YES! Exactly! WTF Is Going On With Our Politiians? #!^$#@!! Is What!

Ah, the begnningof a nu wk and um….(Hold on a sec)

(whacking computer with a giant sledge hammer)

*#&%$##@!  Damn computer virus.

OK….fixed. Now on back to the subject of today’s bog.

That was the question posed by Associated Press reporter Jennifer Peltz, who apparently feels peltzed by all of the profanity some politicians are using.  Either they’re listening to a lot of old George Carlin comedy records or just got tired of being nicey nicey and kissing babies all the time.

For instance. New Joisey Governor Chris Christie, a sure-fire runner-up for the position of Kris Kringle when the old guy retires, called a fellow lawmaker a S.O.B. at a town hall meeting last month. (S.O.B. does not mean “stupid old bat” either)

Then New Yawk mayor Michael Bloomberg was attending a weigh-in at the annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest and was rather upset that the material his writers gave to him so that he could get a few laughs didn’t actually get any laughs. His comments, “Who wrote this s**t?”  I think the crowd laughed at that one.

Then there was Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter’s news conference. (no relation to the Nutter Butter candy bar company) He was commenting about a shooting a few blocks from the city’s 4th of July celebration.  He said he wasn’t going to let the city’s image be harmed by “some little assw**e 16 year old.”

WAIT!!!!  If HE can say the word “ass” then why in the hell did the AP delete the other part of the word in their story?  Which was “wipe.”  Sooooo. You can say ass but not wipe? Or is it that you can say “ass” but not attach the “wipe” to it? Seems to me that considering most of us partake in that activity at some point during our daily lives that it would be perfectly ok to say both words combined.

AND….if that’s the case, which I think it is, then if the Mayor thinks is very bad using those two words together, he may be insulting the people who make “Charmin,” “Angel Soft,” “Scott,” “Cottonelle,” and “Marcal,” because obviously their business depends on ass wipes. Geez Mayor, better call them companies and tell them you didn’t mean to use “ass wipe” in vain.

WHY? Because there are a lot of “ass wipes” and a lot of “ass wiping” going on and many a voter may be offended by the use of the term “ass wipe,” when referring to little ass wipes that are 16 years old……..whose parents vote, and…..on many occasion, wipe asses.

Sorry folks…..but if you’re offended by the word “ass” in this blog, I apologize, but, I had to make my point. If you’re not offended by the use of the word, “ass” but offended by the use of the word, “wipe,”…….get over it!

Jennifer went on in her AP article to cite the reason for so much profanity by politicians.” “My sense is: Because they want to appear in tune with popular culture, politicians feel free to express themselves in profane ways.”

Obviously any politician agreeing with Jennifer’s assessment would immediately yell out, “F**KING A Right!!!!!”

However, Ross K. Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University, finds this all troubling. Because as we all know most scientists, being the brain types that they are, and having a gazillion degrees in everything, have never used profanity nor do they have any idea what the word F**K is having only scribbled the word “intercourse” on laboratory walls in a moment of defiance.

Baker said: ” I honestly do believe that, in aping the coarseness of popular culture, people in public life are really dragging us in a discourse of fang and claw.”


Obviously scientific gobbledygook speak which most likely means that he thinks that we are all at some point going to be swearing at one another on a daily basis. Which also means that he’s never left the lab very much and has never experienced sitting in a traffic jam on a hot summer day, been cut off by an ass wipe, oops. sorry, been cut off by an inconsiderate driver or has ever been to a comedy club.

“Hey you damn inconsiderate person type driver….go intercourse yourself!!!!”

Of course all this profanity stuff by politicians is nothing new. It’s just that we’re paying more attention to it now. Only to see if we can learn some really new neat profane words.

Harry Truman, who used to be President a long time ago, liked to use the words “damn” and “hell” which were the big heavies in profane words back then. Richard Nixon, also a President eons ago used the entire alphabet of profanity when those “Watergate” tapes were made public. George W. Bush was caught on a live microphone describing a reporter as a “major-league a**h**e” (you can write ass and hole separately but not linked together…..I think) Unless you’re in the same room with a few of them….then it’s acceptable.

Vice President in charge of Vice Dick Cheney used the “F” word on the Senate floor at Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy. Unfortunately Leahy wasn’t fast on the uptake or he could have responded by calling Cheney an “ass wipe.”  My thought anyhow……and, because I felt as long as I was going to go full hog writing “ass wipe” I might as well go full hog writing ass wipe again.

I do not want to appear partisan so I’ll also mention VP Joe Biden’s off the cuff remark to President Obama in 2010 on live television when he used the “F” word congratulating the President at the signing of the heath care bill.

Something similar to me winning Powerball and saying to all of my relatives, “F” you ass wipes.” (I would do that via e-mail from the Cayman Islands)

So, in conclusion, it appears that profanity has been accepted as the norm when it comes to expressing one’s displeasure, or pleasure, depending on the circumstances. Which is fine with me. Which leads me to end this blog with a profane joke….one of my favorites.

An elderly couple is sitting on the porch on a warm summer night when the old man turns to his partner and says:


She replies: “F**K.!”

He responds: “F**K….F**K!”

She responds: “F**K…..F**K….F**K!”

And once again he says: *F**K…F**K…F**K…F**K!”

At which point she slowly turn to him and says:

“OK sweetheart, that’s enough oral sex for tonight.”

If you didn’t get that joke……you’re an ass wipe.

“Soooo, did ya like that joke babyeeee?”
“Geez Herman, you are soooooo freakin’ hot!”

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