I Was Having A Great Day Until…………………..

Until I saw a photo of a pregnant Tori Spelling on the Internet. Am I the only one whose skin crawled at this pic?


When I saw that Congress, (those idiots who decide what’s good for all of us lemmings) decided to cut the SNAP program for low-income people. HEY CONGRESS……FY! (they may have to evict me at the polls this November)

YUM…I absolutely love roughing it.

When I browse the social media website”Sodahead” “news” category and read all of the racist slurs against the President. Look idiots…..like him or not, be civil….you tend to make your point with much more authority if you don’t look like a complete idiot. Unless of course you really want people to see what a freakin’ dumb ass you are.

Then there’s the story of the guy who went to a Bank of America ATM and drew out thousands of dollars, then went to a casino and gambled it away and now they want to stick his butt in prison and make him repay all of the money.  Considering BOA’s reputation for sticking it to their customers, how many are rooting for this guy?  ME! ME! ME!

Bank of America, as you can see, had this ATM problem when they first installed their original ATM machine in Fred Flintstone’s town of Bedrock.

(trust me on this one. If I went to an ATM and it started spewing out gazillions of dollars I’d be writing this blog from an undisclosed location with a bigggg smile on my face using an alias)

Then, I get a call from a friend who, like me, is ancient, so I asked him what he was doing to beat the heat wave. He said he was going to a local VFW, have a couple of beers, and cool off. So, because he’s single, I asked if he had any prospects at the VFW. You know, lounge lizards, CFM’s, or bar flies. He told me he thought about that but the only available woman was drunk, 80 years old, and was tripping over her walker attempting to make it to the bar.

(I got up and gave my other half a bigggggggggggg hug)

Then a report issued today says that McDonald’s ranks last in customer service. And that’s behind Papa Johns, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendys and Burger King.  RONALD!  RONALD! WTF are ya doin? Say it ain’t so Ronny…..(sob) WHY!  WHY!  (sob)

Geez…..all I wanted was a damn drive thru window for Gawd’s sake.

Um……wait…….maybe this photo I took of my local McDonald’s that I sent to my local councilman complaining about the lack of a drive thru window had something to do with it. RONALD!  I’m sorry….I just wanted a freakin’ drive thru window.

Finally this headline:

Born To Be Wild: Catholic Nuns Hit The Road

WHAT!  Nuns going wild and hitting the road!  Holy Steppenwolf!  Geez…..they’ve come a long way since I went to my Catholic church, (Our Lady of Continuing Agony) back when I was a mere innocent child.  It wasn’t until I saw “The Flying Nun,” Sally Field, flying all over the place that I really began to like those nuns. Only because they were always preaching none of this and none of that….which, I assume, is why they call them, “nuns.”

Have no fear Misfit…..tis I, the flying nun to save your day.

So now they’re on this bus tour, (minus Steppenwolf) speaking out on behalf of social issues and they’ve pissed off the big guy at the Vatican because he wants them to stick to the more important issues facing all of us today, abortion and contraception.

Did anybody reading this ever see the TV movie, “The Thorn Birds?” Just sayin.


I’m going straight to hell aren’t I.

OK…..cue Steppenwolf……

Well, my day is just about over….what the hell else can ruin my otherwise calm peaceful evening….think I’m pretty safe now. What I need is some really uplifting fantastic news…..um….


Bristol Palin’s reality show bombs with viewers and critics

Yahoo! TV

YES….thank you TV Gods…..Oh Joy!

Like I always say…….alls well that ends well.

(DONATE) The MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link, which is sanctioned by the Vatican, (actually its not, but I was pushing for the religious crowd to donate) is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) it’s most likely because I lied about that Vatican part. Forgive me….I’m really sorry.  I’ll go to confession this Sunday and repent. But..um…in the meantime, you can donate and help a sinner repent.


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