Another Self-Serving Stupid MisfitWisdom Blog. So Sue Me Already.

Misfit at my prime at WPRO radio in Providence, R.I. No longer in my prime, but still able to get “primed” up about stuff, today’s MW blog is me getting “primed” up about other older retired disc jockeys who continue to get “primed.”

This particular blog may or may not interest you, or anyone else for that matter. But, “DILLIGARA.” I decided to write it anyhow because I got a bit tired of politics and stupid cat and dog stories this week. I do this on occasion. And this is one of them.

****(please read my personal note to all of my readers at the end of today’s blog)****

I read with interest a recent get together of old-time radio broadcasters in the Connecticut area. The Newington, Connecticut Kiwanis, which is an international chain of men’s clubs that promotes higher business standards, most likely by supplying businesses with ladders to climb higher. The newspaper article said,  “assembled a variety of newscasters, TV and radio personalities, both young and old, for a nostalgic stroll into the old days for the club’s monthly meeting.” As described by Erica Schmitt of the New Britain Herald.

The point of which is for all of these old broadcasters to share their memories of, yes, you guessed it, broadcasting.  How perceptive of all of you to grasp that.

This of course sparked my interest because, as some of you may know by reading my bio at the end of these blogs, I too spent many agonizing years behind a microphone as well. I say, “agonizing” because some of those years were agonizing due to the “egomaniacs”  one encounters in this business. Trust me on this one. There are very few broadcasters who are not egomaniacs.  Personally I can count, in 30 years of radio broadcasting, only five who did not have an ego. They just loved the business and wanted to entertain their listeners.

As Phil Callan, a former broadcaster said at that recent meeting, “I had a lot of fun in radio. I like to tell people I never made a lot of money but I never got up in the morning dreading going to work.” Which I myself can vouch for.  I too never made a lot of money, and never dreaded the thought of going to work. With the exception being that one stint at a Lewiston/Auburn, Maine radio station where I was the morning jock, (shades of Harry Chapin and W*O*L*D) and held back barfing at the putrid odor emanating from a local paper mill processing plant. Blachhhh!

Which is one reason there are more moose than people living in areas of Maine where there are paper processing plants.

These days, unlike those broadcasters that meet every month in Connecticut, no one gives a rats ass about the 30 years I spent on the air. I kinda forget about it myself until an article like this one comes along. Or the time I wrote my autobiography, “I Could Have Been Famous But Sex, Life and Love Got In The Way.”  A really big seller…..5 copies.

In Rhode Island, the elite of the elite old broadcasters have formed a broadcasting hall of fame and honor those who have made their mark on R.I. radio. Some of whom are very well deserving. Others not. I personally think that you have to be a huge success in radio to be inducted into that hall of fame.  Bouncing around from radio station to radio station in a 30 year period of time doesn’t count.  Which is one reason you’ll never see me honored. Which is fine with me.

Why?  Because it was the best time of my life and I don’t need to receive an honor from anyone or any organization to validate what I gave to my listeners. I know……those that tuned into my programs know, and that’s all that matters. Besides, I’d rather get an award for writing this stuff than for what I did in radio. Come to think of it….I do get awards. All of you, 10,000 people a month who take the time to read MifitWisdom. That’s rewarding in itself. Except no one ever donates to the cause…..damn! Now THAT would be an honor.

Take that Kwannii type ladder people.

So, what did I actually give? Basically the same I’m giving all of you in this daily blog. Humor. And the best part…..the realllllly best part. No stinkin’ program know it all director is gonna come waltzing into my office and tell me he doesn’t think what I’m doing is funny. Because, as all of you know in broadcasting, program directors ALWAYS know what’s funny. Ask Charlie Sheen.

So, what did I think that was funny that got me fired many times?  Let’s see. Talking to a waitress on the radio who was topless. (She was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I was on the air in Connecticut) My theory here is that if you can “imagine” a naked waitress on the radio, it’s just as bad as seeing an actual naked waitress.

Then there was the time I was fired for joining a union. Totally unheard of back in the 60’s. I once got fired for daring to ask for a raise. Once for being accused of looting and pillaging a station prize room.  And I wasn’t even a HUN. (refer to Providence Journal article dated 5/22/1970 by Jack Major)

Came damn close to getting fired from the same station in the above article for racing go-karts because the police, who had absolutely no sense of humor, said I was on private property, (large shopping center parking lot on a Sunday which was vacant) and they hauled my butt off to the police station. Station management was pissed even though they got a ton of publicity out of it and then, after chewing my butt off, asked me later that month to host their own go-kart race. Go figure.

The very first MisfitWisdom go-cart………until…….

Until I discovered that you could actually get killed racing a go-kart and decided to wear a helmet, leather jacket, and update my medical coverage.

But, I’m sure all of you know that when you are a celebrity, say for instance like comedian Jackie Mason who gave Ed Sullivan the bird on TV in 1964, you tread on dangerous waters all in the name of humor and being funny. Even today you can not watch Comedy Central without certain words being bleeped out. Which always prompts me to say…WTF!

Anyhow, that meeting of old broadcasters gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own broadcasting memories without having to go to a Kiwanis hosted get together and possibly be suckered into supporting higher business standards by buying a really big Kiwanis  ladder. Gotta be able to climb really high to support higher business standards ya know. And me……afraid of heights……damn!

So today you all get a respite from my usual blogarony nonsense……………um……….wait a sec….this WAS all nonsense wasn’t it. Rats!

Hey! Gimmie a freakin’ break here! Cut me some damn slack! Whaddya want for nothin’ anyhow?

Just sayin’

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****(Personal note) We all love to receive awards for a job well done. It’s human nature. It could be a pat on the back, a raise, or a lick and a promise from your spouse for a job well done. (love that last one) This December the MisfitWisdom blog will reach a milestone. Whatever an actual milestone is. Something that measures miles I guess. That is, reaching the 1,000 mark of daily blogs. So, that said, I hate to beat a dead horse, which I would never do considering the horse was already dead, but in a manner of speaking. Writing is an art. It requires a keen sense of using swear words and then incorporating them into this blog in relation to whatever the hell it is I’m writing about. Like, “WTF,” only cleaned up a bit. But, besides a talent for writing humor, writers need to have a creative streak. Which is how you get movies, books, plays, etc. All of which most writers are compensated for in sales, royalties or hookers. MisfitWisdom receives no compensation nor do I run any advertisements. I opt to beg, plea, and cry out for donations in each blog. I use a lot of tissues crying. I’m quite sensitive and emotional. (sniff) But, in the three years I’ve written this stuff I’ve only received one donation. Which was greatly appreciated. But, it was just one. So why do I ask for donations? Well, not only for creative effort, but for supplies such as printer ink, paper, computer upkeep etc. Also, in the event my old computer crashes, to have a fund built up to immediately replace it. Being an old geezer and living solely on SS benefits, (yes, I’m one of those 47% that Romney dislikes) it’s hard to make ends meet as it is.  Now…..figure this out. (those of you not good at math, grab your calculators) If I get 10,000 readers a month from all over the world, if every one of those readers contributed one single dollar bill by using the PayPal link, I’d be in pig heaven….not to mention ink, paper, and a fund to replace this computer if and when it dies. Because if it dies, without donations,  so does this blog.

So there ya have it. My self-serving stupid MisfitWisdom grovelling blog. I figure it this way folks. President Obama is asking for campaign donations of $3 to $5 from everyday people like you and I. PBS solely survives on donations too. If it works for them, hey, all I’m asking for is one single dollar. And “I’M” not even on PBS or running for President.

Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe I should. Might get some of you to donate.

Well, there’s always this to fall back on………

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