Fluke a “slut” and there’s not a woman out there that wants to deport his butt.

Um…actually he’s an American citizen so ya can’t deport Rush. Tar and feather maybe, but deportation is outta the question.

So out thar in the great state of Texas a petition has been created as of December 21st on the White House e-petition website by a user that accuses Morgan of engaging in a “hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution” by targeting the Second Amendment according to a news release by the AP.

Furthermore and forsooth, it demands that Morgan be deported immediately for, “exploiting his position, (usually sitting behind a CNN news desk) as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

Hmmmm. Is using the word “slut” considered an attack against an American citizen?

Oops….sorry. That doesn’t count. Rush is an American citizen so it’s ok to attack another American citizen….I guess.

YES! That’s it!  Eureka! and Shazam! (can ya tell I’m into super hero and comic book phrases)

YES! If you’re an actual bona fide American dyed in the wool Second American citizen of the Yew-nited States of America, and various other places like Texas, you can say whatever the hell you wanna say and not risk being deported or have a bunch of Texans start a petition to have your butt deported. Otherwise, shut the F**K up.  It’s the American way folks.

Hate to bring this up, but…um……in my own personal humble worthless opinion, which I have to state is actually worthless, but yet humble, um, should Texas be starting a petition against Piers Morgan about gun rights when there is a moment in history involving a gun that Texas will forever be associated with.  Can anyone say, Dallas 1963?gun cony

Now don’t get me wrong here Texans. I’m all for the 2nd amendment. As I am for freedom of speech podner. However, and again, this is my opinion, for what it’s worth. And perhaps what Morgan was all upset about. Assault rifles such as the type used in Connecticut. No one. No one……did I emphasize that “No One” needs to have an assault rifle unless their on the front lines in a war somewhere, a police officer on a SWAT team, or some guy trying to nail a rat trapped in his attic. Well, um, maybe not that last one.

Unless it’s a reallllly big rat.

A simple hand gun for someone who wants to protect himself, or herself from whatever in their home I have no problem with. But an assault rifle!gun control

One more point. Criminals will get weapons regardless of the gazillion gun owner laws on the books or any future laws passed. It’s the law-abiding citizen who follows the rules, fills out the paperwork, has a background check and pays the mucho bucks for permits who has a hard time purchasing a weapon.

“Ok buddy…stick em up and gimmie all of yer cash.”

“Um, could you hold on a second mister……I have to defend myself from you but my gun is at home along with my bullets cause I’m still waiting for my gun permit to be approved.”

“Whaddya some kinda nut or somethin? I ain’t got no permits or anythin’ and I keep my gun loaded at all times.”

“But that’s against the law mister….you could be in serious trouble for not having permits and stuff. Um, could you at least rob me some other day when my permit gets approved?”

Oops…tooooo late.

Now as I see it, considering I’m wearing bifocals, if you are in the United States you should be allowed freedom of speech….citizen or not. Isn’t that what America is all about? Unless I’m mistaken and only citizens can speak freely.

OK…all of you non citizens….from this point on…….shut up! Ya wanna make a statement about gun regulations and call someone “unbelievably stupid,” go back home and call us from there. Or….join the U.N. where ANYBODY, citizen or not, can go up to the podium and say whatever the hell they want. Can anybody say Iranian President Dinnerjacket?

So in conclusion. Should those tens of thousands of people who signed that Texans White House petition be given serious consideration?  Probably about as much consideration as those people who signed petitions wanting to have Texas secede from the union.TexasSecession

I WILL catch flack, most likely from gun advocates for this blog….but……I believe, being a citizen of the U.S., I DO have the right to my opinion and am guaranteed freedom of speech. Except when it comes to disagreeing with my other half.

In those instances I myself secede from the house and take up residence in the tool shed in my backyard. A lot easier than the seceding Texans want to do.

Just sayin.’

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