Rock and Roll As I Remember It. OR” “A-Wop-Boma-Lou-Mop-A Wop-Bam-Boom”

Yes, classic lyrics from Little Richard’s, “Tutti Frutti.” Words to forever live by.

(NOTE) I have a specific complaint here with regard to “Tutti Frutti.” Supposedly Tutti Frutti ice cream was quite popular back in the late 40’s. I’m not sure of its sales figures today. Or if they still make it. BUT….I was promised Tutti Frutti ice cream if I consented to having my tonsils removed as a mere innocent child. Stupidly, I agreed, but never got the freakin’ ice cream. Can I sue my parents on that one?

Anyhow, ice cream aside, I did something this weekend that I very rarely do. Listen to FM rock radio. I sadly did not recognize anything that resembled music nor could I comprehend any of the lyrics to songs. Yes, I know what you’re thinking….Misfit, you’re a damn dinosaur. OK….OK….so I’m a dinosaur. BUT….I “DO” have an actual iPod if ya wanna cut me some slack here. With dinosaur songs downloaded on it.

But when it came to early rock and roll music, I was not one of the ones to swoon over mainstream music like the “Beatles” or “Elvis Presley.” I went for groups like “Buddy Holly and the Crickets,” “Dion and the Belmonts,” “Chuck Berry,” to name a few, and a lot of one hit wonders. I was especially into comedy stuff like “Stan Freberg,” “Spike Jones,” “Buchanan and Goodman,” “Larry Storch,” and “Lawrence Welk.”  Um….strike that last one. Welk didn’t do any comedy, but as a teenager watching Welk, (not my choice) it sure as hell resembled comedy to me. “Wun’erful Wun’erful.”

(Freberg’s take on Lawrence Welk below)

Offbeat stuff was my thing, although I spent most of my paper route money on current releases Like “Dion,” “Berry,” and an occasional “Presley” 45. My old pal, “Willie Loco Alexander,” who is still performing and recording, once cut a song entitled, “Me and Dickie V” which recounts our childhood years. (check him out on Facebook) He was into R&B, (rhythm and blues) and probably knows every single R&B song ever recorded.

(you won’t find that cut anywhere on “YouTube” as I suspect the song bombed and Willie destroyed all the original masters out of embarrassment.)

Wilie Loco Alexander’s album entitled: “The Dragons Are Still Out” which has the “Me and Dick V” song on it.

That said, I thought I’d take this quite Sunday to reflect on some of my weird musical tastes and pass a few on to you.  “YouTube” permitting. (sometimes they get freaked out if you share more than four songs at a time) “Sharing Song Phobia” I guess.

Linda Laurie had a song, if you call it that, entitled, “Ambrose.”  It was really stupid but allowed any disc jockey playing the record to also insert his own responses to Linda’s dialogue. “But Ambrose…….!” “Just keep walkin’.”

To me, when it comes to the label of, “Do Wop” songs “Dion and the Belmonts” “I Wonder Why” has got to be a classic.  AND….being Italian, I love the “wops” in the song. No, not real live slangy references to Italians, but just plain old “wops.”

The Rodeo song (X-Rated) because you could never play it on the radio, is another one of my favorites. Ironically, you can actually dance to this song. (if there are any little kiddies lingering behind you at your computer you might wanna ask them to leave the room lest they hear the words in this song that will corrupt their minds and make them go blind)

Then there’s what I consider, for whatever that’s worth, the ultimate driving song. Not because it’s uptempo such as “Little GTO” by “Ronny and the Daytonas” or “Fun Fun Fun” by “The Beach Boys,” but because…um….well, just because I said so. “Driver’s Seat” by “Sniff and the Tears.”

I can’t leave out all of the tragic death car crash body parts strewn all over the place songs that tugged at our heartstrings which involved puppy love, lost loves, motorcycles, jumping off of bridges, and a bunch of other tear jerking soap opera type songs. Such as the “Shangri-las,” “Leader of the Pack” followed by “The Detergents” “Leader of the Laundromat,” followed by this one by “Jimmy Cross,” “I Want My Baby Back.”

Then, in conclusion, finally, the one song that dearly touches ol Misfit’s heartstrings. A song that typifies my years in the broadcasting industry as a disc jockey and brings tears to my eyes, (sniff) “Harry Chapin’s” “WOLD.” (honk….blowing nose)

Well, as Porky Pig would say, “That’s All Folks.” I simply can’t write anymore or bring up anymore old songs. My heartstrings have been plucked enough as it is. Hope you all enjoyed this trip down MisfitWisdom’s memory lane. Some of which I can’t even remember because most of what I remember of “memory lane” is being in the backseat of my car with Carol Ferdenstinker, unbuttoning her blouse and…um….er……..doing the “Twist”…..yeah that’s it…we were doing the “Twist” in tune with Chubby Checker.

If you believe that, then you believe in UFO’s. (Friday’s blog)

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1 Response to Rock and Roll As I Remember It. OR” “A-Wop-Boma-Lou-Mop-A Wop-Bam-Boom”

  1. Frederick Wrigley says:

    “Tutti Frutty” had to have its lyrics cleaned up; it was originally, “Tutti Frutty, tight booty.”

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