Michelle Jenneke’s OMG! Hot Panting Exercise Video……..OMG!!!

M-M-M-Michelle J-J-J-Jenneke……is it hot in here or is it me?

I know, I’m getting all worked up over an athlete doing warm ups before a race. How shallow of me.

OH YEAH!  Then why is this video being uploaded on the Internet a gazillion times. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but damn close considering that of this writing it already had over 650,000 hits. 650,001 if ya count me as one of the people who uploaded it. Um, maybe 650,006 if you count the number of times I played it over and over……..being the shallow person that I am.

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, (19) was participating in the 2012 IAAF World Championship 100 meter run in Barcelona, Spain this past weekend when cameras caught her doing her pre-race warmup.

OK….stop salavating over the thought of seeing this video. Here it is:

OK…..now that you’ve seen it whaddya think?  Was this description by the sports blog Bleacher Report: “With Leather,” correct when they said it was a, “overt celebration of Jenneke and her dancing and running presented in gratuitous slow motion and with an annoying song over it.”

OR.  Do ya think they should have said it was an “overt celebration of Jenneke and her dancing that drove all of us guys here at the “Bleacher Report” absolutely bonkers, made us all horny and we thought we’d share it with the world, and a bunch of other sports minded guys who love to see women athletes jumping around in skimpy sports clothing so that they can get all worked up too.  Except for that annoying background music.”

That might have been more like it.

Ya gotta admit that she does look really sexy during that workout. Who would have thought that running a 100 meter hurdle race would generate so much interest. Um…..actually its not the 100 meter hurdle race that’s generating so much interest, its Jenneke dancing.

How long did it take you to figure that one out?

Now, as for the music played in the background, well, that leaves a lot to be desired. But, I’m sure no one, other than the “Bleacher Report” is going to complain about it because obviously no one is going to give a rats ass about the music while watching Jenneke.

“Music…..what music?”

However, I thought the perfect song for her would have been the following:

Hmmmm. Or perhaps this one:

Anyhow, you get the point folks. Regardless of the song that Jenneke dances to when doing her workouts she’s still gonna be totally hot. Hey sports blog “With Leather”……..what part of all us male slugs don’t care about the music she’s dancing to do you not get?

UNLESS……..it was a woman who wrote that critique in that blog. OR…..someone who’s into classical music.  OR…..Rush Limburger. We all know HE has absolutely no sense of humor and has a problem with women.

Um…..sorry folks. Have to go. Need to take another look at that video of Michelle. Which means that the hits on viewing that video will now be 650,007.

I just can’t help myself………

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2 Responses to Michelle Jenneke’s OMG! Hot Panting Exercise Video……..OMG!!!

  1. Rohan says:

    Do you which song was playing in the background when she started her warm-up ? The song which was playing before the Michael Jackson’s song came up ?

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