To “UFO” Or Not To Not “UFO.” THAT Is The Alien Question.

Do aliens exist?  Is there another planet out there, besides Arizona, that actually supports other kinds of life?  Besides Arizona. Did an alien spacecraft crash in the town of Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947?  Other than some Mexican who may have attempted to cross the border in a weather balloon, crashed in Roswell, and then beat feet. Which is somewhat logical considering that after all these years, countless UFO sightings, and photographs, the government still is attempting to sell the weather balloon theory to us.

AND, the recent story about Chase Brandon,  who worked for the CIA for 35 years who told the “Huffington Post” this past week that, “It was not a damn weather balloon.”

I’m still waiting for the government to come out and counter his story that he’s right, it wasn’t a weather balloon but a condom that some Mexican attempting to cross the border thought was a balloon, inflated it, and it escaped his grip, floated into Roswell, and just happened to land in a junkyard which resembled spacecraft parts.

Brandon, in his interview went on to say: “It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet. It crashed and I don’t doubt for a second that the use or the word, “remains” and “cadavers” was exactly what people were talking about.”

Of course he’s referring to the people who actually saw the UFO crash site and said that they saw alien bodies. AND, as I said earlier, if these aliens were actually from Arizona and not from outer space, it would be very hard to tell the difference between actual aliens and aliens from Arizona.

I know what you’re thinking. All aliens from outer space are supposed to be green. Everybody knows that ya dummy. BUT….if these aliens were in the hot sun for any period of time they would develop tans therefore hiding their original green color. Which would then allow the government to say that those bodies residents saw were actually a few people who got dehydrated, passed out from the hot sun, got a really great tan, and then died.

As you can see, and to give some credibility to my “tanning” theory, anyone getting a really bad tan, then becoming dehydrated, then dying, kinda resembles an alien.

BUT WAIT!  There’s more. Brandon  says that he saw photographs and writing material in a special section of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. located in the “Historical Intelligence Collection,”  which I assume is a collection of historical intelligence, which proved to him the crash was not a weather balloon….or inflated condom.

He said that after he read the contents of that box containing heavily redacted* sentences he was convinced that the crash in Roswell actually happened and that it was definitely an alien crash.  I think he may have ruled out Mexicans crossing the border too.

But the government still holds to their conclusion that the crash was a weather balloon.

(*For those of you who are dictionary challenged, the word “redacted” means: “to prepare for publication, or edit.” In CIA terms this means to cross out any words the general public might find confusing and hard to understand such as the words “alien” “alien bodies” “spacecraft” and UFO.

Meanwhile, Annie Jacobson and investigative reporter for the L.A. Times who has a book out (of course, doesn’t everybody) entitled: “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,” says that all that was going on at that base was the testing of new weapons and aircraft such as the U-2. (not the rock group)

(Area 51 is supposedly where alien bodies were taken after the Roswell crash)

Not having read Jacobson’s book, I have no idea if she is for or against aliens existing….other than the government officials living in Arizona or those in Washington, D.C. This is NOT a plug for her book, but I guess if you want to find out the answer, you have to either buy the book, or, dress up like an alien from another planet, go to a bookstore, rip it off, and again, beat feet. Considering the government says UFO’s and aliens do not exist, when the police come to interview the owner of the bookstore, they’ll never believe his “an alien stole a book” story, so basically you’ll never have to worry about getting caught. UNLESS you happen to be in the weather balloon business, in which case, they’ll nail you in a New York second.

Sooooo. Where does this leave us all?  The same place it left us back in 1947 when the Roswell incident happened……..nowhere! Which is also what they call “Area 51.”

As for me…..I’m convinced aliens and UFO’s exist.

How else would you explain Donald Trump’s hair, the strange resemblance between the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry, (who happens to live verrrrry close to New Mexico) and has memory lapses. (most likely because he was abducted by aliens many years ago) AND….Pastor Harold Camping who keeps telling us the world is going to end…but….keeps getting the date wrong. Conclusive proof that aliens do exist and all of these guys were abducted by aliens and that’s why they’re borderline nutcases.

“Ahm tellin ya. Me and this here buck behind me were walkin’ in the woods when this here huge spaceship abducted us, conducted experiments on our bodies, and then returned us to earth. It was right over there by that big tree. Unfortunately the buck used to be my Lt. Governor before them damn aliens put him back in the wrong body.”

Can’t sell me that damn weather balloon theory. I didn’t fall off of the spaceship yesterday ya know.

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