WTF! If You Say That In Middleborough, Massachusetts It’ll Cost You Twenty Bucks…WTF! Oops…..

Along with Alka-Seltzer

Hmmmm….but what if I typed profanity in this blog and someone in Middleborough, Massachusetts reads it?  Do “they” get fined twenty bucks for reading it?  Kind of a very thin line there folks.

Translation: WTF!!!

Anyhow, if you’re planning a trip this summer to Middleborough better watch your tongue. Residents voted this past Monday night to impose a twenty-dollar fine for anyone who swears in public.  It did mention in this news story that it was ok to swear in private. Like if you’re building something at home and hit your thumb with a hammer and say !#@!##@!.

Unless, while you hit your thumb with a hammer you were in a public place building.  Then, you’re basically screwed with a fine I guess.

However, further clarification on this new law does state that the proposal is NOT intended to censor private conversations, but instead to crack down on loud, profanity-laden language used by teenagers and other young people in the downtown area and other public parks.

Which I assume means that if you’re an adult and not in a public place or a park you can tell someone to go “F” themselves….as long as you do it quietly.  Maybe whisper it or something.

“Pssssst! Hey a**hole….go f**k yourself!”

The residents of Middleborough voted 183-50 in favor of the proposal. The 50 that voted against it all yelled out…”WTF” and were immediately fined twenty dollars each. Just my guess anyhow.

Chickens can be fined for “fowl” language in Middleborough as well.

According to this article by the Associated Press, the measure could raise questions about First Amendment rights, but state law does allow towns to enforce local laws that give police the power to arrest anyone who, “addresses another person with profane or obscene language” in a public place.

Like say you were standing in line at a store and some guy cut in front of you and you said to him, “Hey a**hole, who the f**k do you think you are you f**king jerk?”

And the guy turns to you and says, “F**k off a**wipe!”

Then, because both of you were in a public place and used profanity, you could both be fined twenty bucks. (I’m not sure if it’s 20 bucks per profane word or for an entire sentence…better check on that one)

The little known department at the Oxford Dictionary Company

The Federal Government, namely the U.S. Supreme Court, (who themselves tend to use a lot of profane language when they’re alone in their chambers and some insect crawls up their robes) says that the government cannot prohibit public speech just because it contains profanity.

So “Take That” you freakin’ *&^%$#@! people who voted for that ordinance in Middleborough!

Oops….can they fine me for that?  Nah…I wrote this in some other state.

You would think that the fine people of Middleborough would simply chill out and accept profanity as just a part of everyday life. I mean the town is best known for its cranberry bogs and cranberry is best served chilled, and besides that, those two guys who advertise “Ocean Spray Cranberries” are such sweet guys. You never see them swearing. Except for that one time an eel got into one of those guys rubber wading pants while they were harvesting cranberries. Not a pretty sight. Lots of profanity laced yelling and nudity there folks.

Not to mention the untimely demise of that poor eel.

A local merchant, Robert Saquet, (no relation to Sacagawea that Indian lady on the dollar coin) said trying to enforce that ban is like trying to enforce a ban on the seven dirty words of George Carlin. (video below, but…if you listen to Carlin’s video make sure you do it in seclusion if you live in Middleborough otherwise you’re gonna be fined big bucks…..might wanna wear some earphones)

If you’re teenager, have no idea who the “F” (oops…another 20 bucks) George Carlin is and want to view this video, hide all bars of soap in your house lest your parents come home, catch you watching the video, and wash your ears out just for listening to those seven dreaded words.  Which apparently nobody in Middleborough likes.

Saquet also went on to say: “In view of words commonly used in movies and cable TV, it’s kind of hard to define exactly what is obscene.”

However, Mimi Duphily, a store owner and former town selectwoman, (a woman who selects things for the town) says: “I don’t care what you do in private. It’s in public what bothers me.”

Mimi…..Mimi…..cut people some freakin’ slack here for cripes sake!  Oops… “freakin’ a dirty word?  Rats!

Wonder if they take Visa or MasterCard to pay that $20 fine.

Which raises yet another question.

How exactly do they list that on your credit card?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm…………………….$20 for saying F**K and another $20 for saying “WTF” for getting that fine and an additional $20 for saying “motherf****r as you exit the town hall.

Think I’ll skip a trip to Middleborough and just go to my local store and buy a few cans of cranberry sauce………….. jusssst to be on the safe side.

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