What’s Wrong With This Picture*…….If Anything. WAIT!!! Where’s The Garage? OMG!!!!

*This picture?

Left: House under construction with garage on wrong side. OMG!!! Right: House demolished showing that now there is no house left but plenty of places to park a number of cars.

Sooooooooo, what’s wrong with this picture?  I’ll tell ya. The freakin’ garage is on the wrong side of the house!  That’s what Eric and Margaret Friedberg, just another ordinary couple building a home in Southampton, N.Y. said when they visited the construction site of their newly under construction home.

Personally, I think Eric and Margaret might have said….WTF!

Did I mention this new home is costing the Friedberg’s $2 million dollars?

Sooooooo, they were understandably upset when they saw that the garage was on the wrong side of the house.

What to do? What to do?

Obviously the same thing that any one of us would do in the same situation. Tear down the half completed two million dollar house and start all over again.

Did I mention this house is costing $2 million dollars to build?

Sooooooooooo, obviously not flinching a bit at the thought of tearing down the new construction, they ordered the construction crew to tear it down and start all over, this time placing the garage where it should be. Everyone knows ya can’t drive a car into a garage on the wrong side of a $2 million dollar house.

Oh…did I mention this house costs $2 million dollars?

So what are the Friedberg’s getting for $2 million dollars, besides a garage?  They’re getting, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, (the .5 is for quick trips) cathedral ceilings, (minus the actual cathedral, statues, and various candles) a fireplace and a 544 square foot swimming pool. The house itself, 3,869 square feet which is rather small by neighborhood standards according to Mrs. Friedberg who said:

“It’s not a fancy block in Southampton. My home in Winchester is twice the size.”

‘Scuuussssse Me!

Hmmmm. Did I mention this new home is costing the Friedberg’s $2 million dollars?

Mrs. Friedberg was somewhat testy when reporters were asking about her new home and the decision to tear it down and start over again.

“I’m a former Federal Prosecutor and someone wants to know where my garage needs to go on a tiny lot?”

I thinkith she missed the point of all this folks.  The point being that….


That, to me, would seem to be the point and why reporters were so interested in this story. My guess anyhow.

Hmmm…..did I mention the Friedberg’s new house is worth $2 million dollars?

Let me see if I can put this into context for those of you who may have a garage on the wrong side of your house and you don’t have an extra house in Winchester or a spare two million dollars just lying around.

Does the phrase, “Live with it” ring any bells?

Only because most of us slugs don’t have an extra two million dollars lying around and if our garage were built on the wrong side of a house we were having built we’d simply hire Bluto’s excavating to come over, gouge out a new driveway and drive that 1982 Cutlass into the garage. Nooooooooooo problem.

AND….just on the chance that some of you actually have an extra $2 million dollars hanging around, instead of tearing down the whole freakin’ house, you could pay off Bluto for the new driveway, ($1,000 tops) and still have $1 million plus in change left to maybe go to school to become a Federal prosecutor, then when you begin to make the big bucks, move to Southampton, New York, build a brand new $2 million dollar home across from the Friedberg’s with the garage deliberately on the wrong side of your house…………..

Jussssssssssst to piss them off.  And make a point.

That you can still drive your car into your garage on the wrong side of your house.

Might even qualify you for a listing in, “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”

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