What’s All This Fuss About Chickens?

I was so busy reading important news stories like Bristol Palin returning to “Dancing With The Idiots” and people getting all bent outta shape because some major networks were showing the Olympic winners before it was actually televised here in th U.S. on TV, that I completely missed all the fuss about chickens.

YES! Chickens! All of a sudden chickens have become the hot news story this past week and here I was scarfing down a hamburger. What the hell was I thinking!

I’m talking about the recent news story about “Chick-fil-A,” which, as we all know, is a restaurant that serves chicken but is owned buy a few guys that obviously don’t know how to spell “chicken filet.”  AND, when someone pointed out to them that they misspelled the word filet, they got all ticked off and banned certain people from being served at their restaurants.

Unfortunately, it may have been a gay married couple out for a tasty chicken dinner who pointed out the misspelled word to management. Who, in turn, not wanting to appear stupid, threw the couple out, and in retaliation, now refuses to serve any gay married couples or even cater to any gay couple who may want to have chicken served at their receptions.

This is not only unfair to gay couples or any gay couples wanting to get married, but is also extremely unfair to chickens, who, as we all know, have never discriminated against anyone. Chickens are really very open-minded.  Many of them have cried, “fowl” with regard to the ban on serving gay couples at “Chick-fil A.”

I’m not really sure “Chick-fil-A” is banning gay couples from entering their restaurants, but I do know they do not support gay marriage.  Sad marriages maybe, but not gay ones. (sorry)

Just how do ya tell if a couple entering a “Chick-fil-A” restaurant is gay or not? Is there like a “Chick-fil-A” gay detector or something? OR…..are they erecting giant cutouts of Ricky Sanctimonious and putting them outside of each restaurant to scare off any gay couples approaching the entrance.

YES! Ricky Sanctimonious along with Gov. Mike Huckabee have joined forces in support of “Chick-fil-A’s” opposition to gay marriage.

(Santorum’s comments on “Twitter”)

(Huffington Post) “Former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum, along with Gov. Mike Huckabee, took to social media on Wednesday to announce his support for fast food chain Chick-fil-A in the wake of backlash prompted by its CEO’s recent comments against gay marriage.”

“In a series of tweets, Santorum touted the “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” initiative launched by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) earlier this week. He then raved about the restaurant’s food:”

(Twitter post) I’m joining @GovMikeHuckabee to support @ChickFilA Aug 1. Stand with us! RSVP now:    ht.ly/cugl1 #chickfila Pls RTn

“Marvin!  OMG….we can’t go in that “Chick-fil-A” restaurant!”

“Um, why not Harry?”

“Check your tourist guide….quick….seeee, right there on page three. That photo of Rick Sanctimonious in the guide says that if we see that giant cutout of him we should avoid all those restaurants.”

“WHAT! Sanctimonious doesn’t like chickens?”

“No, No, No, Marvin.  Sanctimonious loves chickens. It’s gays and gay marriage he hates.”

“I don’t get it Harry. Isn’t Ricky from Pennsylvania, the state where freedom rang out. You know, the “Liberty Bell,” Ben Franklin the “Declaration of Independence,” Hershey Chocolate,” scrapple and Peeps? All that all American stuff.”

“YES! You’re absolutely right, but, being gay and approving of gay marriages or serving anyone in a “Chick-fil-A” all American chicken restaurant that happens to be gay doesn’t necessarily stand for all that America stands for, which is standing up for the rights of everyone while you’re standing on top of a gay couple that you just shoved outta the way because they wanted to eat some chicken.”

“I think I’m confused Harry.”

“Um…me too. Screw it…let’s go to “Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

At this point, no one knows for sure about how “Chick-fil-A” feels about mixed relationships between chickens and eggs.

My theory is this folks. If ya run a business I would think your main goal would be to, and I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, “MAKE MONEY!” So, with that in mind, why would you give a biggggggggggggggggg rats ass about who does what to whom in their personal lives, because, once again, YOU RUN A BUSINESS AND WANT TO MAKE MONEY!!!!

Um, isn’t everybody’s money the same?

Sure, no one says you have to approve of gays or gay marriage, that’s you’re option. BUT, are gays or gay marriages going to go away?  NO!  Do you, as I said, have to approve of them? NO!  Sooooooooo, what does taking a stand on something that’s not going to go away accomplish other than pissing off both sides who have differing opinions on this issue?

Doesn’t affect me. My life stays the same. The chickens lives stay the same. Except for the ones who unfortunately wind up on someones plates. “Chick-fil-A” gains some support from those anti-gay activists and the political celebrities who chime in….because….it’s the “American Flag Waving” thing to do.

And the chickens. They’re caught in the middle of all this. Yes, chickens, who every day of the week give their lives so that we can enjoy fried eggs, chicken legs, thighs, and breasts and really don’t care who eats them. These poor chickens who always avoid controversy are now caught up in the middle of this all this “Chick-fil-A” chickens**t blowin’ in the wind stuff. Colonel Sanders where are ya when we need ya?

In conclusion, thank Gawd, because I’m suddenly craving for some fried eggs and bacon. It’s MisfitWisdom’s opinion that any business who takes a stand on a controversial issue, such as gay marriage, is cutting off their nose, or beak, to spite their face. Regardless of how anyone may feel personally on any given controversial subject, there’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion. BUT, that said, expect to suffer the consequences if you own a business, are a celebrity or a politician, and take an unpopular stand.

Unless, you really don’t give a rats ass. In this instance, with regard to “Chick-fil-A,” a chickens ass, about what anyone thinks.

Which is why America is becoming more and more of a divided nation.

Except for chickens. You can pretty much count on chickens to never stir up any controversy.

Other than what came first the chicken or the egg. Or why did the chicken cross the road.

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