Writing Is A Thankless Job. Which is Why I Thanked Myself Today.

(This blog post was published on July 25, 2012. Since it’s publication I have received (  0   ) donations. Will update each day) 7/26/12

Yep….I actually patted myself on the ol back today, mostly because I had a nagging itch, but also because I’ve reached 900 blogs in just about 3 years of writing this stuff.

However, that said, which I just did, I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on writing. So I reflected, and said to myself, “WTF am I writing this stuff for anyhow?” Yes, it’s true that in 3 years of writing this idiotic stuff my brain has way too much nonsensical stuff stored in it. Great for conversation starters at parties, but, um, I never go to any parties.

Then there’s the various countries that “WordPress” provides me a list with each day of countries that click on to my blogs. Places like Romania, Taiwan, Italy, Turkey, Poland, the Russian Federation, (only because they think I’m a spy) and Namibia, to name a few. I personally think the only person clicking on my blog in Namibia is Nyambi Nyambi from the “Mike and Molly” TV show. Do they actually have computers in Namibia?

Nyambi Nyambi supports MisfitWisdom

In a few short months I will have reached the 1,000th blog post milestone. Which is a stone you usually find after walking a mile, taking a break, and noticing an unusual stone on the ground. Hence the term, “milestone.”

All that said, which I just did again, I’d like to add that throughout all of these blogs I have listed my PayPal donation link, which, with the exception of one lonely soul, no one has ever used to make a donation. It’s kind of frustrating considering I have opted to keep my blogs free from advertising. There’s enough ads shoved down our throats each and every day. I don’t think you need anymore in a damn blog.

However, I’m always asked by various people as to why I write all of this highly influential stuff with no compensation.  My response, “I have no f**king clue,” other than stupidity of course. Which tends to run in my family line.

As an example, I once had an alcoholic uncle who spotted a billboard that said, “Drink Canada Dry,” so he drove up there to try it.

As far as I’m concerned, three years of blog writing with only one single donation is kinda disheartening. Especially considering that !&^%$$#!#@! guy posting photos of cloud formations on his site gets all kinds of donations. Which, again, leads me to say to myself, “WTF!”

So, why do I ask for donations?  Obviously to support my drug habit.  Um, no, that’s not it. I used to get my drugs (legal) from the VA for zippo, (not the cigarette lighter) but now that I’m in the 1% Mitt Romney category they’ve decided to charge me. Something about them needing more money for more aid to Pakistan. Which I’m very glad to contribute to, considering I’ve always liked giving money to worthy causes like alimony, speeding tickets, and those religious people who come knocking on my door telling me that if I don’t make a donation I’m going to hell.

Hmmm……maybe that’s a tact I need to take with all of you. NAH!  Most likely I have a bunch of atheists reading my blog.

Getting back to why I humbly ask for donations.  Because, as in the old practice of leaving a tip for a waitress or anyone else who does a really great job, IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!  At least for creative effort and to give me more and more of an incentive to write all of this important stuff each and every day.  HEY!  It’s not easy being insane and being able to write intelligent stuff too ya know!

Actually, donations help me to keep this old ancient computer in fine working order. It provides me with the funds to purchase printer ink and paper instead of writing all my research down on toilet paper when I research the Internet for stories. AND….keeps me supplied with “Oreos” and coffee, which is the lifeline for anyone who writes. That and a good supply of ear plugs so that when my other half bugs me while I’m writing I just nod as if I’m listening and she eventually goes away.

For example. If I were to receive a measly $5 bucks from every single country, (or Rubles from Russia) I’d be content.  Of course if I did receive any Rubles from anyone in Russia I’d most likely be investigated by the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security.

(NOTE) Anyone from a foreign country wishing to make a donation, if you’re on Homeland Security’s  suspicious country list, might wanna launder your donation money to appear that it’s coming from a friendlier country. Like Arizona.

So, all in all, today’s blog was just another feeble attempt to shame all of you into donating. If I’ve failed once again, I most likely will either shoot myself or feign to shoot myself in an attempt to gain some sympathy. Or, simply give up totally and retire this blog at 1,000 posts which will come sometime in October.

My apologies for not giving you something really good and meaty to read, but, I felt compelled to write this one today. Sometimes you just have to lower your standards and beg.  Not having much class, begging seems to work for me. I might have been a dog in my last life and did a lot of begging.

In my next life I plan on coming back as a reincarnation of Lassie. I’ll still be able to do my begging, but I’ll have my own TV show, lots of money rolling in, and free dog treats.

Oh yeah, and my own reality show. “Lassie….The Good Life.”

(DONATE)  The MisfitWisdom PayPal begging for donations link is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) copy and paste the link into your browser to get to the PayPal site. IOU’s are acceptable but if you don’t honor them I will personally hunt you down even if it means I have to fly to Namibia to hunt you down. Providing I get enough donations to actually afford the air fare to Namibia and they actually have an airport.


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