Ann Coulter Used The Word, “retard.” But, Was She Talking About Herself?

As Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “I don’t get any respect.” Maybe that’s why conservative mouth Ann Coulter used that degrading word when criticizing President Obama. Because obviously she has no respect for the Office of The President of the United States or voters in general.  And, if you have no respect for the “office,” and voters, how can you expect anyone to respect you if your choice of words are offensive.

Her comment on a tweet on Twitter: “I had no idea how crucial the retarded vote is in this election.”

Which is why I moved my trash can as far away from Coulter’s as possible. I’m grouchy enough without listening to her bulls**t.

But, even after receiving complaints from parents of children with disabilities she went on with yet another tweet on Twitter. I think perhaps all birds, including, “Big Bird” should be offended as well, considering that when you post on Twitter you are tweeting, which, as we all know, birds do very well, but never use the word “retard” when tweeting themselves from various perches on which birds tweet from.

So, not only are her comments degrading to children with disabilities, their parents, and a whole other bunch of sane people, it’s degrading to the bird population.

Um…..better leave it on “off.”

Her second “tweet” was, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” Referring to President Obama and the debate on Monday night.

(As an example of the hatred Ms. Coulter loves to stir up, I’ve posted two opposing comments from a social media site at the very bottom of today’s blog)

My theory here is that, as in Dangerfield’s comment in his routine that he gets no respect, is that Coulter either wants to be the female version of Rodney, or, knowing that she’d get an awful lot of flack from that remark, was trying to top Donald Trump with his, “I’ve got some earth shattering news” coming promise. OR…..she’s got the hots for Donald, and figures, birds of a feather could flock together if he’d only notice her.

“Ohhhhh Donald……did I do good by using the word “retard” when I referred to voters and to Obama? Did I, did I?”

“Geez Ann, you’re stealing the freakin’ limelight from me. Here I am making this big earth shattering announcement that I’ll write a check for $5 million dollars if he releases his college and passport records and you step in and get more press than me on Twitter and all over the Internet!”

“But Donny, I was only trying to show you that I can help you in your quest to discredit the President and help Romney get more votes than him.”

“Ann, look, don’t you think that one stupid idiot making headlines is enough. I mean, come on, I’m Donald Trump, millionaire, entrepreneur, ladies man, celebrity. The public doesn’t need another person to step in and nail Obama….I’M IT!”

“But Donald, I’m much more beautiful than you. I’m sexy, thin, and know all of the 7 words you can’t say on TV….including “retard” which I did manage to slip in on Twitter…heh heh.”

“You just don’t get it Ann. You went and upset a bunch of voters by calling them “retards,” and then you called the President a retard. You just can’t go around using that word and expect to have any credibility like I do.”

“Credibility?  You mean I lost all of my credibility because I used that one word?”

“YES! Instead of using the word “retard” you should have been more politically correct and said something like, “I had no idea how crucial the “a**hole vote is in this election.” And then when you tweeted your second comment you should have said, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the “a**hole.” Ya see, no one would have been offended by using the word “a**hole” instead of “retard.”

“Why is that Donald?”

“Because everybody’s got one and they could then relate to you and I as normal everyday people who think we have have clout.”

“Sooooo, you’re saying that we’re a**holes too?”

“Yes….basically. But, um, er……we can use that word when referring to voters and Obama because we wouldn’t offend anyone.  Everybody has an a**hole so how could anyone be offended.”

“Oh I understand Donald. If you and I are both a**holes and all voters are a**holes and President Obama is an a**hole, as we claim that he is, then we’re pretty safe in using that term on our tweets on Twitter.”

“YES…..exactly. A**hole is NOT an offensive word. Now go back an repost your tweets on Twitter and say that you really meant to use the word a**hole.”

“But Donny, do ya think they’ll believe me?”

“Ann, look, trust me here. From one a**hole to another, it’s a royal flush.”

Thanks to all of us a**hole voters.

So in conclusion folks, or as Ann would call all of you who may vote for Obama, “a**holes,” she really didn’t mean to use the word, “retard.” Which as we all know is someone with a disability.

Somewhat like Ann Coulter.

NOPE…….I did NOT use that word…..I just insinuated it.

Sieg Heil!

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October 24, 2012 at 2:32 pm


You idiots criticizing her need a life and a brain. She didn’t mean to offend disabled kids you morons! It was directed at Obama. I’d cut my right hand off that you were brainless to vote for Obama. Look at the mess this country is in right now thanks to you 4th grade dropouts. This country is headed for communism. Obama’s election proved most people are stupid idiots. Now, get off TMZ dot com and use your f…ing brain for once you liberal idiots!

October 24, 2012 at 3:17 pm


No, Toto, we don’t need a life or a brain, it is you who needs a brain. We all know that her inane comments were directed at Obama, we are smart. The fact that you and someone like that insignificant woman don’t care enough to think about how their words affect others, show that it is you who needs a brain. You are obviously selfish, ignorant and uneducated. You cannot dispute that, well, unless you don’t have the brain capacity to do so. And by the way, I am not a “ liberal idiot”; I am conservative, but just know how to treat another human being

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