I Broke A Cardinal Rule. Geez, Can I Glue It Back Together?

Sob. I broke one of my own cardinal rules regarding “Facebook” this weekend. Whatever breaking a rule a cardinal makes is. Whatever it is, I broke it. Hmmmmmm, let me check and see if I actually broke one first. (checking cardinal rules)

Cardinal Rule
The Cardinal Rule a substantial rule that is in place in a certain situation or organization. And it must not be broken at anytime.
“You must never date your friends ex. That’s the cardinal rule of friendship.”
You broke the cardinal rule didn’t you?
“Spies don’t fall in love'”- NBC’s Chuck’
“Never date a co-worker, it’s the cardinal rule.” Because when it all blows up in your face, you’re screwed”

Hmmm. Well, I never dated any of my friends exes because I never had any friends. My mother used to tie a bone around my neck so the dog would play with me. So, I never broke THAT cardinal rule.

As far as the spy thing goes, I was too short to qualify for spy academy so I went into radio broadcasting where no one can see you and they don’t give a damn if your short or fall in love with another disc jockey. Safe on that cardinal rule.

That last one, never date a co-worker. I’m pretty safe on that one too. When I ws a D.J. on the air in a studio, for the most part I was all alone, except for the night janitor.  And no janitor ever hit on me, nor me on them. Safe again.

So, maybe I really didn’t break a “cardinal” rule after all. Um, maybe it was just a lower type rule. Like a pastor or reverend rule or something. Yeah, that’s it!  I broke a pastor or reverend rule. Which was, never discuss politics on a social media site. Which I did, thereby breaking that rule.

Geez….I’m sorry Father Iglesias.

Ya see, what happened is that I was on a Clint Eastwood high. Clint gave every comedian and humor blog writer in the word a gift. All social media went berserk over his performance at the GOP convention. Twitter went off the wall. Facebook too.

So, I went on social media, “Facebook” to see what everyone was saying. No broken reverend or pastor rule there. After all, I was just looking.

One of the reasons you should always be careful when you respond to a Facebook post.

BUT. There it was. A few back and forth posts about the GOP and how bad Obama is and etc, etc, etc. Which got me to thinking. So, I said to myself, “Just how bad is Obama?”  And, here’s where the, what I thought was breaking a “cardinal rule,” came into play. I….(gasp) posted a question on…..(gasp) Facebook! WTF was I thinking!

Specifically to three people who loved Mitt Romney to the high heavens. or at least up to a few clouds.

My question was, stupidly, “What has Obama done that makes you either dislike him so much and think that he has ruined the country that you would vote for Mitt Romney?”

I was kinda curious.  I mean, seriously curious. Considering the Republicans want to ban abortion completely. Repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. Cut Medicare and Medicaid. Institute a voucher program in its place.  Give the wealthy tax cuts. Cut some other “entitlement” programs.  Make them damn welfare people find a freakin’ job, and tax the Easter Bunny for all income derived from egg profits.

(Democrats say the chicken should be the one taxed)

Simple question. So why do you like Romney and dislike Obama. This was one response from the one brave individual that went back and forth with me: (actual post word for word unedited below)

ll, he’s been in office for three and a half years. When is he going to stop pointing the finger of blame at George W. Bush and start accepting responsibility for the 8.2% unemployment rate — which he as much as assured us would not happen IF we passed his massive stimulus plan. I don’t like the “apology tour” he went on at the beginning of his term, kowtowing to foreign nations and bowing to other heads of state. I find his disregard for our military disdainful and shameful — and his infamous “crotch salutes” a true disgrace to the office of the presidency. When he got into office, gas prices averaged $1.81/gallon nationwide. Last weekend, I paid $4.20 per gallon. With plentiful oil within our nation’s borders, there’s no reason for us not to be tapping into those resources. I find his flippant attitude to anyone who dares to disagree with him both childish and thoroughly unpresidential. The House and Senate voted unanimously AGAINST the only budget he bothered to propose (more than 1,200 days ago). He appoints czars at the drop of a hat and the people who most closely have his ear are labor leaders (SEIU head Andy Stern visited the White House nearly two dozen times within Obama’s first year in office) and multi-billionaires (e.g., George Soros) who take pride in their ability to collapse currencies (the British Pound among others). We are known by the people with whom we associate. I don’t trust Barack Obama to put the interests of the people of the United States of America ahead of union thugs and power-hungry madmen.

Holes included.

Now, first of all, I’m not going to tackle all of these “facts” this person presented.

Why? Because facts are way too damn inconvenient why you’re attempting to make a valid point. Like Ryan last week when he said a plant was closed in his home state of Wisconsin that Obama promised to keep open. But, failed to mention that GWB was the President when the plant closed. Oops.

Or when Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin, (Mo.) said that, “victims of legitimate rape could somehow prevent an unwanted pregnancy.”  I think he was thinking about the future. As depicted in this cartoon below:

Akin may have been right after all. Jussssst a bit ahead of his time.

Don’t ya just hate it when people cloud up your mind with a bunch of facts. Geez, I hate that too.

So, I’m not going to EVER make any more comments on my Facebook page when it comes to politics. (I have my fingers crossed)

Um, well, maybeeee now and then. BUT…..no going back and forth with someone and presenting facts to bolster my argument.

As I said. Facts are just way too inconvenient when you’re trying to make a point by not using facts. It’s a lot easier too when you don’t use facts. A lot of general stuff works too. Like “crotch” references and “bowing” stuff. Or, “mission accomplished.”

Oops…sorry. I forgot. The line to the presidency went, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, then, no one for 8 years, then Obama.

And, as we all know, EVERYTHING is Obama’s fault. Trust me….this is fact!

I got it straight from Twitter and Facebook from some guy Herman who lives in El Paso, Texas, runs a chicken farm, and spends a lot of time absorbing “facts.”

The kid is right. We all know that EVERYTHING on social media posted by ANYONE is much more reliable than some old stinkin’ newspaper that may or may not have actual facts……..which just tend to cloud up the issues.

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