Women Topless In New York. Which Is Legal….Unlike 16 Oz Super Drinks.

Early ancestor of N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg when the topless law was first enacted.

OK. First of all you all know that Mayor Bloomberg has banned the sale of 16 oz soda drinks in New York City.  Which, I guess is considered a major crime if you so much as attempt to guzzle one down in front of anyone and could land you a fine along with the establishment that sold it to you. At the least.


“OK sir….back away from that 16oz Coke and place your straw on the counter! AND….don’t attempt to make any fast moves with that hot dog!”

Which is why New York City has so many SWAT teams in the first place.

BUT!  Did ya know that going topless, if you’re a woman, is actually legal! Yep. You can stroll around anywhere in the Big Apple, and watch “big big boobs” as long as you’re not  drinking a 16 oz Coke of other soft drink. Honest!

Oh yeah….and smoking….which is also banned in many places.  Unless you’re smoking naturally from observing some woman strolling around topless. You know how hot guys get seeing a topless woman.  The heat builds up in their bodies and they begin to naturally emit smoke.

Pinocchio, unable to control his emotions after seeing a topless women in New York, sheepishly attempts to explain to Jiminy Cricket that his nose also reacts to a smokin’ hot naked woman.

Sooooo. ya think I’m pulling your leg, or other body part here with this story. Nope…..this is straight from the wonderful Internet along with a video. (below)

(WARNING) The video below contains actual partial nudity, which means that in deference to entire nudity, there is only some nudity, which may upset certain individuals who have never seen anyone nude or have no idea what women’s breasts are. As we all know, certain off-color words will make you go blind, gnarl your hands, and send you directly to Hell. Soooooo, if you watch this video, which displays a pair, (two) of actual women’s breasts, you may  wind up in Hell anyhow. MisfitWisdom takes no responsibility if you should choose to watch this video, wind up in Hell, or go blind and have your hands gnarl up.

(pay close attention to what all the men interviewed say and then what the woman from Kentucky says at the end of the interview as to what she’d do to her husband if he were to see this woman’s boobs)

So, now that you’ve watched the video, if you’re not blind, and you’re able to still use your computer keyboard because your hands are not gnarly, you can continue to finish reading this blog.

Now, I personally tend to agree with 29 year-old Moria Johnston, a topless exotic dancer from Philadelphia who says that it’s her legal right to take off her shirt in public. Which she does quite frequently in New York’s East Village. And she’s right. A 1992 law says that women in New York have the right to go topless. They just can’t smoke or drink 16 oz drinks. Which is understandable because no one, including Mayor Bloomberg, wants to see a topless fat woman who’s smoking and overdosed on 16 oz drinks going topless.

Moria says that, “I want women to know their rights and to give them the courage to go topless too.” Right on Moria!

Are there any guys out there, with a brain, that would actually object to women going topless in New York City? With the exception of Rick Santorum and a few others?  (any men who object to women going topless in New York City please leave your name in the comments section of today’s blog for equal time)

Then have your pulse checked to see if you’re still alive.

Moria was arrested once for going topless but was later released when she pointed out that the law specifically states that women can go topless. (yes, I know there’s a boob joke in here using the word “points” but I’m not gonna go there……yet)


Moria also, “points” out (sorry) that she’s fighting for equality when she’s going topless. After all, men can go topless whenever they want to. So why not women too? Good “points” (sorry) Moria.

So perhaps a new trend will sweep the nation with New York City being the launching point, or points. Moria obviously is pointing all of us in the right direction by making her point, or points.  Which is pointedly obvious.

Other than cars crashing into trees, countless men walking into trees and old ladies gasping, I see no reason for all the fuss. Unless old ladies start going around topless.

Then there might be the barf factor.

Which would ultimately mean that the Mayor would have to hire a lot more park custodians to clean up things. Which would mean a higher city payroll. Which would mean the city going into a serious deficit. Which would mean the Mayor would have no choice other than to repeal that “topless’ law.

Which would mean that if you really like seeing a hot woman go topless in the East Village section of New York City, ya better beat feet there quickly.

Just leave your cigarettes and 16oz drinks in the car.

(DONATE) The completely topless MisfitWidom PayPal donate your life savings link to the cause is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) it’s only because I didn’t want to get nailed for going topless too. I’m in Connecticut and I think you can’t go topless here. At least women can’t. I actually can, but, being somewhat over the hill, I do not want to be responsible for anyone barfing and then have the town charge me for cleanup. So, do me a favor, just copy and paste the link into your browser and go to PayPal, donate,  and then head to New York city.

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