WTF Is The Problem With This “Angus” Kid Anyhow?

Little Angus T. Jones laughing after learning just how much money he’ll make starring in “Two and a Half Men.”

Angus T. Jones today, still laughing at all the money he’s made playing “Jake” on “Two and a Half Men,” but, not willing to give up all that “filthy” money he made, even though he thinks the show is “filth.”

The one time pissant that stars on the TV series “Two and A Half Idiots,” along with Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher, is in the news this week because all of a sudden he’s had a “revelation” of sorts.

“Ah seen da light……the show I’m starring in, and that I’ve made a gazillion dollars off of, really sucks. It’s nothing but, “filth.”

“Um, did I mention that in nine years I’ve made $8 million filthy dollars?”

Yep, 19-year-old Angus T. Jones who plays “Jake” on the show is quoted as saying, “If you watch “Two and a Half Men” stop watching it. I’m on “Two and a Half men” and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth.”

(NOTE) After the above video went viral, and perhaps realizing, “Oops, did I just screw my career up or what,” Angus had second thoughts as this AP news release (below) indicates.

NEW YORK (AP) — Teenage actor Angus T. Jones of the comedy “Two and a Half Men” is apologizing for a series of interviews attacking his own show, at one point calling it “filth.”

Jones issued a statement Tuesday saying he’s sorry if his remarks reflected indifference to and disrespect of his colleagues and a lack of appreciation of his opportunities.

But…what was said, was said. Or is this kid just practicing to be a politician.

I find it totally ironic that this kid who’s been on the show since it’s inception in 2003 all of a sudden has “seen the light,” so to speak. We’re talkin’ nine years for the kid to suddenly become aroused. Um….oops….maybe a poor choice of words there.

I mean, “aroused,”(as in pants bulge) is what this kid most likely experienced during his nine years on the show with all sorts of cleavage type boobs floating, or bobbing up all over the place during the show. Cripes. Even “I” was aroused. Have ya seen any of the episodes when Charlie Sheen was on the show and some of his girlfriends. Shall I refresh your feeble memories.

Let’s start with April Bowlby, (Kandi) who most likely totally freaked out Angus….um….me too.

I shall, as I continue to write the saga of Angus T. Jones, post some of “Charlie’s” girlfriends, which may have upset Angus.

Um….excuse me….a very rich Angus T. Jones…who feels he doesn’t want to be a part of all that “filth’ but, is willing to cope with the “filthy” money he’s earned from that TV series. Ohhhhh…..the depravation of it all.

Dealing with “filthy” money that is.

Then there’s Jennifer Bini Taylor, (Chelsea) Ohhhh what this poor kid had to endure.

Ya see, the problem I have with this is that while the show was going on did ya hear a peep from this kids parents as to how it might be affecting him? NO!  Did ya hear the kid himself complain during the nine years that the show was boobapaloozza? NO! Did ya hear me complain about all that filth and cleavage? NO!  Whaddya think I’m nuts.

Emmanuelle Vaugier, (Mia) with Jake. “Geez Mia….if I were to pile up all of the boobs Uncle Charlie has had it’d be this high.”

BUT…….once the show’s ratings started to fall because Charlie Sheen is no longer the big draw, and they bring in Asstwerp Kutcher, who is no Jack Kennedy……um….sorry, had a flashback to that 1988 Presidential debate when Lloyd Bentsen said to Dan Quayle, “You’re no Jack Kennedy.” What I meant to say was that Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen, so, with that in mind, and the possibility that at some point the show may be dropped, and, the kid can make some points by perhaps securing a spot in a new series, he might be trying to clean up his image. From all that money-making filth.

Soap and water and a bottle of “Scope” usually work kid.

Jenny McCarthy, (Courtney) showing Charlie that eating a healthy diet of vegetables is good for her hair….as you can see.

I, myself, have no problem with filth. I get down and dirty all the time working in the yard and on my truck. So, a little filth on TV isn’t gonna bother me at all. There’s plenty of it to go around on cable and even in some prime time shows. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to label it “filth” as Angus claims. Cripes….there’s cleavage EVERYWHERE on TV. Yes, there’s are sexual innuendos on “Two and a Half Men,” but that’s what made the show so successful and very funny.

Unless you’re one of those off the freakin’ politically correct nut jobs that think you need to tell the rest of us what we can watch and what we can’t watch……………oh yeah……while you’re watching it.

Courtney Thorne Smith, (Lindsey) with Alan in yet another conversation on the merits of drinking healthy bottled water.

And don’t give me that crap that America is not into that stuff. Have ya seen the book sales figures of “50 Shades of Grey” lately?”

Marin Hinkle, (Judith) Marin played “Jake’s mom on the show. Cripes….if I had a mother like this I’d be freaked out too Angus.

Also, I have absolutely no problem with anyone “seeing the light” and finding religion. I DO have a problem with those people who find that 500 watt light bulb AFTER milking whatever is they’ve milked until the cash or power cow runs dry and THEN miraculously are, “re-born.”

No offense to legitimate people who find religion after having a really tough time in life and are re born. Excluding those who’ve made a gazillion bucks on “filth,” as Jones claims, or, in a lot of instances, politicians who screwed up and all of a sudden seek redemption.

“Hey….does the media know that I’m having an affair?”

“Um…not yet Senator.”

“Oh great….hmmm…..think I’ll put off my redemption for a while then.”

Melanie Lynskey, (Rose) Yes…I know…..her last name comes close to that of Monica Lewinsky. Well….at least with that outfit it would be hard to find a stain.

All this stuff seems to be a bit strange to me. Like, what the hell is with this kid?

Unless……….unless……after seeing all of those hot women in the show, he just couldn’t take spending more time with……………

And this……………………

Instead of these………….

Just sayin.’

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4 Responses to WTF Is The Problem With This “Angus” Kid Anyhow?

  1. AJ Cooper says:

    So, you’re saying that “Asstwerp” Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen, right?…….

    Yet, “Two and a Half Men” kept on going for 4 more seasons after Sheen’s firing (the show ended after 12 seasons), with Kutcher replacing Sheen at the start of season 9, whereas the show (the TV adaption of the film “Anger Management”) Sheen ended up on after his ego got him fired from “Men” made it to only 2.

    So, Kutcher is no Sheen, hmm?

    More like Sheen is no Kutcher. And, the only asstwerp here looks to be you, Dickless Jones.

  2. misfit120 says:

    As always, appreciate ANY comments, positive or negative. Thanks AJ. But why did it take you 3 years to respond to a blog posted in 2012?

  3. kenshalek says:

    I’m sure like most child actors he was molested and forced into uncomfortable situations with adults. Probably you.

    • misfit120 says:

      Like all of my comments from readers, (pro and con to be fair) I always approve the posts. Yours, considering you have some sort of a lack of humor condition or a troll complex, I still will allow you to show your intelligence with your silly response.

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