Clint Eastwood Comes Out For Romney. And this means….?

Um…g-g-g-eeze Mr. E-E-E-Eastwood…um…..can ya give me a clue as to the answer ya want. Don’t want ya shootin’ me cause I gave the wrong answer.

And this means that yet another celebrity jumps into the political arena and loses more of his fan base. Then again, when you’re 82 years old, why even give a rats ass about your fan base.

Look, it doesn’t matter to me who supports who.  BUT, that said, and I just did, if you’re a celebrity you kind of “tread” on dangerous B.F. Goodrich tires when you come out in support of ANY candidate. Why you ask? I’ll tell ya why. Because some of your fan base, the same fan base that made you a huge star in “Dirty Marvin” movies doesn’t necessarily support your choice of a candidate. That’s why Clint.

Sooooooo…..punk. Yeah, I support Mitt Romney. Got somethin’ to say about it….punk? And I know what yer thinkin’…punk. Yer thinkin’ why is it I can’t come up with a better word for a lowlife than “punk.”

Just like any celebrity that supports or endorses Obama “treads” on the same pair of tires.

So, you just alienated a bunch of your fans by taking a stand. Not that I’m saying that you shouldn’t be able to take a stand mind you, but that stand should be your own private choice because……because…’re a celebrity.

Look Clint….um, can I call ya Clint?  Ok, Ok,…Mr. Eastwood. Geez.

If I see an ad on TV for a product and a celebrity is endorsing that product do ya actually think I’m gonna run outside, jump in my truck, run to the store and buy that product because my favorite celebrity says I should buy it? The answer to that is…NO!

WHY!  Because I actually have what is commonly referred to as a ….BRAIN!  I tend to make my own choices based on what I think is best for me. What I like. What I enjoy buying. And, not because some celebrity tells me I should buy it….or endorses it.

Besides, what the hell does a celebrity know about more than I do…..punk. Yeah, do ya think I don’t know what things are best for me, do ya punk?  Do ya think I don’t have the capability of deciding which candidate I’m gonna vote for….do ya punk?  Do ya actually think that because ANY candidate gets an endorsement from a celebrity that it’s gonna make a difference to me? Do ya punk?  Well do ya?

Um….no…….punk. Doesn’t sway me one way or another. I base my final decision on whom I’m going to vote for based on cold hard facts and what a candidate will do to improve my otherwise miserable poverty-stricken life.

(I like using the word “punk” as you can tell)

Unless a particular candidate says he’s giving anyone who votes for him or her a thousand bucks. Then I can be swayed verrrrry easily. I’m kinda shallow.

But celebrity endorsements. Nah!

And… soon we forget this.

I still like Clint Eastwood movies, and will continue to enjoy watching anything that he produces. But, I’m sure others will be offended by his endorsement of Romney based on their own political affiliations. Their choice. I’m just as sure that if a celebrity like Mickey Mouse, Tom Selleck, Charlie Sheen, Lady Ga Ga or Michelle Obama came out and endorsed Obama, it would have the same effect. Ya can’t please everybody….punk.

Um….wait a sec……I might rethink that if Michelle endorsed Romney.

So all in all it might be best to just take celebrity endorsements, for either candidate, with a grain of salt. Or, a good swig of Jack Daniels. In the long run your favorite celebrity endorsing a candidate that you do not support pours salt in an open political wound. BUT, a few swigs of some really good Jack Daniels and you won’t give a rats ass.

So Clint…..Oh sorry….Mr. Eastwood, with regard to your comment about why you support Mitt Romney, “I think the country needs a boost.”  You’re absolutely correct.

However, that “boost” is “job creation,” which neither of the candidates can actually accomplish. (I thought I’d claim “job creation” as the boost because that seems to be the “flag waving” political football this election.)  Kinda like Dr. Frankenstein yelling out after his own creation….”It’s alive I tell you….it’s alive!”

Show me a company or politician that’s creating jobs and I’ll show you some verrrrrry happy workers making .50 cents an hour in China thanks to those “job creators.”

(sniff) Ya can’t get any more patriotic than wearing an official MLB Boston Red Sox baseball cap. The all American baseball cap. Makes me proud to be an American and supportive of those job creators making this cap.

Hey….how American is THIS! Genuine MLB merchandise. Thanks job creators.

YES! NIKE and MLB working together to create American jobs. Kinda like mom, Chevrolet, apple pie and baseball. All American. YES!

Ah yes…..the ol job creating in Vietnam. Sooooo that’s where they mean they’re gonna create jobs. Thanks NIKE and MLB.

Do ya get my point? Well do ya punk?

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