Further Proof That Life On Other Planets Exist: Donald Trump

(UPDATE) As of this afternoon “The Stir” is reporting that Trump’s “bumshell news” is that he will donate $5 million dollars to a charity if Obama releases his college and passport records. Trump will appear on Piers Morgan tonight.

(SECOND UPDATE) Video released by Trump. Puckered lip mouth Trump offers challenge to Obama, “I’ll donate 5 mil to charity if you release those records by Oct 31st.”

HAH! Tell ya what Donald. I’ll donate 5 bucks to a charity of your choice if you also offer 5 mil to Mitt to release all of his tax records. Fair is fair ya know.¬†


Hmmmmm…..$5 million dollars. Geez……I’d confess to being in the Texas School Book Depository in 1963 if he’d donate $5 million dollars to my favorite charity, or cause…..like the Humane Society.

Look folks. I’ve met a lot of flakes in my life. And at some point, have even been a borderline flake myself. But, not to the extent of that blowhard Donald Trump. It seems to me that whenever he tends to fall off of the publicity radar banana boat, he manages to come up with something to get his name, and hair, back in the news.

Today, it’s a startling revelation that will shake up the entire election. OMG!!! OMG!!! The Donald has something to say that will shake up this entire election. WHAT! WHAT!

New York Daily News writes:

“When asked about Trump’s impending “announcement” and his close ties with Romney, a spokesman for the Obama campaign simply sent the Daily News a link to a White House bumper sticker emblazoned with the President’s face against his birth certificate and the words “Made in the USA.”

Obviously there will be many of you out there in spin city that will buy into whatever this idiot has to say. Of course this depends on what it is he has to say and about whom.

On second thought….forget it…..if you love Trump you’ll believe anything he says.

For instance. If he has some really derogatory news about Obama, that will send millions into a wild frenzy if they are Romney supporters. On the other hand, or foot, if it’s something derogatory about Romney, the same effect will take place.

(Here’s what’s floating around on the web as of 7pm last night. (Ho Hum)

Hmmm. Was Donald ever divorced?

We all simply love it when the candidate we do not support gets slammed in the media by something that either may or may not be factual. The problem in this instance is…….the source………….Donald Freakin’ Trump.

Then again, maybe Donald Trump is actually David Spade in disguise.

I myself kinda look at Donald as suffering from what I call, “LAME” syndrome. Otherwise known as, “Look At Me Everybody.” I suspect that as a child growing up Donald did not have many friends because he most likely was a pudgy little twerp that no one would play with and, not getting the attention he so much desired, did anything to gain that attention. Like maybe mastering the art of burping the National Anthem or playing his armpits simultaneously while farting to the tune of “I Ain’t Got Nobody” previously sung by Louie Prima and Keeley Smith, but without burping, farting or using armpits. As far as I know.

So today Donald makes his big announcement. Is THIS the supposed usual “October Surprise” everyone always says will happen just before election day? One can only speculate.

Unless Trump’s “October Surprise” is that he’s been wearing a Hallowen costume all this time and he really IS David Spade.

I have my own theories. Maybe it has nothing to do with the election. Then again, maybe it does. Who knows. Maybe he really IS from another planet and that’s his big announcement. Possibly deciding to make that announcement now because the “Mars Rover” is so close to his birthplace that he figured he’d better come clean now before the “Rover” finds his birthplace and stash of toupees.

Then again, maybe it is about one of the candidates. Like Romney actually strapped his wife Ann to the roof of his car instead of his dog, “Seamus.” Or, he has a collection of Muppet toys all of which are “Big Bird.” Or, perhaps, with his huge vast fortune, actually owns China. Or, he actually has 50 wives, one in each state that work for the Board of Canvassers and can swing the election count his way.

On the other hand, maybe Trump has some big news about Obama. Like he wasn’t born in the U.S. Um….WAIT…..I think he already went that route. Um, how about he discovered that Obama used to be a white guy and took the opposite treatment that Michael Jackson took so he could become the first black President. Or, maybe, on the birther issue once again, has information that Obama was actually born in Delaware and is the illegitimate son of Joe Biden.

Ivana Trump……who obviously has much better hair than Donald’s

I’m sticking with the Mars Rover theory. How else can ya explain what a freakin’ nutcase this guy is. I mean, come on now folks. Would YOU walk around wearing hair like he does? Would YOU have divorced a hot looking woman like his former wife Ivana? Would YOU only know two words in the English language…”You’re fired!” Wouldn’t YOU have plastic surgery by now if your lips always looked like you’d been sucking on a lemon? And finally, wouldn’t YOU have gone to an eye doctor by now if you had a pair of beady eyes like the Donald which makes him look like a squirrel caught in a cars headlights?

So, today is the big day. I can hardly wait for this one. NOT!

When he finally reveals his earth shattering blockbuster end of the world as we know it information, I will of course update this blog. But, whatever it is, considering Donald’s track record for stupidity, I do not expect it to be a game changer in the coming election. At least not for anyone who has a brain. Those of you without brains who buy into whatever this idiot has to say……………..DO NOT BOTHER TO VOTE IN THIS COMING ELECTION…………because it takes some intelligence to decide whom to vote for, and if you believe anything Donald says, I’ll sell ya a bridge in Brooklyn real cheap.

Unless of course, Donald has some authentic documents that prove that he is a direct descendant of the Mayans and has further proof that the world will come to an end on December 21st. I might buy into that one.

Only because that would explain why the Mayans no longer exist on the face of the earth but left that prophecy for us to mull over with a key sentence left out of their end of the world prediction.

Which was, “When man with funny hair, puckered lips and beady eyes make sense to many people, it be sure sign world will come to end.”

Just sayin’

Guess what pal…..it worked.

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