LIVE! From Hurricane Central, (Mohegan Sun Casino) It’s The MisfitWisdom Blog

Yes folks… and in living color, this blog is coming to you from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. WHY?  Because that stupid $#!@!@%#@ hurricane knocked out my power at MisfitWisdom headquarters and also because it’s the only place I can get a stinkin’ free coffee and donut.

Oh the deprivation of it all. Stuck in a casino with a gazillion slot machines, food, entertainment, stores to shop at, and me….with no cash. Rats! But, that’s the bad news. The good news is that I don’t have to worry about a freakin’ tree falling on me or water up to my butt. Or being without electricity. Nope….I’m snug as a bug right here.

The very first Mohegan Sun Thanksgiving

“Um, hey buddy, um, can ya spare a few cents for a downtrodden refugee from the hurricane who doesn’t have any money so I can play a damn slot machine?”


Nah, that ain’t gonna work. Hmmm, I’ve got to try another method. Let’s see……..

“Pssssst, hey pal, um…..I’ve got a sure-fire way of predicting which slot machine is going to hit next. If ya lend me a few bucks I’ll play that machine and split the winnings with ya.”

“Hey, whaddya some kinda nut? Get lost you damn flake!”

Damn….that ain’t gonna work either. Geez….. Now what am I gonna do?

Been there….done that……….

WAIT!  I’ve got it!

I’ll mosey on over to that huge wishing well they have where people throw all kinds of coins and chips into and make a wish. Who the hell is gonna miss a few coins here and there. Great idea!

(dipping in wishing well)


“Cripes…..give me a freakin’ break will ya….I was only tryin’ to help you guys by cleaning up some of these coins before they get all moldy and rusted.”

“Oh yeah sure, like we’re gonna buy that line. Ya wanna know how many times we’ve heard that buddy? Just last week we hauled some old 85-year-old senior lady outta that same fountain tryin’ to suck up coins with her oxygen tank hose Ya ain’t foolin’ us….now get the hell outta there…now!”

“OK OK…geez……”

That was before I changed the name of this blog to “MisfitWisdom.”

“Hmmmm, wonder if standing outside of the casino entrance with a tin cup will work. Perhaps a small sign sayin’, “WILL GAMBLE ON SLOTS FOR MONEY”  Um….on second thought, maybe not. Rats!”

Damn freakin’ hurricane. I could be home right now relaxing in front of my computer and playing free slot machine games on that on-line casino site. Um…..oh yeah….there’s no power. Damn!

Oh well, guess I’ll just have to stick it out here till this dumb storm blows over. Think I’ll just stroll around the casino floor observing the sights and passing the time………..

WAIT!  What’s that!  OMG!  Someone dropped a slot machine voucher on the floor….(POUNCE)…..YES!   A voucher worth twenty-five cents. YES!

Penny slots here I come……..

Yeah…..can I get my meals served here too?

Sorry folks….gotta run. See ya tomorrow if there’s any electricity back home at MisfitWisdom headquarters.  Well, um, to me it’s headquarters.

See ya……………

“Hey lady… playin’ that penny machine?”

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Can’t say I don’t make it easy for you to donate………..

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Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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