It’s Saturday….WTF! I Have A Severe Case Of Writers Block.

Thnx to “” Ah feel your pain.

It’s not very often that I am at a loss for words. But, today is one of those damn days. I’ve been sitting here in front of this ancient run down computer searching for worthwhile news items to pick apart. NOTHING!  At least nothing to spend time writing about. It’s comparable to sitting down in front of the tube and discovering that there’s nothing worth watching.  Except the 35th re-run of Rambo.

I started with reading my local newspaper just to see if I could find something that might be of interest. There was a story about the state of Rhode Island voting to raise the minimum wage to a whopping $7.40 and hour. So I said to myself, “Holy crap! $7.40 an hour!”  Obviously a huge bonanza for any worker employed on an hourly basis.

Then I read another news item that said the town that I live in just hired a new law firm to represent the town on all legal matters and based on their expertise they will get $175 per hour.

Hmmmm……what’s wrong with this picture?

“Mr. town councilman, we here at Shaftum & Shaftum have determined that legally your town has the right to require that all dogs have license plates, thereby bringing in more revenue for the town.”

“Hey, great, so how much time did you spend researching this?”

“Oh, just about an hour or so. By the way, here’s our bill for $175.”


“Hey Frosnick, ya been workin’ on that car engine the entire day. That’s an entire 8 hours of work. Ya got it finished yet?”

“Yeah boss, and it’s as good as new. I spent a lot of time and effort fixing that sucker.”

“Great, here’s your hourly day’s pay…..$59.20. Geez……a few more projects like this one and you’ll be able to afford that divorce attorney at $175 an hour…heh heh heh.”

Then there was the story about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker surviving the recall vote………with the help of all kinds of big money from the Koch brothers and others. Hey….Koch brothers……throw me a few million bucks and see if this blog doesn’t get its own reality TV show.

Seeing that money buys everything, and obviously the money from the Koch brothers helped Walker, I think the opposition didn’t stand a chance because they got screwed, due to the money, thereby making me think that perhaps the Koch brothers, with all their money being “shoved” into what “they” personally think is best for all of us, should change their name to the “C**K brothers.  Considering where their shoving things. Just sayin’.

Not that I’m saying that money buys everything mind you……..but, money buys everything.

Cripes, at $7.40 an hour most of us should be able to influence elections as well by making huge contributions to our causes and candidates. Ya think?

Then there was the story on CBS news this past week about a widow, Peggy Harris of Vernon, Texas who wrote to Texas Rep.Mac Thornberry, (Texas) asking for help in locating her husbands burial site after he went missing in World War II. He was first reported as missing, then later listed as killed and buried at a different cemetery. Then told that maybe the remains at that cemetery were not his remains at all.

She sent a number of letters to Thornberry, who by the way is the vice-chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, asking him to clear things up for her and find out just where her husband is buried.  Thornberry’s reply to Mrs. Harris was that her husband Billie was still “missing in action.” As was Thornberry in this instance.

It took a relative to uncover the actual facts. Which was that Billie Harris was killed in action and buried in a cemetery in Normandy, France.

Soooooooooooo…..after this story aired on CBS, Rep. Thornberry’s office issued an apology for “mishandling” of information relating to the Harris case.” DUH!

“Um Representative Thornberry sir.”

“Yes, what is it Constance?”

“Well, we just received a letter from a Mrs. Ferklestink in our district requesting our help in locating “Fluffy” her two-year old cat that went missing back in 1963.”

“OMG Constance….Holy Crap….get on this right away…call all the local ASPCA offices. Check the local pound, call out the national Guard and the state CSI team…for cripes sake get movin.! We don’t want no damn Harris incident embarrassing us anymore do we.”

“But Sir….it’s just a cat.”

“Look Constance, the cat has owners and they are voters and they vote in elections and I need all the votes I can get. Besides…..if CBS news gets a hold of this one I’m screwed.”

Unless of course the Koch brothers step in with a few bucks to squash this story….and the cat.

Hmmmm…….well, for having writers block on a Saturday, so far I’m on a roll. Lets see, was there anything else worth mentioning…………………..

Nope….guess not folks.  I can now face my day knowing that I’ve done my daily venting and that all is well. However, if you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of negative news and really want to get your fill of hate and discontent……go to “Sodahead” where their motto is, “Opinions….everybodys got one,” and click on the “news” segment, then read ANY comment on Obama.  Read a few of them at random and you’ll be saying to yourself…….

“OMG………Zombies “DO” exist!”

Here’s two intelligent examples of a “Sodahead” post answer to the question: What Do you Think of President Obama.

I hate all Democrats.
He’s a lying commie dog.dasimon1 to VICTORIANew!

Don’t make me laugh.He’s a poolr excuse for a president.He’s doing a bunch of things behind our backs .He’s pushing us so far in to socialism we will never recovere. maybe you may want to be a socialist.I don’t he has communistic ties all around him. He is in to marxism.His father was a communist.He didi an executive order with the UN giving them the rights to property and our water ways.What else do you want Victoria.He is not lily white and hes is more corrupt then any president we ever had.The garbage goes out November 6th 2012.He WILL be on the curb!

My apologies to “Sodahead” but if the shoe fits…..wear it. BUT… defense of “Sodahead” as they say on their site, “Opinions…..everybody’s got one,”  which is why I write this stuff.

Hmmmmm……….maybe I just should have gone with the writer’s block thing and skipped today’s blog.  Whaddya think?

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