It’s Election Day!! YES!! AND….congrats to an honest politician.

You know the old saying, “Go Eat Crow.”  Well folks, today I’m feasting on a wonderful dish of crow. And what better day to do so than on election day 2012. But, that said, I really don’t mind eating this particular crow. I always like to give an ol MisfitWisdom pat on the old butt to someone, especially a politician I’ve slammed, when it’s truly deserved. AND….considering THIS politician has a rather large butt, it may take a lot of patting.

First and foremost however, do your damn civic duty and get out there and vote. Um, read this blog first. I know Ohio and a few other states will pick the next president for us, but, what the hell, go out and vote anyhow. Show them SOB’s that we count as well as Ohio and those other states. Even though we don’t. According to the media.

HEY! John King, CNN’sWolf, George Stepolopponloiousopps, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC,  and Be Bop A LuLa, (Gene Vincent)…….suck THIS!


My congrats goes out to New Joisey Governator Chris Christie for not only being one of the largest governors on the face of the planet, but having the largest set of gonads, to match the rest of his body, which is completely understandable, and using that biggggg set to actually thank President Obama for the help N.J. will receive from the Federal government in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. For which, I might add, he’s taking a lot of flak from those idiots within his own party.

This is either a photo of Gov. Christie and President Obama or I got it mixed up and this is actually a photo of Laurel and Hardy.

You know, it DOES take a huge set of balls to honestly speak your mind. Regardless of your party affiliation, and, knowing quite well you’re gonna get slammed by a bunch of a**holes who think that he should not have thanked the president for going to N.J. and promising them state funds and aid to help with the restoration of all the damage caused by that storm.

Hmmm….THIS is either a photo of Laurel and Hardy or Governor Chris Christie and President Obama after agreeing on a plan to help out residents of New Jersey.

What does that tell you about politics? It tells you that when it comes to doing what’s good for the American public, party lines come first. BUT…in Christie’s case, the people of his state came first. Bravo Governor. A rose among thorns.

Now I’ve personally picked on the governor many times because of his crass comments on various occasions during this past campaign. Like the time he yelled at a former Navy Seal who interrupted him at a speech and he yelled back at the guy in a few well-chosen words. Or as they say in Jersey….woids.

I’ve also picked on him for his weight. But, only because he resembles a bowling pin and I suck at bowling. So most likely I was taking my bowling frustration out on the governor. Sorry. But….ya gotta admit he does resemble a ten pin.

But, again, even though he can be, at times, crass, he sometimes comes out as a lovable crass teddy bear. And, what better person to be governor of New Jersey than Christie. The guy is a comedians and bloggers dream when it comes to comedy. Example……if you missed Saturday Night Live this past weekend, take a look at this skit. Especially the woman doing sign language for the governor.

Next to the way people talk in Brooklyn and Rhode Islanders, who never use the letter “R,”  Christie should, if he ever loses the governorship, get a starring role in a new Godfather film, or at least a recurring role on “Jersey Shore.” Or, perhaps the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Why is it that in any of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in none of the “real housewives” resembled these “Real Housewives of New Jersey?” Just sayin.’

Or perhaps in a remake of “Scarface.”

Saaaaay helloooo to my beeeeeg friend you damn SOB’s…….

“Saaaaaaaay hello to my little friend.” In Christie’s case, “Say hello you mother****ers to my biggggg friend.”

“Hey Governator, what the hell ya talkin’ about……that stupid gun yer holdin….hah, hah, hah!”

“Go ahead, laugh you bastards. But as big as I am, when I whip out my biggggg friend, (unzipping trousers) yer all gonna run like hell.”

“OMG!  Run Juilo…..RUN….he’s actually gonna whip it out and piss all over us….RUN!!!!!!”

Or, “The Godfadder.” (Joisey pronounced)

“Don Christione…..I kissa your ringa. Pleasa doa mea favor…..nexta timea washa youse hands.

Given the governor’s colorful mastery of the language, along with his size, the two combined make for some really great comedy bits. I see a bright future for Christie either in politics or in show biz.

(Note to the governor: drop the jacket that says, “Chris Christie, Governor.” Otherwise people are gonna think you need it to remember who the hell you are)

Kinda reminds me of Mel Brooks in “Blazing Saddles” with the governor sign on his back.

I think Christie deserves the MisfitWisdom “Brass Balls” award as well. Which I am presenting to him on this election day. Wear them well Gov.

Presented to New Jersey Governor Christie for having a really great set of honest and verrrrry big brass balls.

Any politician who can say what is the correct and honest thing to say regardless of, as I said earlier, “party affiliation” is ok in my book. We need more of his type. In fact, all of Congress should take his lead and work together rather than snipe and cut each other to pieces for the sake of party lines.

What does that do? It gives all of us voters the option to vote for a candidate that has a great set of honest gonads regardless of party lines.

Show me a candidate with a big a set of balls as Christie has, and he’s got my vote. Unless of course it’s a woman that’s running. Then Houston, we have a problem.


We swap the “gonads” for cleavage……….and honesty…..along with that cleavage.

Both options are winners in my ol book.

Again….congratulations to New Joisey Governator Chris Christie and his balls.

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2 Responses to It’s Election Day!! YES!! AND….congrats to an honest politician.

  1. in2indigo says:

    Well said! We are in Romney country down here. Hope they get their asses kicked and we get 4 more years👍.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • misfit120 says:

      Well said Ms. Suzie….: ) Glad you’re at least warm where you are. But…..walk softly and carry a biggggg stick while you’re in “God’s waiting room.”

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