OMG! Loretta Swit Is 75!!!! Um….wait!…She’s only a few years older than me….DAMN!

I was surfing the Internet in a vain attempt to cheer myself up, what with the impending election just one day away. Only because I was kinda down in the ol dumps about it finally coming to an end. Not because I’ll miss those #*^%$#@! commercials, but because I’ll feel kinda empty. Like I’ve lost a part of me. You know, that part that fired me up during those commercials where I was able to use a lot of “F” and “MF” words and my other half wouldn’t complain. (sigh)

So I decided on this day before the election to simply put all of that stuff outta my feeble mind and find something on the Internet that would not only cheer me up, but possibly you as well. After all, we all need a respite from all this political stuff, until tomorrow, when all hell will break loose if “our” candidate loses. I don’t have to worry. My candidate always loses. I voted for Alfred E. Neuman. “What…me worry.”

Before I go on to today’s, “WTF”  and “OMG” Loretta Swit is freakin’ 75 years old blog, I have one political question that’s been bugging the freak outta me. Why is it some states have been voting early….like over the past two weeks?  WHAT! Are these a bunch of old people with scooters and walkers and it takes them 3 damn days just to get to the polling place? I don’t get it.

As far as I’m concerned, election day should be just that, “election “DAY” not election weeks. If ya can’t make it to the damn polls on election day, like every other normal human being on the face of the planet, hire somebody to haul your damn butt over there….ON ELECTION DAY FOR CRIPES SAKE!  LIKE THE REST OF US SLUGS.

Excluding, of course those who are legitimately home bound. Like my 5 cats.

OK….enough…onward. Soooooo, Loretta Swit is 75. And, that said, if you’re my age, which is just a tad below Loretta’s, you still think she’s hot……as in “Hot Lips Houlihan” on “M*A*S*H,” the role she played on that TV series. (NOTE: When you’re my age, any woman who is able to move and breathe is hot)

Some radio station somewhere, (I have no clue) other than their ad on the Web, which is “MIX 106.5,” which could be just about anywhere, posted some pics of famous celebrities and how they look now, compared to then, which was some time ago. So, to either make you feel very old, or somewhat comforted by how they look, in comparison to how you look today, here are those pics.

(Second Note: If you look worse than some of these aging celebrities my deepest sympathy goes out to you.)

First, Loretta Swit, then and now:

Loretta on the cover of TV Guide with her hot lips.

Loretta now…..lips still look a bit hot. From a seniors viewpoint however.

Linda Ronstadt was really hot looking when she started out with the group, “The Stone Ponys” and had her first hit with, “Different Drum.”  I kinda lusted over her back then, but, um….I think the lusting part is over.

Linda then……..(pant)

Linda now. Does she resemble N.J. Governor Chris Christie, or is it just me?

Not to slight the guys here, but some men tend to age better than women. Take for instance “Boy George.”  Or, um…is it “Girl George?” Which may explain why he, or she, still looks somewhat the same. I said, “somewhat.”

Boy/Girl George then. One could never be sure back then…or even now.

Boy or Girl George now. Some habits are verrrry hard to break….like wearing very bad makeup and stupid Queen Elizabeth type hats.

Pam Dawber who starred in “Mork & Mindy” and is married to “NCIS’s” Mark Harmon still looks great. Most likely due to the fact that on trips to the planet “Ork” she was able to get her hands on some really good rejuvenation stuff. My theory anyhow.

Pam then….shortly before calling off her marriage to “Mork” and marrying Mark Harmon.

Pam today showing off just how great you can look if you take a trip to the planet Ork.

You all must remember Kelly LeBrock from, “The Woman In Red.” Ramped up business for all those “women in red” streetwalkers. Not to mention the fact that all guys wanted their wives to wear red too. For me, it was always, black. I’ll explain that to ya in a sec.

Kelly then. (this would be my second “pant”) Oops, I’m slobbering all over myself here….sorry.

