OMG! WTF! and More Strange License Plates.

Whenever someone writes an article on strange license plates I just can’t resist taking a look at some of the ones they find. It’s a sickness with me.  So, once again MisfitWisdom got sucked into reading this article by Jason McClure of the “Reuters News Service” about the number of people who attempt to sneak off the wall license plate requests into their applications for vanity plates.

For instance, Whitney Calk, who absolutely loves to eat tofu submitted a request for a vanity plate that read, “ILVTOFU.”  However, the Tennessee department of motor vehicles didn’t quite see it that way. They thought, as did others, including myself, that Whitney was some sort of sex nut.  (most men reading that would think that way while women would obviously think TOFU)

So I did some research and came up with some photos of some really off the wall license plates. Feel free to interpret them any way that you wish. I’ve inserted my own comments as usual.

My first thought as seeing this plate was OMG…WTF…why didn’t I get this plate!

I thought this next one was really clever considering the car that it’s on is a Mustang.

Well, I suppose it “IS” a lot better than having “chicken s**t” on your plate.

According to motor vehicle departments across the country the vast majority of vanity plate requests are not objectionable, but thousands provide insight not only to the boundaries of free speech but the amount of human ingenuity that people will go to display seven or eight character insults, sexual references and descriptions of bodily functions to other motorists.  As in this plate:

I do not believe we’re talkin’ about food here folks.

So, as long as we’re in a sexual mode, I might as well get the rest of them out-of-the-way. Hard to believe that some of these plates actually made it through the plate censors. Like this one:

This plate was mounted upside down so that you could see its meaning. Right side up is “370H55V” Either that, or some other ass***e was offended, slammed into this guys car and he did a roll over.

Virginia is the capital of vanity plate mischief according to Reuters. So lets see why:

Bet this person is NOT talkin’ about the vibrations of the car he or she is driving. Either that, or they’re a battery salesman.

These next two license plates might go well together if both vehicles were parked next to each other.

Then there’s the more subtle approach to advertising via license plates. You might run a business that offers a needed service but do not want to appear too pushy when it comes to securing clients. So this might be the one way of offering your services with just a subtle hint:

We’ve all read the stories about that off the wall sheriff in Arizona who’s raised the ire of many people. Some of whom may refer to him as a:

My favorite is this next license plate. Which I take as a warning that I should never attempt to beat this woman to a parking space, cut in front of her in a Wal Mart line, ask her how her day is going, or use the old pick up line, “So what’s your sign baby?”

Perhaps this next license plate was the former husband of the above PMS woman…ya think?

Den dere iss da German who vill politely ask you to get out of der way OR ELSE!!!!

Geez…..wish I had this one for my truck. Only because I tend to say the same thing when some jerk cuts me off.

And finally, a plate that I myself had when I resided in Rhode Island.  It has since been retired, as am I.  I originally got this plate after my divorce because, being married for quite a few years and being called a “Misfit” by my ex, I actually thought that was my name, so I thought it fitting that I should have my name on a license plate.

(to my ex….sorry, I checked my birth certificate and it doesn’t say “Misfit” anywhere on it. Which is why I now have a new license plate. “SNGLNHPPY”)

(NOTE) Donald Trump….don’t bother checking my birth certificate either….YFJ!

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