Megan Fox Is A Fox In A New Movie Entitled: “This Is 40” Movie. (another boob story)

Every man’s dream woman.

You all know what a shallow slug I am by now. Mention the word, “boobs” and I’m all over it. Um, the story about boobs, not boobs literally. Although that’s not a bad idea either.

So when I came across an ad for a new movie on the ever entertaining Internet entitled, “This Is 40,” which highlighted Meagan Fox and her boobs, well, naturally the “dirty old man” syndrome kicked in and I had to check it out. Lucky for you I did. Otherwise you might miss this new movie put out by Universal studios.

It’s about a woman who is having a servere case of anxiety over turning 40. Geez, 40! Wait till you get severe anxiety over turning 70 honey and you go to a wake and the funeral director, Digger O’Dell,  asks your age, you tell him your 70, and he says back to you, “Geez, hardly worth going home isn’t it.”

Debbie is played by Leslie Mann. (no relation to Superman, Spiderman, Plastic Man, Pac Man or any other man) As far as I know. Megan Fox plays Desi in the movie and in one scene she is shown in just her underwear which prompts her friend to go bonkers over her boobs and saying to her, “are those real?”

I personally watched the video (below) several times and I have come to the conclusion that, yes, they are real.  I only watched this several times so that all of you would not have to watch it several times yourselves.  Yes, I was happy to take one for all the guys. It’s the least I can do.

While it’s true that in real life “Godzilla” was much smaller, in real life, Megan Fox’s boobs appear to be much bigger.

Here’s the “Universal” movie trailer, which I am posting totally without their permission, which may upset them, but, if they think this through logically, which I’m assuming they might, before calling their law offices of “Stickittoemstein and Stickittoemstein,” they’ll realize I’m doing them a biggggg favor by promoting their movie, which will bring them big bucks at the box office, and possibly get me off the hook for posting the trailer.

The movie, by the way, is rated, “R.” Which stands for, “Really.” Which means when you go to see the movie you have to be “Really” taller than this line __________ to get into the movie. Kinda like the same thing they do at an amusement park when you want to ride on the roller coaster.

So why did this story, as well as some really good PR for Universal make the Internet? BOOBS!  Megan Fox’s Boobs!  WHY! Because, according to the article, even though Megan Fox’s role is small in the movie, her boobs are not.  Um, no, that’s not what it said on the Internet. Sorry….read it wrong.

What it said was that, “even though Megan Fox’s role is small, this could be the career boost she needs.” And we all know that if you “boost” your boobs in a movie it surely could “boost” not only your boobs, but your career as well. Just sayin’

Megan has been in other movies, but nothing that has really “boosted” her popularity. Like her role in “Transformers,” where she played Mikaela Barnes, and the TV show, “Hope and Faith.”  Most likely because in those roles the writers did not exploit the boob factor to “boost” her career. After all, she “IS” a “Fox.”

Megan Fox in a scene from “Transformers.” “Oh….puleeese Gawd, give me a freakin’ role where I can exploit my damn boobs!”

I’ve already cued the movie into my “Netflix” list so that when it becomes available I can see Megan’s boobs….um….er….I mean this funny movie in the comfort and privavy of my own home on HDTV.

I ain’t stoopid ya know.

Not gonna catch me pulling a Pee Wee Herman or a Fred Willard in a movie theater. Heh, heh.

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