BINDERS? Romney Has Binders Full of Women?*

*Or is it Romney has binders full of women wearing binders? (sports bras)

Yeah, that’s what he meant. Of course, a binder full of women wearing sports binders because he’s into women with binders. That’s what the news story I just read said. Here, look for yourself:

Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Comment Sets Internet Ablaze

by Oct 17, 2012 6:13 AM EDT

Mitt Romney claimed during the debate that he requested ‘binders full of women’ as governor of Massachusetts. The comment went viral. Marlow Stern says the remark is further evidence of how out-of-touch the GOP candidate is with women.

Out of touch with women? No wonder he has a bunch of binders full of women wearing binders. Ya have to collect a binder full of women wearing binders in order to figure out how to be able to be “in touch” with women wearing binders. My guess anyhow.

Otherwise how would you accomplish getting in touch rather than out of touch. Or at least copping a feel.

So, being the strict conservative Mitt is, I was wondering just what kind of women he has in his binders. Here’s the only woman photo I could find in all of those binders. Which he most likely stocked up on at Staples. The binders, not the women.

Serious lack of binder issues

(Ann Romney nixed all of the other women’s photos)

In his search for women wearing these sports bra binders Mitt said: “And I went to my staff, and I said, “How come all the people for these jobs are all men.” They said, “Well these are the people that have the qualifications.” And I said, “Well gosh, can’t we – can’t we find some – some women that are also qualified?” And so we took a concentrated effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said, “Can you help us find folks, and they brought us binders full of women.”

Why Mitt’s staff screwed up on the binder assignment.  They were all in the ER.

The head of the women’s organization that Mitt said he got those binders from denied that he specifically asked for such a list. Which might indicate that he may have got his wires crossed and got a list of women from some guy in a pink and back suit wearing a fedora sitting in a Cadillac with a leopard dashboard and fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.

“Um, gosh, excuse me sir. I’m tryin to find a few women that I can hire to work in my cabinet. Maybe a book full of women, like a binder or something. Do you know of any?”

“Hey! You da fuzz or somethin’? You dress kinda funny.”

“Funny? Gosh, you’re the one wearing a pink and black suit and a fedora!”

“Dats because I got class buster. We know howda dress around here. No wonder you ain’t got no women. Now ya want me to set youse up. Well, let me tell ya. I gots binders full of women wearing sports bras but it’ll cost ya big bucks.”

“Oh gosh, no, no….you don’t understand. I’m not interested in any women you have wearing sports bra binders. Just a list of them in a bunch of binders.”

“Geez buddy. Make up your freakin’ mind will ya. Ya either want them wearing binders, ya want a “bunch” of them wearing binders or would ya like them just naked….what the hell is it?”

“Um…..forget it. Gosh, can you just give me list of women who are out of work and need a job?”

“Yeah. I can do dat.” (whistling) “Latoya, Alice, Suzie, Nadine, Chantel, Lance….front an center….pronto!”

“Harry? Wait! Gosh, I said women!”

“Oh, no problem, Lance is a cross dresser.”

“I said I just want women! Real women!

“OK, have it your way buddy. But Harry’s the only one who will do cabinets.”

“Oh gosh forget it. I’ll just take Suzie there.”

“OK…have it your way, but if ya want her to put on a sports bra binder it’ll cost ya an extra hundred bucks for the night.”

Which leads me to believe that Mitt finally gave up, went to Staples, bought some binders of his own, (the book kind) took them back to his staff, and gave them the responsibility of filling them with women wearing binders.

Which explains why he thought he had asked a woman’s group for a list of women in binders, when in actuality he bought a bunch of binders, (the book kind) which were blank ones when he bought them from Staples, but, which his staff later filled with women who were open to wearing sports bra binders if they were hired to clean cabinets.

Which is what the original goal of Mitt was. To find qualified women to become members of his cabinet………………… staff.

I certainly hope I’ve straightened all of this out for those of you who didn’t quite understand why this was big news on the Internet.

Makes sense to me.

Except, when was the last time you’ve heard anyone use the word, “gosh.”

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