Is Polygamy Like Origami? Um….maybe not.

This is origami:

This is not:

To prove to all of my blog readers that I have an open mind, which doesn’t mean there’s nothing between both ears but air, I’m going to touch on a controversial subject today. Polygamy. Which is not a game politicians play.

I decided to write about this due to a recent article in “Time Magazine” written by reporter Belinda Biscombe. No connection to “biscotti” cookies yet both very tasty. (I’m assuming Belinda is tasty in that she might be very attractive and because I had to find a way of tying the word “biscotti” in with her last name)  One of my many quirks when I write. Sorry.

According to the article, in an experiment conducted by University of British Columbia, teacher Joe Henrich, in his evolutionary-psychology class, seventy percent of the women in his class said that they’d be willing to consider  being a second wife.  Um….I failed to mention that as an example, Henrich gave two choices for the women in his class. to choose from with respect to being a second wife.

Example “A” would be a regular, middle-class individual while lover “B” would be an already married billionaire.  So which one did these women choose? Yep….the 70 percent who said they’d consider being a second wife chose being the billionaire’s second wife while those poor hard-working regular middle class slugs didn’t even register on the “Richter” scale.

By the way, only about 10 percent of the men interviewed in the class said they would consider it if the scenario were reversed. Which is hard to understand considering most of the women went for the billionaire. Unless……the guys thought the teacher was asking those guys if they’d marry the billionaire guy.

“Whaddya ya stoopid teach!  I ain’t marryin’ no guy for a billion bucks! Um, can we do this experiment all over again this time using a woman who has a billion bucks?”

Betcha the odds would change then. Like 100 percent of the men saying they’d marry a woman who had another husband.

A point made in this article by former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who’s usually out in left field somewhere, did have some valid points however. Santorum’s quote from the article: “If you think it’s OK for (men to marry) then you have to differentiate with me as to why it’s not OK for three.”  I’m assuming he means why isn’t it then OK for a guy to have three wives. And by the “men to marry” he means same-sex marriages.


Personally it’s not my bag.  Or suitcase, considering if you have three wives you need a lot of luggage.

WHY!  Because I have a enough on my hands trying to keep up with “honey do” lists and nagging as it is. Just think if I had to hear it from three or more women. I’d be in the freakin’ nuthouse.  I think a guy with three wives life expectancy would be drastically reduced as well.

“Yeah, but he died with a very bigggg smile on his face Elmer.”

But, considering the big flap over gays and same-sex marriages, Santorum does have, as I said, a somewhat valid point. On the one hand, (six if you have three wives) you can’t necessarily approve of same-sex marriage and then be against polygamy. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.  Although I don’t know if geese or ganders can have more than one mate.  I suppose it’s possible. Then again, who’s gonna complain?

Joe Darger is a prime example of polygamy.  he lives with his three wives in Herriman, Utah along with 18 of his 23 children. (another reason I wouldn’t have more than one wife…..laundry)  Herriman says, “You can’t talk about gay marriage and still criminalize us for who we love and how we organize our families.”  Possibly, organizing his family means, due to the number of kids, giving them each name tags. Can’t get them all mixed up if you do some good organization and supply each of them with name tags. Just sayin.’

Utah, of course, does not approve or recognize polygamy. BUT, there are no plans to prosecute anyone practicing polygamy, or any other kind of gamys, like origami, as long as each of the spouses were consenting adults. Although origami is best done while alone. The concentration factor.

So in my own worthless humble opinion, I have to go with my always on hand MisfitWisdom line of thinking. Which is, “DILLIGARA.” Because I always ask myself when it comes to controversial issues, such as same-sex marriages and polygamy, “This affects my daily life how?”

Yes, I realize that many of you are gasping at the thought of same-sex marriages, polygamy, origami, and whether aliens really do exist. Chill out!  There’s nothing you can do about any of those things.  Unless, you’re really out there and think that protesting of some sort is gonna change anything. Well it ain’t!

But, if you like protesting I guess it’s a good way to pass time.  Why waste time on living your own peaceful lives at home with the family when you can be out there protesting what you feel other people should not have the right to do……….because a bunch of other people, (talk show hosts namely) get ya all fired up about something that get’s them more listeners, sponsors, big bucks, publicity and huge ratings. Then they go home, sit back, and watch what they’ve accomplished.  Hate and dissention……as they sit in front of their TVs sipping their martinis and smoking pot.

The bottom line here folks is that we all should be concerned with our own everyday lives and not what the hell other people do with their lives if it doesn’t affect us. Why is that so hard to fathom?

My early days as an altar boy in the Catholic church and one reason I tend to write the stuff I do each day in this blog…….attention deficit disorder.

Me personally………….I’m more interested in more important things that affect my everyday life. Things like why I write this stupid stuff every day and no one ever donates. Why we wanna spend gazillions of dollars landing on Mars when half the time I can’t find a decent parking spot at a Wal-Mart.  Hmmm……maybe that’s the reason we’re exploring Mars….more parking spaces and Wal-Marts.

And finally, the biggest thing that affects my life, maybe yours too, that we all should be out there protesting instead of same-sex marriages and polygamy………….

Blind baseball umpires!

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