HAH! Those “Direct TV” Commercials Were Right!

(Excerpt from a news story on the Internet yesterday)

Hair growth pills turns man into a woman

“A man who took pills to help cure his baldness has claimed they turned him into a woman.

While William McKee’s hair failed to grow back the father of one said he developed breasts and his hips began to widen.

Months after he sensed his shape was changing he became a cross dresser and went by the name of Mandi as he wore woman’s clothes.”

William McKee. Um…..WAIT! Mandi McKee. Yep, “Mandi” not “William” AFTER taking the medication “Propecia” which is supposed to cure baldness. (I don’t think William read the small print, “If you grow boobs, quit taking this stuff”)

I actually read the above story and said to myself. HAH! I sense a new “Direct TV” commercial here. I’m sure you’ve all seen those “Direct TV” commercials that are sort of mini stories about people, (if they had “Direct TV”)  they would not have had the bad luck that they are having while you’re watching them have bad luck during those “Direct TV”commercials.

Like that poor slob who’s sitting in his living room lamenting about the cost of his cable bill and has no control over things. Next scene he’s walking down the street, sees a sign for Karate classes, takes the class, gets all worked up over his new-found Karate power, dons a black outfit and runs along roof tops, and eventually falls through a skylight. The moral…..according to the announcer in the commercial, “Don’t fall through a roof being a super hero…..get “Direct TV.”  Or something to that effect.

(I also like the “Direct TV” commercial showing a guy who’s bored, sees two hit men stuff a body into the trunk of a car, has to go into hiding with a new identity, fakes his death, and attends his own funeral. Which is why I never look out my windows at night)

So, when I read the story about this guy who took pills to cure his baldness and eventually wound up being a woman, I immediately thought of “Direct TV” and their commercials.  “WOW!”  I said to myself. “What a great idea for a new “Direct TV” commercial.

(new commercial)

“William McKee took pills to cure his baldness. When you take pills to cure your baldness you begin to develop breasts and your hips widen. When your hips widen and you begin to develop breasts you change your name from William to Mandi. When you change your name from William to Mandi you start hanging out with other women who took the same medication for baldness as you did and all of you cry at the drop of a hat.

Don’t cry at the drop of a hat. Get “Direct TV.”

I’m not saying that Mr. McKee, or um, Ms. McKee, (presently) would not have grown breasts and curvy hips if he/she had subscribed to “Direct TV” but the evidence is compelling that if you watch “Direct TV” you don’t have time to worry about going bald, therefore, you would not be taking that “Propeica” drug to grow hair, and wouldn’t wind up with breasts and curvy hips hanging out with women who used to be men, and now are women, and cry at the drop of a hat. Just sayin’.

Mandi with some friends. Is it me, or does Mandi (formally William) look better than those other two women? UNLESS……Nah…..what are the odds of them taking the same medication for baldness.

So let this be a lesson to you folks. ALWAYS read the small print on any prescription you are taking, be it for baldness or whatever. Or just subscribe to “Direct TV” and don’t worry about a thing.

Those of you men who are taking prescription “Viagra” or “Cialias” and are also on “Propecia” and are experiencing breast and hip development and have a sudden desire to dress up in women’s clothing, um….ya might wanna wait till the effects of the erectile dysfunction medication wears off. Four hours would be a safe bet.

If you’re still showing visible signs of the “Viagra” and “Cialis” through your dress after four hours, consult your physician.

OR…..just stay home for a few more hours and enjoy your “Direct TV.”

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