WHAT!!! There’s Another Mona Lisa? Does Mr. Lisa Know?

YES! Big news out of Geneva folks. A second Mona Lisa has been discovered. Well, actually a second Mona Lisa painting, and not the actual Mona Lisa, who, I assume has been dearly departed for many years. First, a look at both paintings compared to each other side by side:

Mona Lisa and Mona Lisa

Now the Mona on the left appears to be a bit younger than the Mona on the right. Which could mean one of two things. Leonardo da Vinci either painted the left photo while dating Mona when she was a lot younger. This was because Leo was painting her all the time, perhaps with or without clothes and a bit of cleavage, and then perhaps later, as she became more reserved and a bit dowdy, painted her again after Mona got a slight tan sitting on Leo’s veranda some years later. My guess anyhow.

But there’s all kinds of theories going around about this new painting. Besides mine that is.

Last Thursday the “Mona Lisa Foundation,” (not to be confused with bras and girdles)presented what it claims to be a predecessor of the world’s most famous portrait. Second of course to that of George Washington’s portrait on the one dollar bill. But, experts brought in by the foundation weren’t sure about that claim. Mona’s portrait claim, not the Washington one.

For instance, two yeas ago a retired French electrician claimed that he had turned up 271 Picasso works that had been sitting for decades in his garage. He was most likely holding on to them waiting for a nice sunny day to have a garage sale. But, Picasso’s heirs claimed that he stole them. No word on the outcome of that.

But, the point being, is that no one really knows what da Vinci painted with regard to the number of Mona Lisa’s he may have knocked off.

For example, could this photo be yet another of da Vinci’s work:

Mona shortly before she was told to knock it off and assume a serious pose.

Ya see, one never knows what’s going to pop up when you do some searching in your garage or basement. Who knows, there could be thousands of da Vinci’s floating around out there. On a bad TV night da Vinci could have knocked off three or four Mona Lisa’s. Hell, sometimes I myself write two or three of these blogs in one day.

This new Mona Lisa painting is called, “The Isleworth Mona Lisa.” I guess named after the town of Isleworth. Your guess is as good as mine.

Alessandro Vezzosi, director of the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci, said that the painting was intriguing but needs further study. He declined to back up the federation’s claims that it was truly a “Mona Lisa” predecessor.

“Wella, I thinka it mighta be a Mona Lisa, but on da other handa it mighta notta, but it mighta be one kinda, but on da otter handa it might nota reallya bea one, but den again, it could very wella bea one, but then I’ma nota quita surea.”

But MisfitWisdom has done some extensive research into this Mona Lisa painting stuff and has come up with even more Mona Lisa’s, which may explain Alessandro’s reluctance to say that this new Mona Lisa painting is authentic.

Like this one we found:

Did Leonardo originally paint the model on the right, then, to appease Mrs. Da Vinci, who thought the cleavage and blonde hair was a bit much, then altered the painting just to shut her up? Then when the painting was shipped to the U.S. it was restored to its original form?

Yet another theory is that da Vinci showed his original painting of Mona to his drinking buddy Picasso, who then got a brainstorm and after leaving the local bar went home and knocked off his own version of Mona:

Picasso’s version of Mona Lisa after a few drinks.

Yet another theory floating around is that possibly Leonardo actually had developed the early version of the Polaroid camera, set it up in his studio, and took this self-portrait of Mona and himself just fooling around before he made her dress up in that black outfit. Then, realizing that Mrs. da Vinci, if she ever found that photo, would kill him, deep sixed it before anyone, but us, could find it.

Leonardo checking out Mona’s props before painting her.

There’s just way too many Mona Lisa’s floating around out there to know which ones are authentic and which ones are not. Foundation members say that it’s unrealistic to think that the woman sat twice for a portrait, but that the meticulous mathematical approach suggests that da Vinci may have projected in his mind what she would have looked like between the first alleged “Mona Lisa” and the “Mona Lisa” that is in the Louvre.

Presently there is a research institute looking into all of this. Carlo Pedrotti, one of the most eminent scholars on da Vinci said that the foundation, which is kind of an FBI for Leonardo studies, is just the kind of investigation we need. I’m thinking like a Federal Bureau of Leonardo Investigation…(FBLI) Cept they don’t carry guns….just paint brushes and magnifying glasses.

But, MisfitWisdom’s own theory, considering that no one really knows for sure anything about Mona Lisa, is that perhaps da Vinci, who may or may not have been a looker of sorts himself, maybe even a really homely looking guy, may have conjured up that image of Mona and used himself as a model. Or, perhaps he had a brother, Manny da Vinci who, with some cajoling, convinced him to pose wearing that black outfit. Just added the smile and cleavage later.

Leo’s brother Manny, who may have been Leonardo’s model for the Mona Lisa.

So, I’m going with Manny folks. Sounds like the most logical explanation to me. I’m basing this on evidence that Mrs. da Vinci may have been like all wives are, even in present time. Like if you bring another women home after you’ve had a few drinks they get all bent outta shape. Which may have been Leonardo’s problem. Which is why he may have said, “screw it” and asked his brother Manny to pose for his paintings.

My theory anyhow.

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