Opinions Are Like A**holes. Everybody Has One…sooooo, here’s mine.

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Yes, this is a true proven fact. If you have an a**hole, SHAZAM!…..you have an opinion and must share it with everyone so that a number of people will in turn say to themselves, “Hey, this guy does have an a**hole because he sure as hell has some great opinions.” Depending, of course, if you agree totally with his or her opinions or not.

Now, that said, and of course having an a**hole myself, I too have the right to express my opinions, which I do on many occasions within this daily blog. And, as I said in the title of today’s blog, “Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one.”  So, allow me to drop my draws and express my a**hole opinion.

By the way, for those of you who also sport an a**hole, and have an opinion, please feel free to chime in.

Now what got me going today was an article yesterday in the “New London Day” (Ct.) newspaper by reporter David Collins. Who states at the end of his column, “This is the opinion of David Collins.”  Which I totally respect his right to have. But, also respect my right to totally disagree with. As in, “This blog is the opinion of MisfitWisdom.”

David’s column headline which appeared in the 12/9/12 edition of “The Day” headlined in bold print, “Arrests Expose Brothel For Casino.”  Referring to the “Mohegan Sun Casino” in Uncsaville, Connecticut.

Possibly a bunch of ordinary looking slot players celebrating a big hit on a slot machine.

Possibly a bunch of ordinary looking slot players celebrating a big hit on a slot machine.

This caught my bloodshot eyeballs, (I was still on my first cup of coffee) because, in reading that headline, I naturally assumed, as I would think other readers would, that a local casino was running a brothel.

You know, a full-fledged hooker stocked with condoms wearing sleazy type fish net stockings red lipstick swinging a black purse type hooker brothel. (my image when I think of hookers and brothels)

But, it seems it wasn’t quite like that.

According to David’s article which started out with this eye-catching paragraph, “If you doubt how much prostitution business casino customers generate, consider a police report from a raid on an alleged brothel in Norwich, (Ct.) in the spring of 2011.”

And all this time I thought it was slot machines.

The american way

So…like offer her more.

So, I naturally assumed that the casino was running a brothel within their confines and that’s what David’s article seemed to imply from that headline.

“Damn!” I said to my Misfit Wisdom self. “How could a casino run a brothel from their hotel?” Not that it’s hard to run any brothel considering all ya need is a few rooms, hookers, some telephones….and condoms.

But, this all stems from a raid police made on a three bedroom house in Norwich. They picked up on the fact that during the raid there were cellphones scattered around the house and they were ringing. Which cell phones tend to do. Although some do vibrate, which may or may not have confused the police, considering there are some devices other than cell phones that vibrate.

So, being very alert, the police answered those ringing cellphones and heard various people on the other end ask for girls to come to their room at the casino. Which obviously means that there’s a brothel at the casino. Doesn’t it?

Um, or could it mean that some guys staying at the casino just happened to know there was a brothel in Norwich and figured they’d call it and see if they could have a hooker come to the casino rather than drive to Norwich. Much more comfortable doing hooker stuff in your own room at the casino rather than in some shady house on the other side of town don’t ya think. My guess anyhow.

Not to mention the price of gas these days.

However....there is a slight risk when calling for sex...like Forest Gump said, "life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you're gonna get." In this case......granny.

However….there is a slight risk when calling for sex…like Forest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you’re gonna get.” In this case……granny.

So, I said to my MisfitWisdom self. “Misfit, how does this make that headline in “The Day” sort of misleading.”  Is it the fact, according to David and the police reports, that 46 year-old Ail-ing Zhu of Norwich was running this operation and along with a female who met Zhu at the casino, decided that they should team up after she said that she had sex with men at the casino for money, (what else, unless they barter stuff) and then decided to give Zhu a cut of the profits. Which is what they eventually agreed to do.

But, does this mean there was a brothel set up at the casino? I seem to thinkith not. Rather, the woman would somehow arrange for other women, which I assume were from Norwich, to have sex with customers staying at the casino.

Looks like a bunch of married men heading to Norwich, Ct. this weekend Ralph.

Looks like a bunch of married men heading to Norwich, Ct. this weekend Ralph.

Soooo. My thinking is this.

You’re staying at the casino. You know through the ol grapevine, or condomvine, that there’s a brothel in Norwich, but, rather than venture out into the wilderness, you’d rather stay in your comfy casino room and have sex. So you either contact this woman or call the Norwich brothel, and, so to speak, place your order. The hooker comes to your room, does her hookerish stuff, leaves, and then you go down into the casino and bang, (play on words there) a few slot machines. Not as enjoyable but mildly entertaining. And you don’t have to use a condom.

So how does this justify David’s headline of, “”Arrests Expose Brothel For Casino?”

The word “FOR” kinda insinuates that the casino was in on the deal doesn’t it? I’m sure the casino does not promote prostitution. At least I’ve never seen it in any of their ads. Might have missed that one.

I kinda compare this to anyone having a room at any other hotel in the area. Then calling a brothel in Norwich and asking that a hooker be sent to your room. Would the headline then read, “Arrests Expose Brothel For “Best Western,” or “Holiday Inn.”

Or, calling up that brothel while you’re shopping in Wal-Mart and nailing a quickie in the rest room, (just to get your shopping done too and not lose time) and then having that headline read, “Arrests Expose Brothel For Wal-Mart.”

Do ya get my point here?

You could have sex anywhere. You could call from anywhere to have sex. Does that necessarily mean that the place you eventually have sex at should be labeled a brothel?

YES! Even at a "Star Wars" convention.

YES! Even at a “Star Wars” convention.

Geez…..in that case David….ya better keep your eyeball on me. Sometimes I call home when on the road and ask my other half if she want’s to boh-de-oh-doe when I get home. Does the fact that I called her from my truck make my truck, or Chrysler Corporation, which manufactures my Dodge Ram a brothel? Not to mention they use the word, “RAM” in all of their commercials. Kind of suggestive don’t ya think?

After all, I DID phone from my truck. Dodge DID make the truck, and I’ve had sex with her a number of times. Um….there actually was no money exchanged, unless you count sharing my monthly Social Security check.


I can see the headlines now.

“Arrests Expose Brothel For Chrysler/Dodge Corporation”

Come to think of it……can the State of Connecticut get nailed for this too?

After all…..I DID make the call using “their” highways.”

So, in “my opinion” conclusion, I have to use the infamous “Pants On Fire” truth-o-meter and give David Collins a “pants on fire” rating for using the headline, “Arrests Expose Brothel For Casino.”Pants+on+fire+Truth-o-meter

(This is the opinion of MisfitWisdom)

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