Heidi Klum….HOT……Need I Say More? OK….more……The Emmys.

Today’s MisfitWisdom blog is a very short one. Because how much can ya write about what Heidi Klum wore at the 2012 Emmys other than OMG!!!

So, I decided to write………OMG!!!!

By far one of the most sexiest outfits EVER! Take a look.


OK…..if that one wasn’t enough……….

Double pant…….

OMG!!! Sorry, you know what a male slug I am. But….I’m sure I have a lot of company when it comes to being a male slug. And I bet 99% of the rest of you male slugs are gonna click on the photo images above just to enlarge the photo.

WHY? Because you want a closer look at what she’s wearing under that dress. Which you can clearly see by clicking on the photo and enlarging it.

Yes, the “V” shape of her underwear. Which allows me to use a word that I love using but very seldom get to use. “Titillating.”  Which is the only reason I posted her photos today so that I could use that word. Doesn’t take much to amuse me as you can tell.

And, because today’s blog has a lot of boobs pictured, I thought that titillating fits right in.

As for other outfits worn by women at the Emmy awards, well, what can I say…..except……

Susan Lucci gets the MisfitWisdom “Do these boobs belong on this body” award.

And then…………

Kate Linder gets the MisfitWisdom, “Yes! These boobs belong on THIS body” award.

But WAIT!…………..

Vanessa Williams get the MisfitWisdom, “OK, check THESE boobs out” award.

Then, there’s the MisfitWisdom “WTF” are you nuts wearing that outfit award:

Blossum. Well, if ya don’t have the boobs to compete, my theory is…..dress up like a guy.

HEY! Who knows. Maybe Blossum dressing up to resemble a guy turns some guys on. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Somehow seeing a woman dressed up like a guy doesn’t cut it for me. Just like seeing a guy dressed up like a woman is….um……verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry strange.

Which raises yet another question. Why is it ok for women to dress up in guys clothes but not ok for guys to dress up in women’s clothes?

For the most direct answer to that question, refer to the video below.

No further explanation required.

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