Reasons Why You Should Take Surveys: Subtitled: “Hey, are you freakin’ serious?”

#1. Find some idiot online to pull a bank job for you then have him deposit the loot into your PayPal account.

Look….I’ll be the first to admit that I used to absolutely hate taking surveys. Mostly the one’s where some schmuck calls you at dinner time and asks you a bunch of dumb questions like, “do you get upset when some schmuck calls you at dinner time and asks you a bunch of stupid questions?”

But….as I began to adjust to my life of retirement, I wanted something to occupy my time other than writing this stupid blog.  Obviously something that I could make some money at, unlike writing this stupid blog.

So, I decided to check out various sites that offer surveys on subjects like consumer goods, politics, technology, and why people like me spend time writing these stupid blogs.

It took a lot of weeding out to find some really good survey sites.  Ones that actually pay you for participating or give you the opportunity to receive gift cards for places like or your choice of other places such as restaurants, books stores, etc., or a loaded Visa or Mastercard that you can use to buy that porno stuff at your local X-rated shop if you so wish.

Or a disguise so that nobody will recognize you when you go into that X-rated store.

You can also be entered into daily, weekly and monthly sweepstakes, and, yes, there ARE actual really honest to goodness living people who do win and whose names are posted so that you can see that real people actually do win and that they give away those prizes. AND….you don’t have to continually fill out qualification entries every other day or you lose your entry, as in one company who has a sweepstakes whom I shall not mention.


Yeah right….free…”IF” I so much as take advantage of this incredible FREE offer, I’ll get my FREE numbers and another FREE e-mail at which time I can get more numbers from Madam know it all (above) um…for a one time fee of ………….

(PS) You people who keep sending me your entries for PCH….knock it off ya damn dummies……do “I” look like them for Gawds sake?

By the way, if ya send ME $100 I’ll give ya all the free lucky numbers you want. (I call it “cutting out the middle man,” or, woman, as in the case of Maria, or whatever her name is pictured above in yet another PCH mailing)

On top of earning cash for each survey you successfully complete and being entered into their sweepstakes, you can also receive free test products to try at home and then tell them what you think of that product.

For instance.  Presently my other half and I are taking a survey on toilet paper.  So, this past month we’ve received over 25 rolls of toilet paper to test.  (I assume they sent us that much because they think old people poop more)  Another survey site sent us two large containers of unmarked kitty litter to test as well.  It might be the same survey company that sends us the toilet paper figuring that if “we” poop a lot, maybe our cats do too.

In any event…it was free for just answering the questions on the products when we were finished………. pooping I guess……the cats as well. Although it’s very hard to ask a cat what they think of their kitty litter.  So we have to answer the survey questions for them.

So, that said, which I just did, here’s some of the stuff we’ve received (besides cash) and tested over the past year. (these products are all unmarked and come in plain packages….(kinda like getting your Playboy Magazine in a brown paper wrapper)

Toilet paper, yogurt, little tiny pizza bite thingys, cake and brownie mixes, cat litter, toothpaste and more.  Also various checks for doing surveys for a period of time. (yes it takes time to build up cash but it’s worth it)

All these surveys can be done on your computer, and, if you have a laptop, and like to multi task, you can do them while you’re just loafing around watching TV…or….if you’ve been married for a long long time, take them in bed at night in lieu of sex.

So, as a public service, and, because you may lead a very boring life in retirement and need something to do to keep you alive, here’s some of the best survey sites.  I’ll give you the names but YOU have to look them up. HEY….I’m not doin’ all the work for ya.

“IPSOS”  One of the best sites.  Sign up and you’ll receive a lot of surveys, usually one or two a week.  Every time you complete a survey you earn cash which is applied to your account and when it builds up you can withdraw the cash. You also get to play a game on the site when you’ve finished which will ask you a “poll” question. You are rewarded points for guessing the % of how people answered the question they ask and those points you apply for prizes drawn each month.

“NPDOR”  Another great site. You’ll receive a lot of surveys from them as well and  chances to win up to $5,000 each month. There are daily drawings for prizes of $100.

“YouGov”  This one is one of my favorites because the questions they ask usually are about politics, various companies, celebrities, and current topics in the news.  You get to tell them what you think of all those things. (you can’t enter your own words by saying “I think ******* is a A**wipe) But, you CAN just click on their provided responses which can give you the same satisfaction.  You build up your cash account on this site as well.

“Nielson”  The Nielson site is another winner. There are various survey projects they provide, but I joined the “home scan” program because in the long run it provides some really great rewards in merchandise even though it takes longer to build up your credits. They provide you with a scanner device, (cannot be used to scan people at airports) that you connect to any landline outlet in your house. As you shop during the week, and you get your purchases home, you scan the bar codes, enter the prices from the selected store and at the end of each week transmit the info to Nielson.  They will supply you with the scanner free of charge along with a catalog of what you can redeem your points for.

Some other sites that are not scams and really good are:  “My Survey,”  “Send Earnings,” “Survey Savvy,” “The Harris Poll,” “Pinecone,” “Opinion World,” “American Consumer Panel,” “Valued Opinions,” “Survey Spot,” and “My View.”  All of which do not require you paying for ANYTHING and are absolutely free.

I figured that if you make a few bucks doing these, because yours truly Misfit gave you this information, you might cough up a few donation bucks because you were so grateful for this information.

Then again, most of you who choose to participate in these surveys are most likely addicted to stuff like “Splenda,” chocolate, lottery tickets and subscribing to porno sites so that you can have extra money to support your habits.  Which makes my donation plea kinda dead in the water.! Damn bunch of ratfinks.

Hmmmmmm…….if I gave ya a really neat porno site to go to for free would ya then kick in a few bucks?

Ah…..forget it.  I’m not giving any of you anymore free stuff.  So there!

Except for this stupid blog.

(DONATE) The MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link, which usually everybody ignores, is posted below. If it is not highlighted, (blue) simply copy and paste the link into your browser and you will magically be transported to the PayPal site where you can say to yourself, “Oh my….Misfit was right, I can make a small donation just by clicking on the “donate” button…..geez, how neat is that…….but, screw it….I get this blog for nothing, so…..up yours Misfit…heh, heh, heh.”

Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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