Was Alfred Hitchcock Emulating Part Of His Last Name?

*Emulating…..”to strive to equal or excel.” Sometimes ya have to spell these words out otherwise my blogging readers have no freakin’ idea what the hell I’m writing about. Not that some of my blog readers aren’t very intelligent, but I did see a comment on one of my blog posts about the elections that said, “Fuc yew.” Just sayin’

Now that I’ve cleared up that point, onward.

A recent story by the AP and Lynn Elber about actress Tippi Hedren, (“The Birds” and “Marnie”) highlights the tension between director, and long ago dearly departed Alfred Hitchcock. Which, in my humble and usually worthless opinion, indicated that Alfie may have been a real “c**k”, (part of his last name) when it came to his directing and off camera relationship with Ms. Hedren.

This all brought to light during a recent screening of a new HBO film, “The Girl.” Present at the screening were Hedren, friends, family and her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith. At which point, after the screening, Hedren was quoted as saying, “Well, now  I have to go back into therapy.”

Which may be a result of seeing Alf’s face again, or the actor who plays him Toby Jones. Real scary. Not Toby, but just thinking of Hitchcock. Guy always gave me the freakin’ willies. Not only because he gave us so many off the wall scary movies, but due to the fact that he made it a point to make a cameo appearance in each of his movies. If you were aware of that, then you knew you couldn’t really concentrate on the movie until you were able to spot him in it. Which is why I never got the plots in any of his movies.

The problem with Tippi and Hitch was that he was, shall we say, a bit strange. Hmmm, maybe that’s not the correct word. How about, freakin’ strange. Or just plain weird. Like when it was time to film the movie, “The Boids.”  Oops…sorry, that’s “The Birds.”

If you’ve seen the movie, Tippi is attacked by hundreds of crazed drugged out on whatever birds in one terrifying scene. Not to mention the bird poop all over the place. Enough to terrify anyone.

This is either a scene from “The Birds” and Tippi Hedren being attacked by a crazed bird….or……that cockatoo from Rhode Island attacking it’s neighbor….can’t be sure.

Hitchcock never told her that real actual honest to goodness live birds were going to be used in that scene. She thought they would be mechanical birds. Personally, back in those days, I really don’t think they had perfected mechanical birds. If they had, we surely would have seen some of them at parks and playgrounds. Because various cities and towns, concerned about bird poop, but not wanting to offend old seniors who like to feed birds, would have bought some of those mechanical birds to appease everyone. Makes sense to me.

Ya think that’s all us seniors do? Sit on a damn park bench and feed stinkin’ birds! Well take this ya asswipe………!

Tippi suffered injuries from that scene leaving her very distraught. As well as covered with bird poop and feathers. Which caused Hitchcock to suspend production of the movie for a week to allow Hedren to recover.

But, that’s not what soured Hedren on Hitchcock. It was, according to Hedren, when Hitchcock punished her for rebuffing his advances.

“I think we’re dealing with such a devious mind, one of genius, of incredible creativity.” she said, adding. “There is so much wrong with that mind…..He was evil.”

Geez Tippi. Boys will be boys, or in Hitch’s case, birds will be birds…..and apparently he sure was one. No offense to “Big Bird,” who was NOT in that movie.

On top, or bottom of all this, Hitchcock would not let Hedren out of her seven-year contract she signed. Which allowed Hitch to squash, (not the vegetable) her shot at other big films, including Francois Truffaut’s “Farenheit 451” in 1966.

I think that perhaps Hedren should attempt to produce her own movie in order to tell her side of the Hitchcock story. Let’s see. Possibly using titles from old Hitchcock movies, but with some slight alterations.

“Dial “M” for Motherf****r.” The story of a demented director who attempts to seduce an actress while she’s being attacked by a bunch of crazed birds.

“The Trouble With Alfred.” A poor boy grows up to be a movie director but lisps and spits all over the camera when he promotes the intro to his movies so he’s relegated to doing cameos with no talking lines but there’s a lot of crazed birds in the background chirping.

“Vertigo.” Kim Novak was the star in this Hitchcock movie. Tippi Hedren could be in the remake and for no apparent reason other than an extreme dislike for Hitchcock, throws his butt out of that tower window. Last scene shows his body being pecked at by a bunch of crazed birds.Very short movie.

“”Psycho.” In that final scene where we finally get to see Anthony Perkins’ mother sitting in that rocking chair, it’s actually Alfred Hitchcock wearing a shawl. Being pecked at by a bunch of crazed birds.

Today, Hedren, who does not spend time sitting on a park bench feeding birds, channels her energy into family and her dedication to helping animals, (possibly not birds however) including founding the “Shambala” wildlife preserve in Southern California.

“He ruined my career, but he didn’t run my life.” Hedren said, who has worked regularly in TV and appeared in some films. None of which had any birds in them. Except maybe for an occasional Robin searching for a worm in the background.

Toby Jones, the actor who portrays Hitchcock in the HBO movie had to wear elaborate prosthetics and a fake belly to simulate Hitchcock’s distinctive profile and girth. And, we all know Hitch had a lot of girth…..along with gall.

“The Girl,” starring Sienna Miller as Hedren and Toby Jones has already been aired on HBO so you may have to catch it if they re-run the movie. Which is a likely possibility considering the word “re-run” is synonymous with the core of what great television programing is all about.

(no actual birds were either injured or abused during the writing of this blog)

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