“Slavery, A Blessing In Disguise.” Ark. State Senator. Stupidity Reigns.

Does Michelle Bachmann hang out with Sen. Hubbard?

Yes folks, slavery was a blessing in disguise for all slaves. They just didn’t realize how good they had it. Free housing, being able to work out in the fields every day in the great outdoors, and getting nice tans while they were at it. Truly a blessing. Not to mention the valuable service they performed of picking cotton balls before they get rotten. Cause, as we all know, you can’t pick cotton when them cotton balls get rotten.

Which is most likely why Arkansas state Senator Jon Hubbard, (R) felt it necessary to make it a point of reminding every one of the benefits of being a slave in a self-published memoir entitled, “Letters To the Editor, Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative.”

He most likely was frustrated because he had to actually write those letters to the editors because he couldn’t afford to hire a slave to write them for him. You know how difficult it is to find any really good slave help these days. Especially in Arkansas.

Arkansas State Senator Jon Hubbard. Um….WAIT! I’m not actually sure if this is him. Kinda hard to tell from considering he’s wearing his cotton picking clothes. Better watch the video below which shows him in his dress clothes.


Hubbard’s reasoning behind calling slavery a, “blessing in disguise,” was that if they were physically hardy enough to survive it, “someday would be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the earth.”

Yes….bravo Senator Hubbard. Whose old mother by the way, you may recall, gained fame and fortune by simply going to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bone. Lets hope it wasn’t a bone from some slave who wasn’t physically hardy enough to survive slavery.

Or….old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bone. When she bent over, Rover took over…he had a bone of his own. (sorry…couldn’t resist that one)

According to an article by David Ferguson, Hubbard stated that Africans who were abducted from their homeland to be sold abroad as human chattel were the lucky ones, saying, “Knowing what we know today about life on the African continent, would an existence spent in slavery have been any crueler than a life spent in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Yes……right on Jon. Showing great compassion for those poor black Africans out there in the sub-Saharan just hanging around all day with nothing to do but spend time with their families just lolling around with all kinds of time on their hands when they could be picking cotton in a nice comfortable warm Arkansas field. Thereby being able to save up enough money from their cotton-picking duties to send back home so that their families could come over to America and have the opportunity to reap in all that cash picking cotton as well.

Ya just don’t find those kind of cotton-pickin’ opportunities in America anymore. Betcha if we could lure more African blacks to come over here to pick cotton the unemployment rate would drop even more. Arkansas needs to run cotton-picking employment ads over in other countries to show that America is indeed the land of opportunity. Where any person, regardless of race or religion could achieve wealth and prosperity by simply picking cotton. Hell, maybe even some day a black person could become President.

Um…..nah….that’s kinda pushing it.

Hubbard also went on to say that black Americans’ lives would “be more enjoyable and successful if they would only learn to appreciate the value of a good education.” Which, I’m guessing, Hubbard may have been able to afford from investments in cotton harvesting. Or, “Gentleman’s Warehouse” stock. Either that, or he has stock in “Johnson & Johnson’s” cotton ball manufacturing division.

BUT….he wasn’t done inserting the ol foot and cotton ball into mouth. Nope…not by a long shot….or cotton ball.

While he sees “the blacks” as a pressing problem facing America, the real threat, he wrote, comes from immigrants, “legal and illegal,” who will eventually have to be round-up and killed.

And this flake is a state Senator in Arkansas!

WTF were these people thinking when they elected him to office in 2011? And why are there no photos of this idiot wearing a white robe and hood? Made out of cotton.

My only theory is that the voters in Arkansas were not given the opportunity to “appreciate the value of a good education.” Meaning that if they actually did have the opportunity of a good education, as Hubbard says blacks should appreciate, they would have known what an a**hole this guy was before they voted for him before he made Arkansas voters look really stupid.

Not that ALL Arkansas voters are stupid……only the ones that voted for him.

I would suggest to the voters of Arkansas that when this wing nuts term is up and he runs for reelection, you elect someone else. Maybe a candidate who’s allergic to cotton. Maybe even a black person.

Nah…..that won’t happen.

At least not until we can elect a black President that everyone can respect. Like maybe a Colin Powell or even a woman President like say, Condoleezza Rice.

Um…….nah…….none of those people know the value of getting a good education.

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