Crusader Rabbit Is Dead!!! OMG!!!

Um….wait!  Oh, sorry, “Crusader Rabbit” is still alive, but (sigh) the voice of Crusader Rabbit, Lucille Bliss, is no longer with us.

I know what you’re thinking. Crusader Rabbit is a boy rabbit so how could a woman be the voice of Crusader. Well, it seems that Lucille who was 96 when she passed away this week had a husky voice which, I assume, was well suited to be the voice of Crusader. As rabbit voices go.

Of course, never actually hearing a rabbit say anything, including the “Easter Bunny,” which I guess is kind of a rabbit, I can’t vouch for what a rabbit should sound like.

From 195o to 1951, with a total of 195 episodes, Crusader Rabbit did his crusading on television along with his faithful companion, “Tonto,” and, um….no, that’s not right, sorry, got my sidekicks mixed up there Kemo Sabe. His actual sidekick was “Ragland T. Tiger, (Rags) and their occasional nemesis, “Dudley Nightshade,” and his sidekick, “Bilious Green.” (lots of sidekicking going on back then)

Other characters were, “Garfield the Groundhog,” and “Arson & Sterno,” a two headed dragon, as dragons go. Most dragons that I’ve known usually only have one head, but, in this case it most likely was due to a birth defect of some sort. Can’t be absolutely sure however.

The concept for Crusader Rabbit came from animator Alex Anderson who worked for “Terrytoon Studios” and along with Jay Ward created a partnership to create the series. You may recall that name, Jay Ward, because he is responsible for some other notable cartoon series characters. “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” Dudley Do-Right,” and “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.”

Presently, as in today, I do not believe that any of these characters or shows are available on TV. Unless some of them are in disguise posing as “Aflac” ducks, “Geico” geckos, or more recently “Wile E. Coyote” and “The Road Runner.” I would assume, given the age of Lucille, (96) Crusader’s voice, that most of Crusader Rabbits friends are either no longer with us or are residing in cartoon rest homes. My guess anyhow.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Which raises yet another burning question. Why is it Dagwood, Blondie and that silly dog, Daisy still look the same after all these years but their kids are getting older? Come to think of it, Rex Morgan MD still looks like he’s in his late 30’s. In his case, I think, being an MD, it’s plastic surgery.

Anyhow, I thought I’d just reflect on Crusader Rabbit today for those of you who may recall that series. Rabbits just do not get a lot of respect. Except at Easter time. Which they really do not deserve, because as we all know, it’s the chicken that lays the eggs that the rabbit takes credit for.

And dragons……geeez…they’ve always gotten a bad rap. Even in the Crusader Rabbit show. What’s with that!

Yeah…..we get no stinkin’ respect.

When was the last time YOU were EVER assaulted by a dragon?

Other than Daryl Dragon of “The Captain and Tennille” who gave us so many memorable songs. Which, of course, gives me a lame excuse to post a Captain and Tennille song.

But, in all fairness to dragons, who also deserve equal time, please observe the video clip below.

Thanks for the voice of “Crusader Rabbit” Lucille. And thanks for the memories.

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