Lady Ga Ga Wants Us To Go Ga Ga Over Her New Perfume…or body pics.

Never one to be shy, Lady Ga Ga has now once again made the news with her advertisement for her new perfume, “Fame.”  It’s not the perfume that’s controversial, but the photo ad for the perfume. (below)

As you can see, Lady or Ga Ga, whatever you want to call her, is completely nude except for tiny little men crawling all over her body in strategically placed portions of her body. Looks like tiny spiders or bugs at first glance.  But nope….it’s tiny little men from the tiny Island of Tinamania located somewhere so tiny you can’t find it on any map.

Nudity of course sells.  Which is why “Playboy Magazine” and a host of other mens magazines are very popular. Which is another reason I always jump on any story that features nudity. The only exception being if Newt Gingrich posed nude in ANY magazine.

Her perfume will range from $30 to $70 depending on just how much money you want to spend dabbing perfume all over your body. Or hiring those tiny little guys to do the same crawling thing over your own body.

But nudity is nothing new for celebrities.  Here are a few examples of other celebrities who woke up  one morning and said, “Screw it, I hate my wardrobe so I’m going out nude.”

One of the first celebrities to use full body nudity on a magazine cover using body paint was Demi Moore in 1992. Kinda makes ya want to get back into finger painting. Which of course was the one and only reason they taught finger painting back in kindergarten.

Completely nude Demi Moore. A finger painters dream come true.

Apparently being pregnant and nude on a magazine cover isn’t as bad as being un- pregnant on a magazine cover. I guess it’s the “Awwww….look, she’s pregnant, isn’t that sweet” factor. Rather than, “Geez, look at that damn bimbo nude on a magazine cover.” I think the rule here is that you can diss a female nude celebrity for being nude on a magazine cover if she’s not pregnant. BUT….if she’s pregnant……you’d actually be dissing “two” people, which is not fair game. My theory anyhow. As Jessica Simpson (below) points out.

This technically does not count as being nude, as body parts such as legs and arms can legally be considered clothing.

Then there’s the strategically placed arms and legs nude covers. Which basically means that if you strategically place your arms and legs and cover certain body parts you can actually say you weren’t really nude because you were wearing arms and legs as clothing.

Another example of the thin line between nudity and arms and legs nudity: Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston employing the arms, legs and “Levis” tactic.

Then there’s just plain nudity as Eva Mendes points out below:

And…..cartoon nudity, which really shouldn’t be considered nudity because how often have any of you encountered a cartoon character walking down the street nude. OR….have actually had an intimate relationship with a cartoon character.  (stuffed animal cartoon characters do not count)

Marge Simpson in a recent Playboy Magazine pictorial.

Finally, the more subtle approach to nudity as displayed by my favorite hot babe, Miss Piggy.  (I have since sworn off BLT’s)

Miss Piggy with a Janet Jackson mishap.

As long as we’re talking about nudity, let’s not forget the men. (this is just for the women in the audience)

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown with a strategically placed hand and center fold crease covering his body part. (” Um, could someone help me remove this staple from my groin?”)

And finally, a doctored photo of yours truly Misfit from “Face In the Hole” as I would like to appear in a magazine. Most likely my only options at this stage in my life would be either “AARP Magazine” or the fossil edition of “National Geographic Magazine.”

If I’ve excited any seniors out there with this photo of myself, I deeply apologize. NOTE: Editors from AARP or National Geographic Magazine please feel free to contact me.

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