“Let Them Eat Cake*”…..Mitt Romney. More Like Twinkies.

When French bakers ran out of bread, they were obliged to sell brioche to the needy at the same price as bread. So that when Marie Antoinette was allegedly told that the peasants had no bread, she merely indicated that they should be able to eat brioche… translated as ‘cake’. This would indicate she failed to understand (or had not been told) that there was no flour for making that either. The phrase, meaning ‘Let them eat cake‘, has been misinterpreted over the years, giving the impression that Marie-Antoinette was cruel and uncaring for the common people.

When in fact she was a caring soul who simply thought that for lack of bread. Hey, give them all cake. Everybody loves cake. Geez, what the hell is the problem?

Which may be the one reason she eventually lost her head.

I can so relate to this…..

Fast forward hundreds of years later and one wonders if Mitt (insert foot in mouth) Romney has any freakin’ clue as to just how much cake costs these days. Not even counting the frosting and stuff.

Yes, I know. You Romney supporters think I’m being hard on Mittso and downgrading the attributes of cake as well as a really good source of healthy nutrition that all of us poorer folk could eat on a daily basis rather than spending our pittance of a weekly salary on foolish stuff like say hamburg, chicken, steak etc.

Perhaps you’re right. I shouldn’t be jumping all over Mitt for really caring about us poor people who lavish on the great American lifestyle making $14,000 to $20,000 a year. (sniff)

I’m sorry Mitt. I apologize. I’m being totally unfair. Maybe I just heard your quote wrong on a video. Yeah, that’s it. I heard it wrong. Here, let me play it again and then I’ll bang a note off to Mitt apologizing. Lets see……Oh yeah, here it is:

But do his lips actually move?

WHAT!!! OMG!!!! and WTF!!! And….!&%$#&$&##@%^#!!!! Is he nucking futs?

Oops….I was supposed to apologize wasn’t I. Damn!

Geez, sorry Mitt. I apologize for sucking the government dry by not paying taxes on my $14,700 I make a year from Social Security benefits. How insensitive of me. I should pay my fair share just like you and all of the rest of the millionaires do. I feel so ashamed not paying any federal income taxes. Cripes, the only taxes I pay are property taxes, automobile taxes, water taxes, taxes on whatever I buy and taxes on taxes. Which ultimately leaves me a whopping $12,000 to fool around with paying homeowners insurance, gas, electric, and useless stuff like groceries……..when I could be saving a lot more just eating cake. I’m sooooooo embarrassed Mitt.

And those entitlement programs too. How greedy are those damn seniors who suck up food stamps and free medical care when they have the same amount of fortunes as me and could be paying for that rather than sucking it out of the government. Bastards.

I don’t blame you for saying that your role, (as possible President of the Yewunited States) “is not to worry about those people.” And, “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Romney says his role is not to worry about those people. THOSE PEOPLE!  Um….OMG!…I think I’m one of “THOSE” people! And….sniff…..sob…..if he’s the President he’s not going to worry about us…..or me. We can all fend for ourselves. We can all eat cake.  Which is what I’ll just about be able to afford on my SS check when he cuts all them other useless “entitlement” programs that us money-grubbing lazy ass seniors on Social Security suck up.

That of course would be cake out of a box because most of us, with those cuts, won’t be able to afford going to a bakery to actually buy a decent cake, or, have the gas to get there.

By the way, did I fail to mention that of those 46 percent of lowly Americans that pay no taxes, (millionaires excluded) many of them paid other forms of taxes and that many of them, (16 million) are elderly Americans living on squat. Oh the Dressage of it all.

(Dressage) “Manuevers of body signals to a horse by a rider.” In Romney’s case, signals to a horses ass to stick it to middle and low-income people. In other words, “Gee horsie, time to poo poo?”

Cartoon: Jeff Danziger

Look folks, if ya wanna vote for this obviously completely sensitive to the needs of ordinary Americans candidate, it’s your choice. Many voters will vote for Romney simply due to the “I hate Obama” mentality. Go ahead. Your choice. Go for it. Knock yourselves out.

BUT.  If by chance he does win the office of the Presidency, and you run out of cake…don’t come looking to me to share MY cake with any of you. (in my case….”Twinkies”)

No freakin’ way Jose. (My apologies to Jose, although I would share my cake with him.

However, if things get really bad because some of the programs are cut for low-income people who Mitt doesn’t want to worry about, then I might have to forgo the cake entirely and opt for something less expensive.

Like a nice hearty bowl of gruel. Yum.

Gruel of course is whatever you can find to actually make a bowl of gruel.

In my case, (after the “entitlement and SS cuts) bread crumbs, leftover stray dog bones, seasoned water from the tap, and bullion cubes. My mouth is watering already.

Hey Mitt! Ya don’t have to worry about ME!

Now a special treat folks. Artist and songwriter Randy Newman, who supports Obama,  gives his sarcastic perspective on what is the prime motive for voting for Romney in this years election. Remember….I’m only the messenger….DO NOT SHOOT ME.

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2 Responses to “Let Them Eat Cake*”…..Mitt Romney. More Like Twinkies.

  1. J Roycroft says:

    You and I are on opposites sides of the political spectrum, and that’s fine. It makes for a great conversation over a Guinness. I have a suggestion…ask Mother Jones why they put out a video that was edited leaving out 2 minutes of Mitts statement. That blog has been outed and they have admitted to publishing an edited version of that video. Even so, nothing Mitt said was untrue. The only mistake he made was not saying it during his speech at the RNC. Now lets go have that Guinness, I’ll buy.

    • misfit120 says:

      Thanks, always appreciate your input even though, as you said, we are on different sides of the spectrum. Which is what makes us a great country. Take ya up on that Guinness if you even venture into Ct. : )


      Click here for my daily blog.https://misfit120.wordpress.com

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