Jenny McCarthy Nude……Clint Eastwood…NOT

Two interesting celebrity stories in the news this week. Former Playboy Magazine model Jenny McCarthy will be posing in an upcoming issue of Playboy and Clint Eastwood’s family will be starring in a new reality show.

Why did these stories jump out at me enough to write a blog about?  Because Jenny is still hot at age 39 and because I really like Clint Eastwood. BUT…….

Yes….there’s always a “but” when I write about something.

Ya really gonna write a blog about my new reality show punk? Well are ya?

First of all, I can’t fathom another reality show about another family going through the trials and tribulations of their everyday lives regardless of their celebrity status. If you’re that into reality shows about people’s lives, go buy a pair of binoculars and become a professional peeping Tom.  You can hang outside people’s houses at night who don’t pull down their shades and watch “reality live” and in living color with no commercial interruptions. And no expensive cable TV bills. Works for me.

Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Clint Eastwood and have seen every one of his movies. But why do I wanna watch his wife Dina Ruiz Eastwood and kids as they go through their daily lives?

Unless, Clint, who will occasionally make a cameo appearance, strolls into the bedroom with a big Magnum strapped to his side in a sexy bathrobe and turns to his wife Dina and says, “Are ya ready punk?”  OR……”I know what you’re thinkin. We just had sex the other night. And you’re 39 and I’m 81…..can I still get it up?  Is that what you’re thinkin’…..punk?”

I’m not a big fan of any reality show. I have enough reality in my own life to deal with so why in the hell would I want to watch anyone elses realities? Like that commercial on TV where the old lady is complaining to her husband about the boat…..”the boat, the boat, it’s always the boat…it makes me nervous.”  So do I wanna have a rough day in my own reality life then watch someone on TV also have a rough day, which reminds me of my rough reality day, which I tried to forget by turning on the TV and then I see them having a rough reality day…WTF!………………. It makes me nervous.

So, I’m passing on the Eastwood reality show.  Unless they really do that bedroom scene with a bigggggg Magnum strapped to Clint’s side and his wife Dina says to him: “Well, do ya really think you can get it on? Do ya punk?”


Now Jenny McCarthy, posing in an upcoming edition of Playboy Magazine actually does excite me. Not because I like looking at naked women………well, yes, that IS one reason, but, that aside, it’s because she’s 39 and as guys, namely “baby boomers” get older they really appreciate seeing older women naked. Myself included.

“Pant” (sigh)

(if you’re a baby boomer and you do not like seeing older women naked and prefer younger women you may be a damn pervert.  Or you’re somehow related to Hugh Hefner who has the perfect excuse for looking at younger women….he owns the freakin’ magazine)

Actually folks, there should be a magazine for older baby boomers with naked women…..other than AARP Magazine, which refuses to incorporate a senior centerfold in their magazine.  (I keep sending them letters with that suggestion but they never respond)

HEY……the reality, speaking of “reality,” is that if you’re old what are the chances of scoring with any of those babes you see in Playboy?  Unless, as I said earlier, you’re Hugh Hefner or a close relative of his. Or ya have a lot of money to throw around. AND…the hot babe knows you’re old, you have lots of money, and one foot on a banana peel.

Anyhow, Jenny McCarthy said, “All I wanted to do in the industry was work with my clothes on, and now I hope to just get them off.”

I’m not sure what she meant by that statement, but if she needs any help getting her clothes off now……………..Jenny, call me at MisfitWisdom.

So that’s all of the reality news for today folks. Obviously you have to make your own choices as to watching the Clint Eastwood reality show or buying the issue of Playboy with Jenny McCarthy in it.

I’ve already made my decisions. You already know I’m not going to be watching the Eastwood show. Don’t ya punks?

As far as the Playboy issue with Jenny goes, I already subscribe to Playboy so I’ll get the issue with Jenny in it automatically.  I also get AARP Magazine. And my other half subscribes to “Cat Fancy Magazine.” The last two do not have centerfolds of naked old people or even a hint of anything naked.

Unless you count those sensual ads in AARP in the rear part of the magazine for senior sex aid videos and those photos in Cat Fancy of hairless cats.

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Copyright 2012 MisfitWisdom RLV


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