The Advent Of the “Side Boob.” And some other non boob stuff.

I’m kinda taking a break from politics on this Sunday to highlight a few other things. So this is kinda a mish mosh of various things that caught my eye today.

But, before I get into today’s topic, “side boobs,” an update on the “Hostess” bankruptcy. I did OD on “Donettes” yesterday but managed to recover. I’ve since accepted the fact that I have to accept the fact that “Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes” are gone and find another form of chocolate to satisfy my addiction. Hark and forsooth, I did find one.

Yes….”Little Debbie” peanut butter crunch bars. They’re manufactured by the “McKee Foods” company and, so far, I don’t think they’re considering bankruptcy. And, ya gotta trust little girls like “Little Debbie.” After all, what the heck does a little girl know about filing for bankruptcy at her age. So I think we’re pretty safe. At least until she grows into adulthood and gets involved in some sort of sex scandal and has to pay out a lot of money to keep it quiet and then has to file for bankruptcy.

Hmmmm. I think I’d better stock up on those peanut butter bars jusssst in case.

Ok, now on to today’s breaking news. The side boob trend. First of all, contrary to popular opinion, a “side boob” is NOT someone who rides in the sidecar of a motorcycle and or a sidekick as in “Festus” on “Gunsmoke.” Sometimes ya just have to make these things perfectly clear.

“HEY! I resemble that remark you low down no good sidewinder! Or, sideboober.”

A “side boob” is when a woman wears an outfit that is very skimpy and her boob, or boobs, because they usually come in two’s, hangs out over the side of whatever it is side boobs hang out of. Usually, as I just said, very skimpy outfits.

So why the sudden interest in “side boobs?”  Because Lady Ga Ga is in the news again by displaying her side boobs, that’s why. I guess she figured, what the hell, I’ve displayed my “front boobs” so why not my “side boobs.”

Ga Ga Poster setting off a “side boob” frenzy with a poster of her in Lima, Peru.

She’s appeared in concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Friday night with her side boobs displayed in a poster prior to the show and the Twitterdom went berserk with “side boob” photos. So, as you read today’s blog, I’ve inserted various photos of “side boobs” from the web site “Celebuzz” just to show all of you that “side boobs” are the “in” thing. Or the out thing. Whatever.

(There was also a video of Lady Ga Ga doing a striptease and fooling around in a bathtub with two other women. Which, when you think about it logically is perfectly normal as one would obviously strip first before taking a bath and then sharing a bathtub with other women to save on water consumption) Waste not, want not.

Now, “side boobs” are really nothing new. Perhaps displaying them on “Twitter” and giant posters is, but otherwise they’ve been around for quite some time. (some notable “side boob” images to make my point)

Anna Lynne McCord

For instance. And this question is for the guys only. How many times when you were in high school did you ogle teenage Sandra Ferklestorff when she wore a blouse with no sleeves and you sat behind her and attempted to catch a glimpse of a “side boob?” SEE! I’m guilty of that myself.

And the only reason most of  us guys in high school did that was because most of us had never seen an actual boob to begin with. Excluding those times we may have lifted a copy of “Playboy Magazine” from our dad’s stash or we’re one of the lucky ones who managed to cop a feel in a drive in.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Also, keep in mind that most kids back in my day, 1950’s, AD, did not have the Internet or a gazillion cable channels with which to search for some really good nudity. It was a vast boob wasteland with nothing to get us excited except for watching the “Mickey Mouse Club” and Annette Funicello because she had really big…um……well, you know. (photo below of Annette with her big…um…..oh well….you get it)

She m-m-m-ade m-m-my Mouse ears hard.

Remember too that all kids back then thought all boobs were pointy. Because bras were made that way….not boobs. So what the hell else were we supposed to think! Well….actually they are kinda pointy, but not enough to poke one’s eyes out as we imagined because of those pointy bras.

Lee Ann Rimes

Once again, as I’ve stated in various “boob” blogs before, this would simply all go away if boobs were legalized. Free them boobs and make it legal to display boobs everywhere and the fascination with boobs would eventually subside. It wouldn’t make the news anymore if boobs were free to be boobs.

Anne Hathaway

It’s like living in a nudist colony. After a while the excitement wears off. Actually, the reverse might happen. People would get all excited seeing other people who were naked dressed in clothes. Porn stars would make out fully dressed. It could actually get to the point that when you mentioned the word, “cleavage” people would think of butcher shops. (ya hafta think about that one folks)

Miley Cirus

So all in all, eventually we’ll all get over this “side boob” stuff and move on to other titillating stuff. (like to use that word “titillating” when writing about boobs)

Nicole Scherzinger

SEE! I’m not even excited about all those “side boob” photos in this blog today. I’m more excited about “Little Debbie Peanut Butter” bars as a replacement for “Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes.”

Of course AFTER I’ve eaten a few of those peanut butter bars I tend to get a bit frisky imagining what “Little Debbie” will look like when she’s Lady Ga Ga’s age.  Chocolate does that to me.



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2 Responses to The Advent Of the “Side Boob.” And some other non boob stuff.

  1. Tom Santos says:

    I have to admit there are times when I read your column, I expect some of the subjects you speak of. But, there is that word “but”, other times, like today, you are truly off the wall, interesting, but “off the wall”. i would have never guessed I would read about “side boobs”. However, I also agree, they warp the mind and makes you wan to see more. Keep up the wacko work.

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