Here’s A New Concept. Drive-In Sex Booths. Um…sorry, it’s in Switzerland.

This is solely the opinion of Sven, MisfitWisdom's Swedish counterpart.

This is solely the opinion of Sven, MisfitWisdom’s Swiss counterpart who is NOT Swiss but lives in Sweden and wishes MW hadn’t screwed up this blog by saying the hookers were in Sweden when first posted.

You just gotta figure that any country that gave us Swiss cheese has got to be way ahead of their time. How else can you explain that the Swiss always seem to come up with some great ideas like drive-in sex booths.

Yes, I know, ABBA is from Sweden, I screwed up when I first posted this blog and said these hookers were in Sweden, but…..I’m still gonna stick with the ABBA songs in this blog…………HEY! Swiss, Swede….what’s the difference except for a few hundred miles here and there.

(Thanks to “kdawikstrom” who is from Sweden, and pointed out to me that only an idiot, (me) would call people from Sweden “Swiss.” Or Swiss cheese…..”Kraft.”)

And here we are in the U.S. with nothing but those photo booths to amuse us. Go figure.

Swiss voters in Zurich gave the go-ahead for the city to open a drive-in-brothel this coming summer, in an attempt to control prostitution and create a “safer environment” instead of picking up hookers off of the streets according the news source, “The Stir” and reporter Jenny Erickson.

Yes, what safer environment could there be than to go to one of these booths to have your picture taken and at the same time have your virginity taken as well, providing of course that you already haven’t had it taken. Your virginity, not your photo.

Pleeeeese my next life don't send me back as an insect.

Pleeeeese God… my next life don’t send me back as an insect.

Hmmm…..wonder if it will only cost a few quarters dropped into a photo booth slot like at a Wal-Mart or mall store?

“Hey Harry….want your photo taken. It’s only a few quarters and they throw in a hooker.”

Quoting from the article, “Johns will now be able to drive right up and get their jollies on a first come first serve basis.”

Yes, I know. There’s a funny line in that quote somewhere with regard to first “come” first serve basis, but I ain’t gonna go there.

Yes I am.

I guess if you’re gonna have your photo taken you’d better do it first before the”come” part. Sorry….I just couldn’t help myself there. HEY!  Cut me some freakin’ slack here….I didn’t write this original story. I just threw in that tempting line!

Around 30 prostitutes will be working in those booths. Considering customers, mostly “Johns” as they are commonly called, will be frequenting these “booths” perhaps Switzerland should call them, “John Wilkes Booths.”  Like, do your thing and get the hell outta there.

This story gets even better folks.

Each booth will also have built-in panic buttons and a on site counselor. Who this benefits is beyond me. Unless a customer panics after having sex with a hooker and sees the photos from the booth afterward which the hooker may try to sell him some glossy copies of for a few bucks more and if he doesn’t, she threatens to use them in advertisements to promote more business. Which is where the on-site counselor part may come in. My guess anyhow.

According to Zurich Social Welfare Department spokesperson Michael Herzig, this is really a great idea. His logic. “The women will be better protected from attack, and it will also mean better business for them. With the women right by the sex boxes there is no, “travel time” so they can deal with more customers. It’s a better business model than standing on the street.”

Yes, my thoughts exactly Mike. Why have to deal with all that travel time, traffic, red lights, (standard hooker equipment) and then having to go through all that time-consuming paperwork to get paid for that travel time. Not to mention the fact that hooker accounting offices always take months to process hooker’s travel time vouchers.

I guess this is a great idea considering prostitution is legal in Switzerland. Why not try to improve and streamline the business of monkey business.

I personally just have some questions about this concept.

While I see nothing wrong with the idea of hookers offering sex in booths, because, as I said, it’s legal in Switzerland, how in the hell do ya actually have sex in a booth?

Isn’t there like a “lay-down” factor involved in there somewhere? I mean, if one of these booths is the same configuration as a photo or phone booth how in the hell do ya insert part A into part B without getting hurt? Not to mention the claustrophobic effect. Cripes….I get claustrophobic in an elevator and start to hyperventilate on occasion. What the hell would it be like in one of those booths with some hooker on top of you……or bottom.

And… ya have to get naked? If so, where do ya hang your clothes? Not to mention, but I will, that if you DO have to get naked, aren’t those seats in a booth verrrry cold? Which could kinda take you a bit longer to get all hot and bothered. Considering the “goose bump” factor. No woman, even a hooker, wants any guy touching her naked body with a pair of ice-cold hands.

I can vouch for that because…um…er….neverrrrr mind. Just take my word for it.

OK babeeee...I'm ready but I ain't takin' my clothes off....

OK babeeee…I’m ready but I ain’t takin’ my clothes off….

So once again the Swiss have come up with yet another way to advance the needs of civilization. No lines, no waiting, in and out, (literally) sex. “Mamma Mia!” To quote ABBA. Even though ABBA is from Sweden. And I flunked geography in school. Duh!

So, if you’re planning to visit Switzerland in the near future, and are walking around in a mall somewhere, come across a booth with a bunch of scantily clad women just hanging out, and hear the ABBA song, “Take A Chance On Me,” guess what pal…….

You’re NOT just gonna have your picture taken.

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1 Response to Here’s A New Concept. Drive-In Sex Booths. Um…sorry, it’s in Switzerland.

  1. kdawikstrom says:

    Hey Mr Amazon: I am Swedish. Thanks. I have never heard about a Swedish city called Zurich. I know there is a city in (another country) Switzerland, which is called Zurich. I have been there. I took me 2 hours by plane, to get there from my country; Sweden. Great article though, but the thing is, here in Sweden we all behave as hookers, so we all get the action needed(male + female), without the whole booth idea. We simply take care of each other.

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