Kelly now. Hmmmm. I think something must be wrong here. She still looks the same. WTF!

Ok….so why black?  I’ll tell ya why. Because of this next lady. Not only did she have some realllllly great cleavage, (yes, I know, I’m shallow) but she always looked so enticing in her outfit. None other than, “Elvira.” (Cassandra Peterson) Honey, bite my throat anytime!

Elvira then. Photo taken as I whipped open my overcoat and flashed her.

Elvira, (Cassandra Peterson) today. Yep….she can still bite my throat.

Back to the guys. Kick butt Chuck Norris doesn’t seem to have changed very much. Then again, my eyeballs have, so I could be a bit mistaken, or, this is a touched up photo.

Chuck then. Shortly before kicking some bad ass butt…..which may account for the way he looks in the photo below.

Chuck now. Doesn’t look too bad but I’ll bet ya the rest of his body is falling apart from being in too many fights. Hmmm…..maybe that’s why they only showed his face in this pic.

I always thought that Mary Tyler Moore was really hot too. She is showing her age in the “now” pic below, but, aren’t we all…..cept for me that is.

Mary Tyler Moore then. Ohhhhhh Dick! Her line many times on the “Dick van Dyke” show. Gave me goose bumps cause I thought she was talking to me.

Mary Tyler Moore now. Betcha she still has a pair of great legs though. Um….again….from a seniors perspective. Hey….cut me some slack here!

Speaking of getting old and aging, is it me, or was Larry King always old?

Larry King then.

Larry King now.

If you’re into high boots that women wear and you went bonkers over Nancy Sinatra, well guys, here she is. Yep, “These Boots We’re Made For Walkin.”  AND…..she did do a pictorial for “Playboy” magazine too. Minus the boots I think. Which was fine with me.

Nancy then. When most men wanted her to walk all over them with her boots.

Nancy now. Soon to release a new single, “These Slippers Are Made For Walkin.”

Finally, I just gotta include this now and then pic. It wasn’t in the MIX 106.5 layout, but I just wanted to show you how cruel mother nature can be to some guys. Only because a lot of you women think guys age better than women. In this case, Eddie Fisher, who was a dumb ass for dumping a few women in his day, couldn’t score a babe today even if he offered to take a double dose of Viagra. Paybacks a bitch.

Eddie then. Then….when he dumped Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor, then she dumped him for the next guy, then the next guy, then the next guy, then the next guy and……..sorry, I lost track.

Eddie now. What more can I say. Other than…..OMG!

And of course, what “then & now” would be complete unless I gave all of you a “then & now” of ol MisfitWisdom…..being the shallow person that I am.

Misfit then. 1968 on the radio.

(the photo of MisfitWisdom (now) was heavily edited for the sake of little children and animals viewing this blog)

Misfit now. Photo taken for this years Christmas card to my other half which I’m sharing with all of you now. Eat your heart out Scott Brown.

So, there ya have it folks. A respite from tomorrow’s onslaught of doom and gloom election results. May the best candidate win. If there is such a thing.

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I’m watchin’you..Tom..Dara..Sue..Rocky..Bobby..Debbie..Roycroft..Donna..Carmel..Jane..Judy..Sheila..Annie..Kimberly..Barb..Jonathan..Moe, Larry and Curley.

(Third note: If you don’t see your name in the “Romper Room” mirror scan I just did, it’s because, when I scanned your house, some of you were doing unmentionable things while naked…..didn’t want to embarass you)

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3 Responses to OMG! Loretta Swit Is 75!!!! Um….wait!…She’s only a few years older than me….DAMN!

  1. J Roycroft says:

    This was great! Linda Ronstadt…How did that happen? Is it me or is Nancy Sinatra a dead ringer for Frank? No pun intended.

    • leilani parker & Richard Vittorioso says:

      OMG!!! It is Frank……in drag!!!

      Click here for my daily blog.

  2. Vera says:

    great entry!
    larry king is classic – maybe that’s why no change?)))

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