I Want To Be A Millionaire Just So I Can Be Frugal. Yeah Right!

One of the most frugal millionaires, Scrooge McDuck only eats “Ritz” quackers for meals.

Don’t ya just love the word, “frugal.” Sounds like it should be some sort of tasty dessert.

“Sir, would you care for dessert after your meal?”

“Um, yeah, I think I’ll have the Frugal with some chocolate ice cream and some tiny mitsos spread on top along with a dash of t-boone pickens jimmies and some buffett croutons.”

“Buffett croutons sir?  But buffett croutons are usually used in salads.”

“Oh yeah, I know, but I had some left over from my dinner and I wanna be frugal by substituting the croutons for those crushed walnuts that come with the desert.”

For the observant individual, you may have spotted vague references to “T Bone….um, sorry, that’s T Boone Pickens, (no relation to “Slim Pickens”) Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett, (no relation to Jimmy Buffett) nor does he, as rich as he is, own any restaurants or bars named Margaritaville.

That’s because this story deals with how some rich people, even though they are rolling in dough, still are frugal in their spending habits. Why buy a box of “Splenda” when you can simply go to a few “Dunkin Donuts” and stuff your pockets with a gazillion packets. Waste not, want not….my motto.

Then again, the only reason I’m frugal is that I’m freakin broke!

So just how frugal are some of these millionaires.  Glad you asked, cause I have that information for you courtesy of the web site, “Financially Fit” in an article entitled, “Frugal Habits of the Super Rich,” which is a web site that I assume is for financially fit people who exercise with their money.

So, let’s take a look at some of these frugal financially fit people.

David Cheriton (61) a “Sanford University” professor who practices being frugal by saving some of his meals for the next day and also drives a 1986 Volkswagen. Poor guy has to be frugal because he’s only worth $1.3 billion dollars. And you know how fast you can go through $1.3 billion dollars if you don’t save your meals for the next day and drive something more un-frugal like my 1999 Dodge Ram pickup……totally un-frugal.

I’m almost wondering if he recycles his doggie bags. Again, waste not, want not.

Then there’s actress Hillary Swank, (37) who’s worth has been estimated to be $40 billion dollars. So, what does Hillary do to save a few bucks? She clips coupons like most of us cost saving shoppers do. Maybe coupons for $1,000 off a new mink coat, or $50,000 dollars off of a new Corvette or Lexus. Hey……don’t knock it!  Those coupons really save you a few bucks ya know. Just last week I saved twenty cents at the grocery store on a bag of frozen broccoli, which I hate, but didn’t want to waste the coupon. Is that frugal or what!

T. Boone Pickens, (84) the businessman who is worth $1.4 billion dollars only buys clothes once every five years.  Which is why he’s a billionaire. The one drawback. After wearing those same clothes continually for over five years, no one wants to wait on the poor guy when he goes into a clothing store smelling like the high heavens. Someone should tell that guy he can really get some great frugal deals at a Salvation Army or Goodwill store.

Then there’s First Lady Michelle Obama, (48) who’s worth somewhere around $2.6 to $8.3 million dollars.  And this is only because of her frugal habits of growing her own vegetables in the White House garden and the weekly allowance of $500,000 she gets from her husband the President for being so frugal by growing those vegetables and, doing all the family’s shopping at “Target” stores.  Yep, she does all of her shopping at a local “Target” store. Which, as we all know, is just across the street from the White House.

Warren Buffett, (81) who is the founder of “Berkshire Hathaway” (not located in the Massachusetts Berkshires) is worth $44 billion dollars and has no desire to move to the Massachusetts Berkshires because he’s lived in the same house for 54 years. Which is a very good thing, considering his age. Why move now that you have $44 billion dollars and have to start remembering where the hell you live all over again. The next thing you know you’re wandering some strange highway in your bathrobe in the dead of night after taking a walk, getting disoriented and then trying to find your new house by handing out $100 dollar bills to anyone who can help you get back home.

Bethenny Frankel, (41) who is the creator of the “Skinny Girl” cocktail brand and worth $100,000 million dollars, never, ever, pays retail prices for clothing or shoes and does most of her bargain hunting on eBay. This might not be due to being frugal however. It could very well be due to drinking too many “Skinny Girl” cocktails. I base this on the fact that if I myself were 41 and had $100,000 million dollars I’d say, screw bidding for things on eBay. Why take the chance some idiot would out bid me. (you all know how easy it is to get out bid when ya only have $100,000 million dollars to play with)

Finally, and I saved this one for last. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, (65) who made most of his fortune while head of Bain Capital, is worth a mere $190 to $250 million dollars. Kinda paltry considering some of those other people mentioned are worth billions and Mitt is only worth millions. Hmmm, maybe that’s one of the reasons he’s running for President.  So he can get his hands on Michelle’s vegetables and be in close proximity to that Target store thereby saving money and boosting his income into the billions. Ya think?

Mitt is frugal by only flying on “Jet Blue” airlines, which offers very cheap air fares and has accommodations for strapping his dog to the top of the airplane thereby saving the cost of an extra seat in first class or luxury storage in the luggage compartment. He also practices frugality by purchasing all of his golf  equipment at “K-Mart” stores. Which may also include his own personal monogrammed balls. (ouch) Which I’m sure he has done in the frugal section of “K Marts” tattoo department.

Recent photo of the Romney’s on vacation

So folks, that’s it. Frugal habits of the rich.

One can only hope that someday we all can be that rich and frugal.

Me….I’m already practicing frugality and have been for a long time. I reuse all of my drinking straws. (come really clean in the dishwasher) Use only one square of toilet tissue  when going to the bathroom. (might not wanna get too close to me on a hot day) I do use “Splenda” but I ration it out only using 2 grams per serving. (there are 45 grams per packet if you count them using a very powerful magnifying glass. (which I don’t have but substitute looking through the bottom of drinking glass) And my most frugal way of saving money……I drive my truck halfway to Wal-Mart, park it alongside of the road, run the rest of the way, do my shopping, and then run back to my truck. Is that frugal or WHAT!

Saves me big bucks on gasoline and, I might add, I’m verrrry thin.


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