Rhode Island Will Raise Minimum Wage To A Unbelievable Whopping $7.75. Obviously this will put all state residents into the upper 1% category.

Yep…any occupy Wall Street movements in the State of Rhode Island won’t have many supporters anymore once R.I. raises the minimum wage to a whopping $7.75 an hour. This of course means that all R.I. residents will fall immediately into the upper class category along with the Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett and Rush Limburger.

Now Rhode Islanders will no longer have anything to whine about. After all, the lowest minimum wage in the United States is in Wyoming and Georgia which is, $5.15. And that’s only because only two people actually live in Wyoming and in Georgia they all survive on a diet of peanuts and peaches.

The highest is in Washington state at $9.04. That’s only because it rains constantly in Washington so residents have to spend a lot of money on rain coats and umbrellas.

Even the Federal minimum wage is only $7.25 . This does not include politicians wages which usually is set by politicians and averages out at just enough to go out and buy a Lincoln or Cadillac. Freshmen politicians usually have to settle for a lowly Lexus or Infinity.

Just think Rhode Islanders. Think what this means.  Work one day and you make a whopping $56 dollars, which you can spend to fill up your 1982 Dodge. Work the next day and you can go hog-wild and take the entire family to Olive Garden. Um…wait….no, that won’t work…um….ok…..Taco Bell or McDonald’s. Work another day and you’ll be able to buy a few pounds of hamburger, a few vegetables, and perhaps even a quart of milk.

WAIT…..you might have a little left over for dessert.  Maybe.

What’s left at the end of the week after you’ve paid close to $4 a gallon for gas, paid the bills, bought cat or dog food, and maybe splurged big time and stopped at Dunkin Donuts?  I’ll tell ya what’s left……….exactly what’s left in my wallet………lint and an occasional moth, that’s usually dead from starvation because I eat everything before the moths can get to it.

Do these idiots who determine what the minimum should be have any freakin’ idea what the minimum wage should be? Seven f**king seventy five an hour!  WTF!  Do any of them have any idea what the hell my plumber gets an hour? $80 dollars an hour!  Do you idiots in Washington know what it costs to have a computer tech just LOOK at my computer? $80 freakin’ dollars and hour. AN HOUR!! Do any of those Washington, D.C jokers know just how much it costs to rent a good hooker for the night?

Um…..strike that last one. I think they do.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

I’ll tell ya. It’s a damn oil painting that’s been sitting on the wall. Legislators are locked into staring at this picture/oil painting and thinking back to when it was painted when gas prices were 75 cents a gallon and McDonald’s sold hamburgers for 25 cents. Prices climb on EVERYTHING by the week…yet the minimum wage moves at the pace of a snail.

There ya go with the slow snail line again….damn jerk!

Actually, snails move a lot faster.

Sooooooo…….Democratic legislators in Washington, (known as the land of OZ) have proposed raising the Federal minimum wage to…(gasp) $10 by the year 2015. Geez….only 3 more years to go and I can afford to upgrade to eating at Applebees.


Republicans and business groups say…..”Hey, hold on a second you a**wipes. You can’t raise the minimum wage to $10. Are you guys nucking futs!”

Their logic. “The minimum wage increase would put job growth at risk because employers would have to pay their employees more.”

Let me see if I understand this logic correctly. If they increase the minimum wage, job growth would be at risk because employers would have to pay employees more?

Hmmm…….increasing the minimum wage means employers would have to pay employees more….which is a risk to job growth.

Ah feel their (employers) pain.

(does raising the minimum wage mean employers would have to pay their employees more? I never would have figured that one out….I’m kinda slow)

I see the problem here. We’re, (all of us minimum wage workers) are just plain selfish low down inconsiderate slugs with absolutely no compassion for those poor businessmen who have to struggle to make ends meet. It’s bad enough they have to pay us minimum wages and then, with what they have left over, have to slum it and fill up their Caddys and Lincolns with just a half a tank of gas, pass on the lobster dinner and opt for the prime rib instead, and, (the deprivation of it all) have to possibly lay off a few people in order to survive.

DAMN….you freakin’ inconsiderate minimum wage people. What the f**k is wrong with all of you. Do ya wanna stop job growth?  Do ya want that poor employer to suffer? Where the hell are your damn morals? Bite the bullet damn it!  Call your R.I. state legislator along with those dummies in D.C. and tell them you wanna save all businesses and promote job growth.

It’s the patriotic thing to do….for God, your country and business.

Then you’ll have a free and clear conscience that you did the right thing………

as you and your family enjoy a really good meal from the dumpster behind McDonald’s. Might even have some leftovers to throw in that shopping cart you swiped from Wal-Mart because your car was repossessed and now that’s your only means of transportation.

“Honeee…..could you push a little faster…..I think we might just make that next red light and beat those other freeloaders to the dumpster behind Burger King.”

HEY….don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!  Saves me enough money each week to actually refill a prescription or two.

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