MisfitWisdom Explains The Difference Between A “TAX” and a “Penalty” I Think.

Now these definitions depend on your outlook of course. If you’re for the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” it’s a penalty. If you’re against, “Obamacare,” as those who are obviously NOT for it, then it’s called a “tax.”

Which may seem confusing to many of you reading this, but, fear not…ol MisfitWisedom will explain it all to you.

But before I do, I’ll explain why I’m taking valuable time out of my otherwise boring life to explain it all to you. Mainly because I myself have no freakin’ idea what it is, a tax or a penalty, so I decided on my own the most logical conclusion. It’s both.

Depending on where you live and which candidate you support in the upcoming Presidential election. Your choice.

First, if you’re Mitso Romney, who passed his own virgin, oops, I meant version, sorry. I guess I thought of “virgin” because he enacted the very first health care plan in Massachusetts, therefor, it kinda was like a “virgin” type thingy. You know, the very first time. Which I think he doesn’t remember quite clearly. Which is rather odd because I myself remember my first vir….um….neverrrr mind.

Anyhow, according to Mitso, HIS health care act in Massachusetts was NOT a tax if you didn’t sign up for health insurance, but it was a tax when he first enacted it, but, now, it’s really not a tax, but, um..er….oh yeah…a penalty. Yeah that’s it, a penalty.

This is because the El Supremo Court of the Yewnited States said that the “Affordable Health Care Act” was a tax, therefore and forsooth, it should be constitutional.  However, if that is the case, which apparently it is, according to the court, then that would make the Massachusetts health care program a tax too. Um, unless it’s a penalty, in which case, then Obama’s health care act would also be a penalty.

Confused? Ok…..let me try to explain this further.

Say you’re tooling down the road in your Cadillac, (for those of you making under $25,000 a year  substitute any car made before 1985) and you’re doing 25 miles over the speed limit and an officer of the law pulls you over.  He hands you a ticket that will cost you anywhere from a $100 to $200 fine for speeding and you say to him:

“Officer, is this a tax or a penalty?”

“Well sir, that depends.  Do you have Massachusetts health care?”

“Um…yeah, why?”

“Well then, according to Mitt Romney this ticket is a penalty. Too bad for you.”

“But officer, if I was speeding anywhere else and had health care, like Obama just passed, wouldn’t it then be called a tax?”

“Why how perceptive of you. You’re absolutely correct. In that case this fine would be considered a tax.”

“I don’t get it?”

“Look, Mitt Romny sez that Obama’s Affordable Heath Care act is a tax because the Supersupreme court sez so and, because I’m a very friendly State Trooper, I’ll take the time to quote Eric Fehrnstrom, one of Romny’s senior advisers who said, “Romney disagrees with the Supreme court’s ruling that the mandate was a tax.”

“So it’s a penalty then?”

“WAIT….I’m not finished. Then Romney threw his adviser under a bus, (not literally) by changing his campaign’s position and calling the penalty a tax. Even though he called the individual mandate he implemented in Massachusetts a tax many times before. Does that clear things up for you buddy?”

“Um….soooooo, what is it, a tax or a penalty?”

“Geez…..what part of if you live in Massachusetts it’s a penalty but if you live anywhere else it’s a tax do you not get fella?”

“Actually I get it officer but I think Mitt doesn’t. Is this kinda like when you’re married and you ask your wife if she wants to mess around and she says, “NO” and you ask her why and she says, “because?”

“EXACTLY!  Now your cookin’ with Romney fire. Here’s your ticket. Have a really nice day.”

There ya have it folks. A simple logical explanation as to why it’s a penalty in Massachusetts and a tax everywhere else. I apologize for not being able to see the logic in all of this “tax/penalty” stuff before. I hope you all feel better knowing the difference come election time and vote for the candidate of your choice based on solid stances on issues such as what is a tax and what is a penalty.

Next up. Why Mitt Romney says that during hockey games players should receive penalties during a game, but only in Massachusetts. Everywhere else they should be taxed.

His plan for obviously reducing the deficit.

Brilliant.  Ya gotta love this guy.

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