Foxwoods Casino Sez To Seniors: “Stay Home” Oops..”The Blunder Of It All.”

(UPDATE) Foxwoods as of 7/26/12 still denies that Butera said what he said about seniors. However, the Boston Globe still stands behind its original report. The Derby, Ct. Senior Center seniors are boycotting Foxwoods and since this report the casino has attempted to make amends with those seniors by offering them an incentive to go to Foxwoods. Which they have rejected.

North America’s largest casino, “Foxwoods,” isn’t too happy with seniors anymore. In an article appearing in this weeks “Boston Globe” by reporter Joan Vennochi who spoke to Foxwoods chief executive Scott Butera, (no relation to Sam Butera and The Witnesses of Louis Prima and Keeley Smith fame) said that there are some customers that he can do without. Namely, busloads of seniors who show up with walkers and oxygen tanks.

I tell ya Martha, if they ain’t gonna give us our freaklin’ senior discounts at that there Foxwoods place they can stick it up their ol kazoo!”

I guess if you have a cane, wheelchair or motorized scooter you’re also not welcome to spend money at the casino. Better check on that one folks.  Especially you seniors who read the Boston Globe yesterday and were ready to spend a few bucks at Foxwoods.

Butera said,  “We’ve dropped a lot of that not for humane reasons,” it’s because those darn elders don’t gamble away enough of their money to help Foxwoods reach its goal, which is basic survival. He also went on to say that he’s unhappy with “whales” (big time gamblers) who want all their winnings, but expect reductions when they lose.

So, if you’re a senior on a bus with an oxygen tank, cane, scooter, wheelchair, walker, in a cast, half blind, with a seeing eye dog and one foot on a banana peel, you might wanna think twice about spending your next Social Security check at Foxwoods. WHY….because all of you just don’t spend enough money there to help the casino survive.

What the hell is wrong with you damn freakin’ seniors anyhow?  Here’s this poor struggling casino out in the Connecticut woods just trying to survive and you have the damn nerve to travel on a bus with a bunch of other cheap seniors and nickel and dime Foxwoods to death!

Ante up you damn panty waists. Take a second mortgage out on the house for cripes sake. Pawn that jewelry. Cash in your term life insurance policies and take all of that money to Foxwoods and help those poor people out. Make Scott Butera eat his damn words. You’ll show him you’re worthy of a free perk or two….like a free breakfast or at least a commemorative Foxwoods swizzle stick. Maybe, if you spend more than you usually do you’ll get a free oxygen tank or scooter rental.  Hey, it’s worth a shot.

OR….you could simply say, “Hey Scott, stick this up your slot!”  And then go someplace else where they appreciate seniors. I do believe there are other casinos who do cater to seniors. One verrrrrry close to Foxwoods I might add.

I always thought the cardinal rule of any casino was to make money. Obviously with Mr. Butera’s comments, this is not the case at Foxwoods. Alienating seniors is not the way to go Scott. True, they are not the so-called “meat” of the revenue “cow” when it comes to supporting any casino. BUT…they do, overall, contribute to the take at the end of the day.

Yes, I know. When you think of seniors, you think of, “Gimmie my freakin’ discount” type seniors. I have to admit, being a (gasp) senior myself, that there are seniors out there that even embarrass me.  Which is why I’ve been trying to get plastic surgery done on myself so that I won’t be associated with those radical seniors that are pushy and demanding.

I myself have NEVER asked for ANY senior discount or special favor at ANY establishment or casino.  (mostly because I don’t wanna admit I’m one of them…..”seniors.”)

Think I’m kidding?  Just the other day I was standing in line at a casino talking to a Players Club Representative who was helping me with something.  This senior is standing in line behind me and because the rep was taking too long yelled out so that everyone could hear, “Come on will ya!”   Like, oh yeah buddy, everybody’s gonna hurry up because you’re so special and a senior.

Hmmmm…..why does the movie “Soylent Green” suddenly come to mind?

So Scott, I’ll give ya that. There are some seniors that you could do without. But….for the most part they are far and few in between. The ones that come in on bus loads or travel for miles to play at Foxwoods may not, in your opinion, contribute to Foxwood’s basic survival, but, remember that old saying.  “Never cut off your nose to spite your face.”

Which is what you did in that interview with the Boston Globe.

My rule. Never piss off a senior that has money to spend at ANY establishment. Rule number two: God is a senior. And when your time comes to face him…….boy are you gonna be screwed big time.

Might wanna bring a slot machine with ya when you buy the farm……jussssst in case God likes to gamble……..might be an ice breaker for past transgressions against seniors.

Just sayin’.

Now folks….in memory of the good old days when music was music, seniors were respected, and Louis Prima and Sam Butera and the Witnesses rocked casinos, I give you…….Louis Prima, Keely Smith and good old Sam:

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