Will Paper Greeting Cards Go The Way Of “Rabbit Ears?” No Offense To Any Rabbits.

Oh….sorry….”rabbit ears,” for those of you who think I’m talking about actual ears on a rabbit, were actually what they called TV antennas eons ago before cable TV. Yes, people actually had to pull in television signals through either an antenna mounted on the roof of their houses or by having a set of rabbit ears mounted on top of their television sets. Those people using actual ears from live rabbits never really got to see any good TV programs.

An actual pair of rabbit ears, but TV reception really sucks using them. Plus the top of your TV set gets covered with rabbit poop.

An actual pair of rabbit ears photographed at the Smithsonian Institute’s old geezer collection located in the AARP section.

These pair of rabbit ears will not work on your TV. BUT….if you actually have a pair of “these” rabbit ears, why in the hell would you want to to waste your time watching TV anyhow.

Although the benefits of having an actual rabbit, like for companionship, far out weighed the quality of TV programs back in the dark ages.

But, as most of us know, ya can’t stand in the way of progress. Lest you get run over by a hybrid car.

Now the latest thing to take a hit due to today’s social media and electronic world advancements is the greeting card industry. Yep, people are not sending actual paper greeting cards as much as they used to anymore. It’s much easier to simply sit down in front of your computer and create your own greeting card, or just go on-line and find free greeting cards that you can send off in an instant to anyone anywhere…..and most of the time it’s free. And we all know, “free” has a nice ring to it.

Over the past decade, the number of greeting cards sold in the U.S. has dropped from 6 billion to 5 billion annually according to the Hallmark card company. Which obviously means all the licking and sticking stuff isn’t cutting it with consumers anymore. Unless you’re buying a “Timex” watch, which keeps on ticking but also takes a licking….but doesn’t involve actually licking your watch. Unless you’re into that stuff. Licking your watch that is.

But I can understand why consumers would opt to use social media and also computers to send and or create their own greeting cards. First of all it’s quicker, easier, no postage involved, and of course no licking and sticking. On top of all that, you can say what you want, and not what some nerd sitting in a greeting card factory thinks you want to say. Yes, there are a lot of lame greeting card sayings in greeting cards these days.

Except for the traditional ones like Christmas cards, sympathy cards etc. Unless you really hated the person who passed away and are looking for a card that says something like, “Sorry for your loss, but I for one ain’t gonna miss the bastard.”  Or, “Please accept this pack of Marlboro’s with my deepest sympathy. Please place it alongside Harry’s body before you give him the deep six. Sorry, no matches or lighter.  The SOB won’t need them where he’s going.”

See, that personal touch you just can’t find in a greeting card these days.

Like this one:

For the dad whose own dad obviously knew nothing about the birds and the bees.

Or this deeply touching card:

And, if you are sort of a religious person and want to convey to someone that they shouldn’t feel alone in life and that they are indeed loved by the Almighty, but you’re a bit skeptical about everyone else, this card, not available in stores, might just do it:

See, you just can’t find cards like this from Hallmark. Which is why sales are down and people are making their own.  Greeting card companies need to get out of that “nicey nicey” mold and think beyond the box.  Which usually holds only about 20 greeting cards.

According to a U.S. Postal service (snail mail organization) study, correspondence such as greeting cards fell 24 percent between 2004 and 2010. The survey attributed the decline to, “changing demographics and new technologies,” adding that younger households, “both send and receive fewer piece of correspondence by mail because they tend to be early adaptors of new and faster communication media.” Which is the main reason the “Indian Smoke Signal Greeting Card Company” back in the old West went out of business due to the pony express. Which was one of the main reasons Indians were so pissed off and took out their frustration on General George Custer. Kinda like an “Occupy Little Big Horn” movement.

So it remains to be seen just how long greeting card companies can hang in before they too go the way of rabbit ears, free television, stick shifts on cars, and the Boston Red Sox.

In the meantime, if any of you are planning to send me any greeting cards, I still prefer the paper snail mail kind.

Not only is it more personal and mean that you care enough to send the very best…..(stole that line from Hallmark)….but……..

Ya can’t stick a $20 bill into an electronic greeting card ya dummies.

Unless of course you wanna send me one with an electronic $20 dollar bill…..via PayPal.

Just sayin!

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